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Waste Knights Saviours Of The Waste: Episode 2 Wheeling And Dealing

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Takeda headed north and made good time. He got lucky just outside of the Pharmacies – some huge mutant tree had been threatening to turn him into fertilizer but he had managed to sneak by. Anyone who wanted to collect a bounty on that thing was welcome to it. He stopped his strider outside the gates of the compound, straightened his clothes, brushing off most of the dust and walked confidently to the gate. Confidence is everything Slicer he reminded himself. “G’day! I’m here to pick up a steel shipment. Where can I park the hog, mate?”…

Mama set off east in her feral. It was slaver country so she kept her eyes skinned. Sure enough six hours in she saw the exhaust smoke of a group of raiders but they were no match for her vehicle and she soon left ‘em eating her dust. “Next stop New Sydney,” she muttered. “Slick Davey better have that twanger or else…”

Jinx was still furious. “Yeah I’m in a spew, Jiemba!” she shouted over the engine roar. “You jumped up dickhead!” But she wasn’t as mad as she had been. She had been able to take her frustrations out on that Stinker. Its head was banging against her saddle right now. “I’ll get good rep in Pumps for that,” she thought smiling. Plus the mutie had been using a fancy automatic weapon as a club. “Good job I dropped the son of a bitch before he ruined it…”

Zooma was in a foul mood. Bloody mechs. They were everywhere. He had nearly run right over this one. He wished he had because it was a bloody huge combat model. Zooma had accelerated off but the robot had shot and hit him even at speed. He drove for another hour before he was able to stop and look at the wound. It would have to wait till he got to Mutie Central. He’d see to it then…

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