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Video Game Easter Eggs #25 (Dead By Daylight, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Valorant & More)

In todays episode of video game Easter eggs we discover a group of goats bullying an elephant in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, we go for a swim in Scarface The World Is Yours and we find our way into a secret clocktower in Dead By Daylight.

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This episode of video game Easter eggs features Easter eggs and secrets from:
Scarface The World Is Yours Easter Eggs and Secrets
Valorant Easter Eggs and Secrets
Dead By Daylight Easter Eggs and secrets
Saints Row The Third Remastered Easter Eggs and Secrets
The Last Of Us Easter eggs and Secrets
The Last Of Us 2 Easter Eggs and secrets
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Easter Eggs and Secrets

Video transcription:


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