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What’s the Fastest way to Mine in Minecraft?

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Today we take a look at a little experiment. What is the fastest way to Mine in Minecraft!? Well, let’s find out.

What’s the fastest way to place blocks?

What’s the best method of mining?


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Video transcription:

*Intro music*Now as you guys may or may not know,recently I did a video to take a look at the fastest way to place blocks in Minecraft,if you haven't seen that before thenI'll put a link to that one on the screen and also down in the description.But, I have to say the results for that onewere a massive suprise, I was totally expecting a different set of resultsso it really caught me off guard and that got me thinkingWhat if the way that i have been mining blocks has alsoBeen very inefficent so I came up with a few different methodsAnd we're going to be putting all of them to the test in today's videoI think it's going to be fairly interesting, so let's crack up.So this is how it's going to be:In front of me, I've got a twenty by twenty by four areaAnd when I hit this button down here,This space will fill in with stone.Now, for each one of the tests we're going to be using the haste 2 beacon,coupled with an efficiency 5 pickaxeto give us an instant-mining set upand that is because, we're not going to be testing out different ways to mine,for example: haste 2, TNT, auto-mining quarries and that sort of thing,simply because, I've done a video like that before!If you want to see that one, there'll be a link to that one down in the description.But in this video, we're going to be taking a look at actual mining techniques,the way that you go about breaking the blocks.So, for example, going across in one wide strips,going across in three wide strips,spiraling around, taking out, four-high areas, three-high areas, two-high areas,we just want to work out if certain ways of mining are considerably faster than others.So the first technique that I decided to try outis mining a two-high area, that is one block wide.Now I'm zipping back and forth throughout the platform,and then, when I reach the end of the first two layers, I drop down to the bottom two layers,and do exactly the same thing across the bottom.Now I have to say, I expected this method to be really, very fast.I expected it to be quick because, obviously, you can run, that's a really good start,you can break blocks really nice and quickly, in fact you barely have to move your mousebecause of the way you angle it.So, I thought that because you're spending most of your time breaking the blocks,this would actually be a really quick method, but it turns out.. it's a tiny bit on the slow side.To take out the entire twenty by twenty by four area, it took three minute and twenty seven secondswhile using the efficiency 5 pickaxe and the haste 2 beacon.So then I thought to myself "Well I'll stick with the one-way theme, but this time,I'll take out a four-high area, as apposed to taking out a two high area."So, I started mining across, and instantly I noticed that this technique was a lot faster.Although I can't sprint anymore, I can break the blocks quite a lot quicker,because I can just nod my head up and down, and because we've got instant-mine,it just blasts through all of the blocks as fast as possible.So I was bobbing back and forth, obviously feeling a little bit ill at this point in timewith all the head shaking that's going on, but by the endI cleared the full twenty by twenty by four areain just three minutes.Now that's twenty-seven seconds faster than mining a two-high by one wide space.That is a considerable improvement!It's massive!So already, I've learned something new. I wouldn't originally mine out a four-high area like that,but clearly, it's actually a really quick method of doing things.So now I thought to myself "Forget the whole two-high action stuff,because the two-high stuff is clearly much slower than the four-high stuff,How about we take a look at mining a four-high area that is also three blocks wide."So I take out a four by three area every single time I go across, and then I make my way backgo across the platform and basically go back and forth just like that.Now once again, there was a considerable improvement here.As soon as I started breaking the blocks I just noticed that I was making a lot more progressthan I would have done zipping back and forth, and that's quite simple becauseyou don't have to make as many turns at the end.The idea behind these mining techniques is to spend as much time as possible breaking blocks,and if you're wasting time turning around and not breaking any blocks,then, well, you've wasted time! And that makes an inefficient mining technique.So this time, we managed to take out the full area in just two minutes and twenty seconds,a forty second improve upon the previous method, which was already considerably faster than the first method.We've saved over a minute in total so far, which I would say, is a pretty good gain in terms of efficiency.Next up we're going to be using a technique that I personally haven ever used before,but I've been seeing a ton down in the comments section and that is the spiral method.So what you do, is you start on the outside and you mine around, until eventually you reach the middle,and once you do reach the middle, you've mined out all the blocks!Now we're going to be taking out the blocks in a four by three area,because that seems otherwise the most efficient way of doing things,and I have to say I actually thought this was the fastest.As I was doing it, it felt like a really quick method, and I think that's because you start with the long bit,and then gradually it takes less and less time to take out all the you get this impression that things are speeding up,when in reality you're just clearing out less blocks each timeBut in total it took two minutes and twenty-five seconds to clear out the entire space,so it's five seconds slower than the previous design and that can be put down to a number of different factors,maybe they'd be closer or further apart on different tests, but I'd put them on a very similar level.So, both of these techniques seem like a pretty good way to go.Now this, this one is probably one of my favorite techniques,and that is to swing your pickaxe aimlessly while you hit as many blocks as you possibly can technique.So, once again, we're going to be taking out a four-high area right here,and all you have to do, is you have to point your pickaxe in a certain direction,and then start going crazy with the mouse while holding down the left click button.Now unfortunately this only works with efficiency 5 and haste 2, because you have to have instant-mine,otherwise you're not going to be breaking any of the blocks you go past,whereas with instant-mine, just wherever you swing your pickaxe you break up every single block,whatever path you travel on!So, you can just go crazy with the mouse and just break everything in front of you,and it turns out, that going crazy with the mouse is actually a really fast way of breaking blocks.Once again, we managed to do this entire thing in two minutes and twenty seconds.So, it makes it identical to taking out blocks in a four by three area,and it puts it on par with taking out blocks in a four by three area and doing it in the spiral formation.So considering there is absolutely no technique to this one, I would say that was a pretty good go.Now I'l be honest, I was planning on ending the video there.I was going to say don't mine out a two-high area, because that's not particularly efficient,don't mine out a one-wide area, because, once again, that's not particularly efficient.I would suggest mining out a four by three area, either going back and forth or in spirals,or, if you really want to, you can just be completely random and swing your pickaxe all over the place.That was going to be my official conclusion of the video, but then I thought to myself"Well hang on a minute, two blocks high has got itself a time, and four blocks high has got itself a time,but we haven't measured three blocks high.What if there is an optimum at three blocks high?"So I decided to change up my experiment just a tiny bit, if we hit this button over here,we get ourselves a twenty by twenty by three area, and then what we're going to have to dois a tiny bit of multiplication of the time at the end here to get ourselves an official result.So I thought what I'd do is bring forth some of the fastest methods from the previous set of methods,and try them out on the new three-high area.So one of my personal favorites was taking out the four by three area,this time we're going to be taking out a three by three area, and while I was doing it,I thought to myself that this thing is really fast.I mean, I was amazed at how quick it was going, but then I thought"Well I'm only taking out three quarters of the blocks, so I suppose it's going to feel a lot faster."But no, it turns out that it is just considerably faster.In total, it took one minute and thirty-five seconds to clear out the entire space of blocks,but of course then we had to do a tiny bit of math, and that works out at two minutes and seven secondsto clear out the equivalent number of blocks that we use for the previous tests.Two minutes and seven seconds! So that is thirteen seconds faster than the previous methods,which I would say is a pretty good start.But as I'm sure you remember there was also another method in the previous set of methodsthat I personally, absolutely love, that was also completely equalwith the taking out of the four by three area, and that is to swing your pickaxe randomly.Now I would say that random has a bit of an advantage in the three-high zone,because three blocks high is sorta in your swinging space.When it was four blocks high, occasionally I'd miss blocks and I'd have to go backand take those out.With the three high space that totally wasn't the case.Everything was in reach, I would just swing my pickaxe like a madman,and I'd be able to chew through all of the blocks really, really quickly,and I guess I was correct in thinking that, because the time… the time is completely ridiculous.It took one minute and thirty seconds.One minute and thirty seconds to clear out all of the blocks in that area right there.So, once we've done all of our mathematics and things, we end up with a time of two minutes in total.Two minutes to clear out the equivalent number of blocks from the previous tests.Now that's twenty seconds faster than the fastest methods from the previous tests,but most importantly, it's one minute and twenty seven seconds faster than the first method that we tried out!So that just shows that your mining technique makes a massive difference,far more of a difference than I was expecting.I was only expecting like a fifteen seconds difference between the fastest and the slowest.One minute and twenty seven seconds, that is substantial.So here are the results ordered from slowest through to fastest.So, the slowest technique was to mine out a two high by one wide area.That took three minutes and twenty seven seconds.Then to clear a four-high by one-wide area it took three minutes.To do a four by three space in a spiral formation it took two minutes and twenty-five seconds.Then, to do a four by three area going back and forth like this it took two minutes and twenty seconds.To do it completely randomly in a four-high space it took two minutes and twenty seconds once again.Then, to clear out a three by three area, it took two minutes and seven seconds to clear out all the blocks.And, the fastest method was actually to randomly break all of the blocks in a three high space,taking just two minutes to clear out all of the blocks.So we have it guys! I hope that you found this video useful.I know that the results have been very surprising for me.If you did enjoy this video, please be sure to hit that like button,and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys!This has been Mumbo, and I'll see you later.*outro music*


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