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Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories 100% (15 Card Mod) Speedrun [Part 1]


Time for hundo!

1.) The chat is NO LONGER English only. You may speak other languages. However, I highly request that you try to speak in English as much as possible. Use Google Translate or use what you know of English and try your best. Even if your English is terrible, please try. If you do not speak in English, I cannot understand you. While I am playing the game, I do not have time to translate all of your messages. Because of this, when you speak in languages that are NOT English in my chat, you are unable to interact with me, the streamer. My stream chat exists for the reason of interacting with me. If you are chatting without that in mind, it is generally rude. However, I also recognize that many of you want to quickly speak to others in your own language, and I allow that now. But again, please keep it to a minimum. I reserve the right to stop you if I think you are getting out of hand using a different language. If you ONLY speak in a different language, and never even attempt English, I will likely eventually tell you to stop. You have been warned!

2.) If I am not playing Forbidden Memories, do NOT come into my channel and ask me why. Messages like “No FM today?” or “Aw you should play yugioh” or ANYTHING like that are not allowed. And not ONLY is it against the rules, but it is also extremely rude in general to do something like that. So don’t do it. I will probably not ban you for this unless you do it over and over again, but I will call you an asshole.

3.) Stop asking about Forbidden Memories 2. I dislike the game because of its difficulty and I will not play it. That’s the end of it. You can talk about FM2 all you want, but please stop asking me about it.

4.) Do NOT come into my chat and start trying to give me advice on Forbidden Memories. I can almost promise you for 100% sure that I know more than you do about the game. I do not mean to sound rude in saying that, either. It’s just that, I have been speedrunning this game for over 5 years now. I know exactly what decisions I should be making. If you see me making a decision you do not agree with or understand, ask me why I made that decision instead of telling me I am wrong. Because, in FM, I am pretty much never wrong. Sure, I definitely make mistakes from time to time. But the logic I use to make decisions in the game is sound. I generally do the things that are mathematically best to do. So please do not argue with me on it. Thanks.

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Please download the following program named TEA 1.6. The program contains all the information about Forbidden Memories you could ever want, and in a very easy to navigate way. If you have a question about the game, check the program for the answer BEFORE asking me.

If you do not want to download something, check for an online version.


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