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Cold War Zombies World Record Round 1000 – The Worlds First Round 1000 Cold War Zombies!
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On May 5th 2021, history was made in the Cold War Zombies High Round Community where InsomniaVirus broke the world record highest round ever achieved surpassing round 1000! This game has lasted 109 hours in-game and was streamed over the course of 15 days. This currently is the World Record Cold War Zombies Round, with the Cold War Zombies Highest Round Record! Round 1000 in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies on Outbreak, the Worlds First Round 1000 & Outbreak Highest Round! In this video we go over the legendary Round 1000 Cold War Zombies game, showcase this Round 1000 Cold War Zombies World Record being set on Outbreak and interview InsomniaVirus to learn how such an incredible record was set on a PS4 version of Cold War despite many bugs and glitches!

0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Background on Insomnia
1:35 – How Long This Record Took
2:52 – What Happens After Round 1000?
4:03 – What Is His Loadout & Strategy?
5:05 – How His Game NEARLY Ended
6:06 – Full Interview with Insomniavirus
19:11 – Outro

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