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Wild 9 (PS1) Playthrough (No Commentary)

Another childhood game down. I have to say that the controls for the rig aren’t great. There are several sections where you need to hold something up in the air but getting the beam to lock in place is more difficult than it should be. You can’t just hold down a trigger or something sensible like that, you have to aim up and let go of the d-pad and sometimes it’ll let you move without swinging the beam. Sometimes.

I found it to be really quite frustrating because these sections end up being the most annoying parts of the game. I can tolerate most of the shortcomings with old video games but I never enjoy wrestling with a bad control scheme.

L1 to lock the beam. It’s so obvious but alas.

I got fed up with it and started doing in-level edits. The edits should be imperceptible.

Note that I won’t be collecting all 99 gears in every level or even any level. They’re exactly like normal coins in a Mario game and you just get an extra continue if you collect all 99.
There’s no secret ending or extra levels or any form of extra content related to it.

As usual, I’m using Vulkan rendering along with PGXP.

00:00 Intro
01:02 Bombopolis
09:09 Gulag
17:03 Light Armada
17:57 Craterscape
31:21 Outpost Anom
33:48 Quagmire Run
34:34 Drench
44:22 Beast Engine
50:46 Beast Ride
52:15 Crystal Mines
1:01:44 Outpost Balor
1:04:38 Mach-9
1:05:35 Palace Karn
1:14:47 Wex Vs. Karn
1:22:21 Ending/Credits

Video transcription:


Wild 9

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