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Winnie the Pooh’s Rumbly Tumbly Adventure FULL GAME Longplay 100% (PS2, Gamecube)

Winnie the Pooh’s Rumbly Tumbly Adventure FULL GAME Longplay 100% Walkthrough No Commentary (PS2, Gamecube)

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Video transcription:

one day in the Hundred Acre Wood Winnie
the Pooh was going for a quiet walk withhis good friend Christopher Robin rumbly
in my tumbly you're always hungry PoohBear I know why don't you try thinking
of something besides your tummy that's avery good idea Christopher Robin no I
wonder what else I could think aboutwell you could remember some of your
favorite times oh yes no thanks we thinkwell I think my favorite times are
always the friendliest ties and birthdayparties are very friendly indeed and so
to forget his hunger Winnie the Poohdecided to remember a few birthday
parties by looking at his friend'sbirthday scrapbooksit's our good friend gophernow to forget about being hungry
winnie-the-pooh remembered the birthdayof one of his very dear friends today is
piglets birthday I better go see if heneeds help getting ready for his party
hey there Sonny if you want to visitpiglet it's gonna be a problem
gotta open the gate first you knowpersonally I've used the key on the tree
stump perfect with that key opening thegate will be simple it seems to me that
this iron key must open a gateback tacular now you better skedaddle on
out of here and go and see piglet lasttime I saw him he looked worriedwhy hello poohbear are you going to
visit piglet today oh yes as today ishis birthday I thought it would be the
perfect day to pay him a birthday visitoh he'll be very happy to see you but do
be careful dear one of the boards ismissing on the bridge to his house it
should be replaced that pass blockedgonna have to push this box out of the
way if you want to get bynope herb now the path is clear as a
wishhey there Sonny that tummy of yours sure
is making a lot of noisethe Heffalump so know just where you are
better skedaddle away from them Ohmother I don't suppose you know how to
frighten away course I do I'm an expertjust find a balloon and pop it that's
sure to make them run awaywhat superb if I do say so myself
now you can sightsee in peace and don'tforget if those hip alums
come after you again just find yourselfa balloon and pop it where are those
bees stopping you from passing by wellyou've come to the right place I've
found just the way to make themskedaddle all you have to do is bring
them the number of honey pots they'reasking for honey pots I don't suppose
you might know where I could find somehoney pots that is certainly do they're
everywhereJohn stay look around you're sure to
find someOh stupendous all the bees have
skedaddled next time they bother youbring them some more of those honey potsthis board looks rather like a board
I'm afraid of which I knowhappy birthday piglet are you having a
happy birthday so far I am I mean it Iwould be except you see pool
I lost my broom no I can't sweep up formy birthday party
well don't worry piglet I believe Kendahas a broom I shall just go ask her if
we may borrow it Oh Thank You Pooh BearOquendo could I possibly borrow your
broomI'm afraid that pretty lit has misplaced
his well I'm still doing my houseworkpoo but I'll give it to you just as soon
as I'm done my life in his shop wouldyou be a dear and go look for room it's
time for a snackwell I'd be happy to kanga no I believe
he's playing in front of your housewell how are you glad I found you I was
just visiting Kenda and she said it'stime for your snack but I've been trying
to catch butterflies to bring thepiglets birthday party and I haven't
caught any yet and I haven't been muchof a help well perhaps your and I could
try to catch the butterflies togetheroh well I'll give it a try
probably make a mistake though I justknow you can do itoh that was great
look at all the butterflies I got theycan fly it all around a piglets party
knocking OH home for my hectic guessI'll go look for some sticks to rebuild
my house again I shall go with your roomperhaps Kenya has finished her houseworkwhoo dear thank you for finding room and
I've just finished my housework so youmay take my broom now Thank You kanga oh
this will make me look very happy butwe'll be ever so happy to have this
broom to sweep this houseOh Thank You Pooh Bear I feel much
better now when I have a broom I justknow I'll feel even betterthere you are piglet oh how wonderful
now I can sweep my house from top tobottom and I shall help your piglet then
your house will be the perfect place tohave the perfect birthday party and
indeedPooh Bear remembered that piglets
birthday party was one of the mostperfect everand as Poole remembered his friend Roos
birthday he forgot all about his hungrytummy today as rules birthday and I
haven't found a present for him yet Ithink I shall ask kanga if she knows
what lo likes best I suppose I shallneed a turned handle to make the bridge
come downOhhello kanga I'm trying to find a
surprise to give room for his birthdayand I thought you might know what he
likes bestoh how kind of you Pooh Bear I know
ruined really like to learn how to doTiggers whoop-dee-doo per bounce that
would be a very nice present for you togive him oh that's a wonderful idea
kanga but I think I shall need take herto help me
I'm not certain where taker is butperhaps you could ask rabbit I know he's
in the foresthello robert
have you seen Tigger by any chanceTigger
oh yes Pooh Bear he's at home oh butwait a minute I'm afraid you can't get
there you see all of Tigers bouncing hascaused a landslide and blocked the path
and without a shovel well it'simpossible to get by I wonder where I
could find a shovel well I'm sure I sawone on the way to piglets house and now
you'll need a turn handle to make thebridge come down lowI wonder if this turn handle might be
useful in making the West come downit seems to me that a shovel would be
quite helpful about nowI can't seem to pull the shovel out of
the ground I suppose I shall need somehelp gopher could you help me pull this
shovel out why certainly I'll push it upfrom below and you grab it have to hurry
thoughcan't help you ever very long you know
got rules about such thingsThank You gopher well glad to be of help
sunny perhaps the shovel could help meclear the pathOhOh perhaps this game will help me open
the gate took Tiggers houseno bother
this gate is lockedoh this pot of glue is right on a rather
sticky so it should be just the thingfor me something this machine is driving
me crazy I just can't seem to get it towork this pot of glue is rather a rather
sticky so it should be just the thingfor making me something stickoh goodness
you know I love boats and protect stopit's good to know I can't go yes I think
we got another print agreement no deardon't worry Tigger I shall go and ask
rabbit for helpoh thanks Pooh boy I'm sure Oh longer
that's just a thing for unsticking uhTiggerexcuse me rabbit but I don't suppose you
might have something that I could use tounstick Tigger oh I have just the thing
this stick is perfect for unstickingthings and now if I could just get this
machine to work could I hopeoh yes yes you must have had pushes
these levers in the right order but I'veforgotten what order that is Babu my
machine is working again Thank You PoohBear I almost forgot here's the stick to
help you on the stick takerwell now I must get back to watering my
carrotsoh what a useful stick but I wonder what
I should use it for perhaps I shall askTiggermaybe rabbits got something that could
unstick fi me Thank You Pooh you're thebestest buddy bear a fella could poo Oh
mother you know I'm stuckdon't worry buddy bear oh okay Cooper
he's kind of hinted on sticking sand youknowwell I'd better be real Stasi like those
nobody sees mesay you're just a gofer I was looking
for Oh Pooh bear's stuck in one of yourgo free type hoes hmm sounds like a job
for someone with my excavation skillsI'll get right on it
hey loss thanks gopher well I guess I'lljust wait for you here thenthere you are and watch where you're
going next time that's very good advicegopher thank you
now Sonny I think that Tigger fellowswaiting for youwe got a hurry Pooh Bear little Ruth
Buzzi gay party it's just about ready toget started well of course we are little
Roo and we got her just in time for meto catch you don't take dope I bouncedand indeed who remembered that Roos
birthday party was a great successso we need a pool remembered the
birthday of his friend digger and forgotall about his rumbly tumblyhello room
are you ready for Tiggers birthday oh nothe taker costumes blew away and we need
them for Tigger surprise birthdaypicture no dear it seems to me that we
shall need all the costumes to take thepicture hey maybe my mama saw where the
costumes blue – I think she's over bypiglets houseno patch I suppose the thing to dowhose you've come at just the right time
the costume was on the other side ofthis ravine
I'm afraid it's impossible to reach nowI'm sure I could help but it seems the
path to his house is blocked by thornshere Pooh take the key to my shed there
are tools in there that could help youthis is canvas shitI wonder if these large scissors are
strong enough to cutOhI think I could call our with this Bell
I think I shall need a bell to call outyou see I was wondering if you could
help us cross the ravine yeah pigletsauce
oh boy I would love to but I don't havethe time just now I'm certain I can
think of something though why don't youcatch a few butterflies with this net
then they could pick up piglet and theygive over the ravine Junior's idea if I
do say so myselfa butterfly net is rather useful for
catching butterfliesI don't know your how are you today no
better no worse trying to catch thesebutterflies kinda hard to catch them
without a net phone thanks for bringingme the butterfly net boo why certainly
you're in fact I think I need to catchsome butterflies too so I thought
perhaps we could catch them togethersounds fine to me
gotta be quick though the butterfliesare flying extra fast todaythank you for your helping or you're
welcome in glad to do itno I shall take these butterflies to
feel it sounds like a good idea to meI will ask me to give these butterflies
toOhoh the butterflies are lifting me upperhaps if I use one of my very scary
faces I might be able to chase it awayoh this is perfect yes thank you but oh
you're welcome pool mapper dear you getthe costume and I'll wait for you in
front of my houseOhTigger costume Oh I must take this to
kangaOhTigger costume Oh I must take this to
kangathat's wonderful dear
now we're only missing one costume and Ithink that I just saw it flying towards
the mountain behind Owls houseI shall never be able to get through I
wonder if piglet could sing as he is arather small animalpiglet I think I need your help of
course PoohI'd be happy to help you you see I need
to go up the mountain but the path isfar too narrow for a bear of my
stoutness oh I'll help you clear thepaththere you are pool now you can go up the
mountain OhThank You piglet certainly pool goodness
I'm rather tired now maybe I'll take alittle nap before Tiggers partyOhOh another Tigger costume I must take
this one too kanga toowhoo dear the second costume is on top
of the mountain near Howells house allthe costumes now we can take the
surprise picture for tickers birthdaypresent I ever got and indeed to
remembered that Tiggers birthday partywas one of the most enjoyable everOhwhy hello we your I hope you're having a
very happy birthdaynot especially didn't start off very
well my house fell down again and it'sstill not fixed
Oh perhaps something will come along tomake your day better we have a very
special surprise for Eeyore today and Ishall go see how it is coming alongjust a poohbear I was hoping that's e we
got trouble buddy boyyour secret like surprise is about to be
ruinedoh dear Oh perhaps I should try to cross
the bridge and save it looks like thatbridge needs a turn in with a turn type
handle Oh both off and see if I can findone fineOhThank You Tigger uh you're welcome Pooh
now you gotta go find little piglet whohe's gotten depressing nowoh yes I shall need to place one more
water lilyI shall be sure to poober thank goodness
it's you that mother frog misses herlittle once and she's making so much
noise I can't get any rest youabsolutely must take the little frogs
back to their motherI wonder what I could put into this
empty jarhello hello are you playing a game today
nope nada game we're trying to catchthese frogs so we can take them back to
their mother yeah she keeps calling meand her calls are stopping mr. rabbit
from getting rest sure would be helpfulif we had a jar to put umif only we had a jaw yeah you didn't
make it easier to catch the frogs a jarthis will be very helpful for catching
the frogs why don't you help your catchthe frogs that sounds rather fun be
quickthe frogs like to hideglad I could help suppose I'll go back
to fixin my house now and I shall dothese frogs to their motherthis jar is full of little frogs but
better take them back to their motheroh I shall need something to move all
these rocksperhaps rabbit has something that could
be of helpoh yes I shall need to place one more
water lily between the other to me IthinkOh Thank You P beer at last a little
peace and quiet huhnow I can get some restthis water lily looks really strong you
know I think I could even walk of itit seems to me that a hammer is rather
useful foroh poor look this rock is gonna fall and
when it falls it will fall on yourspresent
don't worry piglet I'll see what I candothis passage is a bit too narrow for me
what perhaps piglet could get throughOh piglet it seems that our path is
blocked and only a very small animalssuch as yourself can get through Oh
all right Pooh Bear I'll try and helpI'm very glad we saved new yours present
but know it see who's dead we are stuckpoohbear I think I can get through I'll
go and get a stick to clear the waywhy I never knew that I was so strong oh
yes piglet and you were very brave toono I shall go get a your so that we can
give him his presentOhhappy birthday er we have a very special
surprise for you a surprise yes and ifyou follow me we can surprise you with
ityours birthday surprise was one of the
best everand so to forget about being hungry who
remembered his own birthdaymmm today is my birthday and I think I
should like to go on a treasure huntum but you see I'm not certain how to
beginperhaps our wood no no but I shall need
to find the key to his gate I wonder ifit is near Kangas houseOhOhTigger how did you get all the way over
there by bus when of course say whydon't you join me Pooh
I'll go find a way to make a bridge foryouhmm doing a co poohbear the bridge is
already for crushing thank you trigger Idon't mention it no it's time for me to
boson out of hereOh told me that magnets are very good
for catching things that are magneticOhhello Pooh Bear today seems like a good
day to collect wood if you like thatsort of thing which I do Ohtold me that magnets are very good for
catching things that are too far away Idon't suppose there is a way to bring it
closerOhbarla those birds have taken my team
what up senior could help me get it backare y'all do you suppose you could help
me catch those birds you see they havetaken a key which I am in need of sure
poo better take the butterfly net thoughprobably come in handyyou're a very good friendly you're with
this key I can now go visit our glad tohelpI think this key opens the gate to ourshello today is my birthday you know and
for my birthday I thought that I wouldlike to go on a treasure hunt
Oh marvelous idea I know just the thingyou need a treasure map a treasure map
oh yes I don't suppose you might knowwhere I could find one of course I do
dear boy let's see yeah yes yes Idistinctly remember seeing such a map
hidden in some shrubsI don't seem to have enough honey pots
perhaps I'd better find a few moreOhOhI should rub it using this oil can do it
oh yes yes the path near Kangas shedleads straight to some swampsI should rip this spiderweb is very icy
and being I see but it's covering theentries to the claimno mother the passage in these shrubs is
a bit too small for a rather stout bearto get through maybe I can make it wider
for you Pooh well that would be veryhelpful indeed picnicI did it poohbear thank you very much
piglet no I can get through easily whoooh I'm glad I could helpperhaps the cross will show me where the
treasure isif I ever need to dig a hole this shovel
could be rather useful the treasure mapno but I'm afraid I can't read it
perhaps all one could help this mapshows the location of the treasureOhoh you found the treasure map oh well
done but I can't read it do you thinkyou could all read it that is me
let's see oh yes the treasure is in acave on the snow mountain oh thank you
wellwait a moment puh you should take this
candle with you it might be ratherusefulthis candle is very good at giving light
and keeping me warm when it's coldOhOhOhoh very good friends my birthday party
and indeed this birthday was Winnie thePooh's most delicious birthday of all
hello Pooh Bear how is that rumblytumbly of yours much better thank you
you see birthdays we celebrated hungryoh that's too bad
you see I've bought you some honey honeyoh well now that you mention it to
Christopher Robin um well my tumbly isbit I thought that might be so well why
don't we have a party with all ourfriends so that everyone can enjoy our
honey and so memory of their birthdaysand to enjoy who's new honey all the
friends in the Hundred Acre Wood had apicnic together


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