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War Robots Fastest robot almost 200 kph ? !!! CRAZY

War robots fastest robot, war robots Rogatka fastest, Rogatka 200 kmph,

Danny Lightning merch is now available. Here is a link to the store or you can shop for merch from my other YouTube channel, in a few days the channel store should become active. just click the store tab when you go to that YouTube channel.
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Hello I am Danny Lightning of Lightning WR. My War Robots channel = Awesome Fun War robots videos, Weapon and Robot Reviews, All The Latest news, Build Videos, Game Tips And A Lot Of Other Great Stuff Too. If You would like to help support this channel: here is a link where you can do that, thank you so much – I have some really muscle and nerve issues so i cant do much, health issues suck so remember anything helps 🙂

please remember to like and subscribe to my channel and feel free to ask questions in the comments, YouTube does not notify my of every comment and lots of comments are coming ever each day on my channels so i do miss some but if you have posted a question and i see it i will try to get back to you.

My Other YouTube Channels, Links below, they can also found on my featured channels list just incase the links don’t work, YouTube has been wired about links lately.

Shane and lightnings wacky world.

-My CSR2 Racing gaming channel

-PSI Inc.

Video transcription:


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