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World of Light Character Locations & Guide – Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has 66 Characters to unlock. And you can unlock them all in World of Light. Here is a full Guide to World of Light in Smash Ultimate!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a 2018 crossover fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, succeeding Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game follows the series’ traditional style of gameplay: controlling one of various characters, players must use differing attacks to weaken their opponents and knock them out of an arena. It features a wide variety of game modes, including a campaignfor a single-player and multiplayer versus modes. Ultimate includes every playable character from previous Super Smash Bros. games—ranging from Nintendo’s mascots to characters from third-party franchises—and several newcomers.

The game’s pre-production phase began in December 2015, following the development of 3DS/Wii U’s downloadable content (DLC). Series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai returned along with Bandai Namco Studios and Sora, the studios that developed the previous game; the studios’ return sped up the preparation process. Sakurai’s goal with Ultimate was to include every character from previous games despite the various development and licensing problems this would cause. A number of well-known video game music composers contributed to the soundtrack, with Hideki Sakamoto writing the main theme.

Nintendo confirmed development of Ultimate in March 2018 and announced it at E3 the following June. It was released worldwide on December 7, 2018, and will be supported after release with DLC adding new characters, stages, and music. Ultimate received universal acclaim, with reviewers applauding its sheer amount of content and fine-tuning of existing Smashgameplay elements. Some critics called it the best game in the series.

Video transcription:

What's going on boys and girls what's up
world Austin John plays here and todayI'm gonna be showing you how you can
unlock every single character in SuperSmash Brothers ultimate in world of
light for first shout out to the sponsorof this video and my life
that's your beverage cow I need younatural beverage Coe has met you to
defuse cold brew coffee available in 12ounces or eight ounce espressos it's
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in a variety of flavors and other sizesshipped right to your door be sure to
use the promo code Austin John for 15%off your order and nitro beverage co.comso is really on the fence about how I
wanted to format this video and how Iwanted to make it and I didn't know if I
want to make a walkthrough or just heyif you're missing these specific
characters you need to go to thesespecific places so I decided to do a
little bit of both probably why thisvideo took me so long anyways right here
is the character selection screen andyou're going to see the numbers of every
single character below their faces nowthese are color coded all the ones that
are white one through thirteen you couldget before the light in the divide opens
up everything is fourteen through twentythree is going to be before golem that's
the main boss so we've been seeing thebig ribbon guy everything that's
twenty-four through forty one we'regonna be doing some backtracking before
going to the second area I'm gonna tryto keep this a little spoiler free for
you however all those green ones 24through 41 you can get in a different
order than the white tube yellow onesand then after you defeat galine there's
a whole bunch of stuff going on afterthat if you just want to know if you're
gonna be able to unlock your characterbefore that area then this screen should
tell you if you're below number 42 thenyes you can if not you're going to have
to wait for this sort of mid game and asfar as the mid game you're going to be
in a dark area there's a north paththat's 42 to 51 there is a left path
that's the crimson color 52 through 60there is the blue path which is the
right path which is 61 through 67 andthere is the final area which is noted
in gray these characters you're going tohave to beat pretty much the entire
world of light before you get to play asthem so don't think you're gonna be
playing with them early there are threecharacters on here who are not mentioned
properly I know I unlocked peach at somepoint can't find the footage she's
somewhere it's not something you need toworry about Bowser was not put into the
number system because he's associatedwith a boss and I didn't want to show
off the bosses but he's very early inthe game
and writer Richter he I can't find him Isearched for hours cannot find the dude
if you can find Richter leave a commentdown below I will pin that comment do
keep in mind this is preliminaryinformation at any point in time some of
this information could be patched orchanged however it's very unlikely that
world of light is going to be changed inany way except for maybe the character
that I can't find I don't know if I justcan't find it or if it's not including a
world of light that might be patched onday one I don't know also if there's any
updates I'll be sure to leave a pincomment down below with no further ado
let's get into it you start off hold thelight with Kirby I'm gonna consider him
number one and then from this smallplatform you're gonna work her way down
you're gonna encounter Mario he's goingto be your first unlock number two right
after Mario you get your option of threedifferent characters to unlock Marth
chic or villager I'm gonna recommendvillager as it's a much faster path than
the other two I messed around with itthis won't worked best for me as we go
through this area you're gonna encountersome enemies we're gonna progress a
little bit further past this wheezingwe're gonna learn about the hold savage
divide as I like to call it here it'sgonna erupt in light and you can't go
past it any further so you're onlystruck to the left half of the map for
the very beginning continue north you'regoing to defeat Pico and that's going to
enable the cart and you're going to getLucario he's number four now we're gonna
get Captain Falcon we're going to headback down with Pico we're gonna get into
this cart we're gonna drive it throughthe track all the way to the end and
you're going to unlock yourself therecaptive Falcon sweet next up we're going
to backtrack to where we were north ofwhere Pico was located right here is
Cap'n he's a very important spirit makesure you get him and there's also a blue
switch make sure to hit that if you headnorth of this area you're gonna
encounter Goomba and on your way to thisbig purple castle this is a dungeon in
which you're going to unlock Bowser I'mgonna keep it spoiler free since it's a
lot of fun that's going to weaken gleamshield a little bit and then you're
going to be able to unlock the other twocharacters I'm gonna save that for much
later and I'm gonna focus on goingforward for Yoshi we're going ahead
southwest of where we were previouslylocated and we're
Lock em he's number six number seven isPikachu located right next to where
Cap'n was he want a head north and thenit's gonna prompt you to jump in to the
downstream do that and then boomthere's Pikachu oh nice this is the wall
I'm going to refer to it as the wallquite a bit this is gonna make our way
till we fit trainer if we just continuethrough the wall down to the small plaza
area down here how Emmerich is superimportant make sure you get Hal Emmerich
and make sure you keep him on your teamdo not recycle that spirit that's needed
for later in the game great doctor Mariois number nine just north of where we
fit trainer was you're going to see thissmall cobblestone path and a merge and
dr. Mario boom done right after darktomorrow we're gonna be unlocking Fox
where the ribbon path was previouslylocated we're gonna defeat this one
enemy sorry spirits and then we're goingto unlock Fox next to this heart-shaped
pond that's also going to unlock one ofthose buttons and then that's gonna help
us out from here we're gonna head westtoward this grey pipe toward Lucas this
grey pipe is gonna bring us off prettymuch right near the the cool shrine
looking thing in the northwest which youcan't access because you still need the
green thing anyways we're gonna haveleft two feet MinMin and then we get to
unlock Lucas head number eleven perfectto the right of Lucas you're gonna see a
bus here this is important for adifferent character later I'm gonna talk
about that later we're gonna head southand then through this small tunnel and
we're going to be unlocking Simon Simonis stuck inside of that Northwest light
Plaza thing so we're gonna just head ondown here and you're going to unlock
this green button that green Bunny isgonna get rid of the third barrier
unlocking temple of light pretty sureit's called that anyways make your way
to the temple of light there's gonna besome enemies you need to defeat and on
the ground level there's going to beSimon unlock him he is number 12 number
13 is going to beep it continue throughthe temple of light and he is at the
very end literally can't miss himafter pit is unlocked the giant light
geyser is going to stop being so lit upand stuff and we're gonna head that way
over that small bridge that's gonna getus samus who's not going to be number
fourteen soon as we get rid of thatspirit whoosh there we go perfect samus
nice after we unlock samus we're gonnaenter this large Tron area and following
the path that I'm gonna be doingon-screen is how we're going to be
unlocking mr. Game & Watch I just headdown and I head up boom gave me watch
nice he's number 15 number 16 this isgoing to be for pokemon trainer follow
the path that I'm doing on screen you'regonna head down the south exit and after
you clear off this big dusty cloud boyyou're gonna open up this nice area
we're gonna head just to the east andthere you're gonna encounter pokemon
trainer that's gonna open up the path tothe east more we're gonna go northeast
and then we're going to enter the donkeykong area which is pretty cool however
in the donkey kong area you don'tactually unlock target kong you unlock
Diddy Kong head up to the banana patchand boom Diddy Kong he's number 17 once
we leave the Diddy Kong area we aregoing to head south and we're going on
Lok meet gunner I want to note thisLapras right here it's important that
you get that spirit head on West evenmore so until we get to this down area
where blooper is unlock where blooperwas and boom you get to use laparis
remember when I said Lapras is importantwell that wasn't lying
hop on Lapras you're going to go you'regoing to fight the fish guy who gives
you all the maps and winwaker and thenyou're gonna make her way to this small
little island over here defeat alone andexecutor and then make her way down here
meet gunner number 18 nice number 19 isgonna be Toon Link when you're on this
small southern island you're just gonnaprogress all the way through boop boop
boop boop boopand you're gonna hop into the giant
glowing light thing that looks eviltrust me it is no I'm just playin it's
not that here's going to be anothermini-boss and then inside of this area
is going to be Toon Link I'm not goingto tell you about the mini-boss
it's a lot of fun number 20 is Megamansoon as you unlock Toon Link that little
stone thing goes down hopthe blue pipe and then over here you're
going to unlock this panel with dr. HalEmmerich from Metal Gear Solid remember
when I said he was important I'm notlying to you guys head over to the left
to feed Sigma and Mega Man is number 20number 21 is gonna be Solid Snake you're
gonna head inside of this giant complexwhich is also really awesome after you
unlock all of the gates you couldprogress north and then right here you
didn't need to defeat Metal Gear andthen snake it's snake is going to be
number 21 on our on lock screen number22 is going to be the ice climbers we're
gonna backtrack a little bit towardwhere the world of the temple of light
was not world of light they're gonna seethe gray pipe we're gonna head up the
mountain these are gonna be one-waypaths so make sure you go down them and
you know where you are going you'regonna head down and then to the left
slide down the path and then you canunlock ice climbers once you unlock ice
climbers it actually gets rid of a lotof the ice paths so it helps you out
later on trust me23 is fall code you're gonna head north
of where we just were great you're gonnahead into the spaceship as long as you
have Skippy who's that Skippy think itwas Skippy it's not the one who says do
a barrel roll anyways you get to unlockFalco he's on this Saturn looking planet
over here sweet from this point you canactually go and defeat galine however
before we make our way to that area weare going to be cleaning up all the
other characters that we could get aworld of light before heading to the
dark realm south of where dr. Mario andWii Fit trainer were we're going to make
our way through this small path and thisis gonna bring us over to the inkling
and I get an inkling that this area isimportant you know what Austin you're
right boom there's inkling nice he isnumber 24 shi-it whatever next to where
inkling was there's capping from wildworld he is super important also if you
lose Cap'n you could buy in funky KongShack chance good chance of that and
that's going to unlock that bus that Italked about before head over to that
bus hop inside of the bus with Cap'nit's gonna bring you all the way over to
carne exactly where you are except forthis night
little paths and that's where you got tounlock Isabel number 25 Suite number 26
is going to be chic and 27 is Marththey're located in that beginning area
where you got to choose the the threeyou may have already unlocked these ones
don't worry about it number 28 isJigglypuff head north out of that area
and through the north path with rabidMario and as long as you have the
ability to patch up bridges with Boulderman or someone who can patch bridges
you're finehead on through this path you're gonna
unlock Jigglypuff number 20 year number29 is the me swordsman you're gonna head
east out of that path that we were juston to this small little town area over
here actually this area you couldprobably access a lot faster after you
unlocked Isabel so you should be finenext up we're going to take advantage of
the path that gali made for us and we'regoing to unlock King Dedede you're gonna
head west of that very north pastureslots of spirits and a little lake you
could hop over for no reason we also getto encounter mallow which I don't think
I encountered Genomaybe Geno was confirmed as DLC that'd
be nicelet's hop inside of this big star over
here now this area is called the gourmetrace and you're just gonna follow the
path that I'm taking right here thisarea reminds me of kind of a mash-up
between Kirby and Super Mario RPG on thesnes's race area because of the
isometric 3d feel to it anyways if youtake this path you're going to unlock
eleven foods and that is going to unlockthe character any less than 11 foods I
believe you only unlock number three andtwo that might not be the case you'd
might need to do it three times I'm nottoo sure king dedede is number thirty
number 31 is going to be nests headoutside of where that giant star was
we're gonna head south I'm using hoohere to extend this rainbow I don't know
if there's other spirits that can helpyou out with that and I sounded this big
pink cloud you got to unlock nest number31 suite number 32 is going to be zero
suit samus just north of where DonkeyKong was previously located you're gonna
find a train over here hope you got thelink from the spirit track stuff master
hands gonna knock that bridge out cuzhe's big jerkface that's fine thank you
link from spirit tracks righead north and defeat some spirits also
master hands gonna show up lay down aboulder for us make sure you could break
a boulder we're gonna continue on westdefeat cami from Street Fighter and boom
there we go there's another Boulder thatyou have to break real easy and head on
north up the mountain lots of spiritsbig curvy path right here and there you
go after volcanion and metroid you'regoing to unlock zero suit samus she is
number 32 sweet number 33 is shulk we'regonna backtrack a little bit
with the tutu train thanks so much linkremember that area that that bridge was
knocked out we're going to repair thatbridge thanks Boulder guy he apparently
just does everything and we're gonnahead up this path and once you get to
the top of this nice little fountain youcould find herself shulk she'll cut
joins the battle number 33 number 34 isgoing to be duck hunt we're gonna head
inside of this big purple cloudy areaI'm not too sure what to call it also
this is where tow Nets exploring area iswhich is pretty cool I haven't gotten
anything really notable from that I'msure there's a way to do that and I'm
gonna figure out in the future darkcunts located here number 34 number 35
is going to be Donkey Kong we're goingto head through that cave south a little
bit and you can find it on the giant mapright here perfect and in this area
we're going to head down and defeat allof the Donkey Kong aminals and you're
gonna find Donkey Kong he's number 35sweet just south of where Donkey Kong
was located if we head on down the pathby the way that bridge right there that
you get to fight big boss from MetalGear oh great fight ten out of ten
recommend I know is you should just befollowing the path that I'm taking and
this is gonna lead you to pac-man who'sdown here great I'll knock pac-man
number 36number 37 is going to be a llamar head
on top of these big ol mushroom look atthings over here pretty sure these are
mushrooms you're going to need a spiritswho can make things grow I'm not too
sure who this spirit is but it's alittle girl holding a flower she makes
these fungi expand and that's gonna getyou all on Mars sweet he is number 37
right where Olimar is located we'regoing to head north a little bit and
then we are going to head east this isgoing to bring us out to the ocean
different from the pond the ocean isdifferent and here you're going to need
cabin remember when I mentioned that along long time ago again just reminding
you that if you accidentally got rid ofcabin you can actually read by it this
is going to be a really awesome worldtour streetfighter seen I don't want to
show you too much of it but here iswhere you all knock Ryu
after you defeat em bison we're going tohead west nope east of this area and
we're going to be unlocking link andnumber 39 seems like a very high number
from one of the one of the startingeight there's a small little hill over
here just kind of in the middle ofnowhere
you're gonna unlock link here greatnumber forty we're going to be unlocking
Pichu quick little notes to the left ofthis cave if you're able to break
boulders and repair bridges there's achest over here with a really great
spirit really good this is sheriff it'san assist killer Oh golly does that help
anyways back to where that big purplecloud forest area was here inside is
going to be the electric plant there'san important thing we need to do after
you defeat the great zapfishthis is gonna be a mocking gates in
various areas two of them aren't thatimportant but one of them is required
for unlocking Little Mac who's going tobe the next thing we're gonna be
unlocking however while you're here inthe electric power plants let's go with
that power plant there's Pichu 40 great41 is Little Mac remember that gate that
I just talked about where you're gonnago through that newly unlocked gate
you're gonna defeat mr. Sandman andunlock Little Mac number 41 sweet
ladies and gentlemen that is everythingin world of light complete there might
be some things you need to do in betweenthe things I said but the locations are
all accurateagain mentioning that I don't know
exactly where peach is but I'm prettysure she's in world of light anyway it's
time for you to defeat golem if you arenot it at this point of the game you may
want to click away now and add this towatch for later as we are going to
defeat gleam and unlock the second halfof the game which is called the dark
realm inside of the dark realm there arethree paths the north path the left path
and the right path I know I'm notconsistent that's fine you want to head
up the north path make her way throughthe area till you get to this four-way
electric board split thing defeat frogand snake and right here you're going to
be unlocking Rosalina she is number 42number 43 is going to be robbed on the
fourth path as you make your way throughdefeat karate Joe pop inside little
transporter brings back if you likesure no problem you obviously know where
this chest is and then you're goingahead right of this chest and you're
going to be heading on to the path overhere anytime you see this little smoky
swirly thing that's gonna be a quiz I'mnot gonna tell you the answers to the
quizzes however you're gonna go up thispath that's unlocked by knowing the
answer to the quiz so there's a there'sa flaw in my theory there number 43 is
Rob that's where you unlock him perfectnumber 44 is greninja at this four-way
split asking you about Zelda bosseswhich I'm a little familiar with you're
going to be knowing the correct answeron your own without me helping and
greninja is on the path he's a mandatoryspirit for you to all know number 45 is
wolf who's optional at this split overhere you're going to be heading over
this newly founded exotic rainbow oflighting stuff and wolf is just on this
abandon airplane nicenumber 46 is gonna be Corinne from that
zelda boss quiz you're gonna head youroverhead this you're gonna go this
direction great defeat Raymond and thenwe're gonna head down this southwest
path southeastsorry just just pay attention what I'm
doing not what I'm saying that's Koreanumber 46 perfect 47 is going to be Ike
as you're progressing through you'regonna come to this large split area
asking who crumbs younger sister is Idon't know if it's chrome or chrome I
apologize in advanceunlock the correct path and boom there
you go that's going to be Ike number 47Meta Knight is located right where Ike
was you're just gonna walk slightly upthis path up this path thank you and
there's mennonite perfect number 49 isLuigi had a left of this path through
this not very visible path and thatunlocks Luigi for you you're welcome
number 50 is Mewtwo had just south ofwhere Meta Knight was by the way
regigigas is a fantastic spirit we'resuper slow armor it's really great this
is a super super super hidden path tookme a while to find it we're gonna head
up it and it brings you to the completeopposite side of this dungeon and you're
gonna be asked this quiz and there's atrick to this quiz they're gonna unlock
this branch over here which it'sappropriate because it's tree that
unlocks Mewtwo for you then return backto the quiz and there's a second answer
because it's a Kirby related questionthey get a second answer I Kenny you're
gonna head on top of this platform overhere
it's gonna ask you a Dracula questionyou're gonna know the right answer by
looking at the screen right here you'regonna head south is gonna unlock your
number 51 king K rool are their King heyRoy nice time for the left path and now
that we've unlocked everyone to thenorth head over to the left
Before we jump inside of the dungeon wecan unlock in cinah roar at number 52 if
you head on down here great and centerroar perfect now we're gonna hop inside
of the dungeon that you're gonna getfrom heading slightly north but still
much more left and this is going to bewhat is this the secret realm I'm not
too sure this doesarea there's a few quizzes here one of
the owl says to unlock at 12:10 and ifyou unlock the torches that's going to
be Simba and Pinette cheek EMPA yeah Ifigured I would just give you the
answers to the the puzzles here becausethat's the difficult part and that's
going to get rid of this Boulder overhere on the left and then you can make
her way through where this Boulder isand you can unlock Zelda at number 53 by
the way the owl who tells you the timeis to the north I don't know if that's
required to do the torchesmaybe you just show up and do them free
that unlocks part of the Triforce nextwe have Sonic number 54 I mean not
Triforce this random golden triangleperfect 55 is young link this is a super
pain-in-the-butt thing so this owl tellsyou a secret path because it's the Lost
Woods get it we're gonna head south ofthis path right here and then you're
going to walk into these trees that'sthen going to make this owl statue show
up you can go talk to that owl statue ittook me so long to figure this out like
I'm really upset that I'm just tellingyou guys about it it took me so long and
then there's another path over here thatyou basically get a hop into the lake
blue blue boobs with swish swish number55 young link after you defeat Surya or
Sarria depending on how pretentious youare you can unlock that log and then
that's where young link is number 55perfect after unlocking young links you
get your second gold a triangle and thenyou are going to unlock that Boulder and
then you can open up the path to cloud ycloud is protecting the trifle or the
Master Sword I don't knownorth of this area you're going to be
unlocking Bowser jr. also talk to thestatue it tells you for 40 but Bowser
jr. is also here the left path is muchmore difficult than the right path but
Bowser jr. is there and then also thistime that tells you for 40 if you go and
unlock that on the big wheel thing it'sgonna unlock a path to the south and
that's how you're gonna get me brawlerwho's number 58
I love how me recording this took solong
editing it I was like I wanted to seemreal smooth like I really did this in
order this is the order it should havebeen not the order that I did Ganondorf
is to the north you have to defeat himso that's right he is after defeating
this battle you get him number 59 beforeleaving this area we still need to
unlock the forest warrior who is krommor chrome I don't know how to say his
nameI didn't play Fire Emblem I'm pretty
sure he's from Fire Emblem anyways thisguy says the forest treasure is the path
to the soldier or the foot swordsmanwhatever it is go over to the chest next
to the pond press a in front of it andthat puts you by the fighter do you feel
dumb because I felt dumb in theoverworld there's not really any obvious
fighters so we're just gonna hop in thisarea is so cool so this is Dracula's
castle and I'm just gonna show you theanswer to all of the puzzles if you're
caught with any of them it's really thefinal bit of this essentially you need
to go around make sure you collect allthe silver cannonballs and then if you
mess up anyhow you could just press thelittle green things and that resets the
puzzle for you anyways Daisy's over heregreat 61-62 is Wario hit this switch
that's going to unlock this for youremember this switch it's super
important for one of the last fightersand after you defeat all of these
spirits in this row you can unlock Wario63 is ridley after you unlock the
basement area you're going to be goingthrough the basement area after you
defeat this first fighter in front ofthe castle it's gonna unlock a ladder
path right below you and a fighter godown to that ladder path and boom there
you go that's Ridley he's number 63 weare really getting up in the numbers
over here it's also worth mentioning Imean I'm pretty sure he was obvious
before but the north left and rightpaths the order in which you do those is
optionalanyways 64 it's time for dark pit
collect three silver cannonballs head upthis north path over here defeat this
quick boo and then you can unlock darkpit number 64
sixty-five is Robin if you've touchedany of the cannons reset then make sure
you have three silver cannonballs andcome over here and we are going to be
doing this puzzle together boys andgirls we're gonna head to the north or
to the top I should say fire thatexactly how it is get rid of that bottom
left ghost then we're going to hit thisswitch which is going to flip this guy
down here flip this flippy-floppy headdown to this bottom right cannon and
shoot it up which is going to defeat theghost and destroy the COG then it's
going to fall and defeat the other ghostI just realized that now although that's
not really too important head over tothe left of the cogs and then if you've
already defeated Dracula perfect you gota lot of backtracking to do to hit this
switch cuz this needs to stand uprightand then head up this vine that's once
again unlocked after you defeat the bossshoot it here boop boop nice and that's
going to be the ghost that you need tokill in order to get yourself Robin
quite a fight right number 66 is Kenreset the puzzle again we're going ahead
into the basement and we're going toshoot this cannon so it bounces upwards
that's going to defeat that ghost rightthere you could probably do this one
before you got Robin I didn't so justjust know that this is how you do it
that's how you log Ken number 66 perfectfor our last fighter in this area this
is an optional spirit that you candefeat and without knowing that there's
anything after it it's not really toomuch of an incentive head down this path
from the north of the cog defeat omegaridley who's a legend kind of a hard
fight and that's going on lock thisfighter and a crazy hand is going to
appear that fighter is Lucena number 67beautiful
from here you can defeat darken and ifyou haven't gotten this far then there
is going to be end games spoilers I'mnot going to talk about the end bosses
themselves just the environment in whichyou are going to be unlocking characters
so if you want to avoid all endgamespoilers click away now add to this to
watch for later great welcome to thefinal fight there are four characters
here number 68 is Dark Samus who's rightin front of Master Hand Oh crazy hand my
god Roy number 69 is in front of MasterHand after you get these characters make
sure you defeat Master Hand and crazyhand if you defeat Master Hand dark and
calls for backup warriors and thenbayonetta's can appear at the bottom
left of this map after you defeatBayonetta you have the option to defeat
crazy hand once and for all and releasecrazy hands spirit which is dope same
thing goes for defeating crazy handearlier up and then Kaleem is gonna call
for backup warriors and that's going tosummon paula tina hope I'm saying her
name right I'm probably not you're gonnalet me know in the comment section down
below Pawlenty is number 71 perfect makesure you release the spirits of these
two because that's how you get the trueending of the game don't worry if you
didn't if you don't get the true endingyou can actually return back and help
out Master Hand and crazy hand and thenget the final ending which is so much
better so much better than not like Imentioned Richter is the only one that I
wasn't able to find anywhere in the gamehave no idea where he is
just if you can find him in world oflight then let me know if not don't
worry because if you've unlocked everycharacter but one and then you leave
world of light you unlock him or youbattle him and you have the chance to
because this could be wrapping up thisvideo on how to unlock every single
character – Richter in world of light ifyou learn something new leave a comment
down below if you new to the channel besure to subscribe turn on notifications
until next timeAustin Jon out


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