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YEEHAW! – (Weekly Demon #9) Geometry Dash 2.11 – Wild West [1 Coin] – By DanZmeN

This level was really fun. It’s an awesome XL experience which challenges you as well! Playing this really improves your control of the ship, as well as memorization with the two parts to the boss fight. What a Weekly!

Also, I apologize about the frame rate of this video. Something screwed up when I was recording. I hope it’s not too unbearable.

And now I realized that the mix is weird, it goes from quiet to loud as the level starts. I really need to start using Premiere ASAP.

Level Info:

۰ID: 35472709
۰Song: Xtrullor – Karma (feat. Albert Hyrnen) (By Xtrullor)
۰SongID: 747194
۰Size: 8.70mb

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Video transcription:


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