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Vice: Project Doom | NES

In the distant future, the B.E.D.A. Corporation, a company involved in the development of electronic equipment and military weapons, is actually a front operated by a race of alien beings who have been living on the Earth for centuries in secrecy. The aliens have developed a substance named “Gel”, which was initially intended to be used as food for their species, but also functions as an addictive substance to humans that results in terrible side-effects and is now being sold as an illegal drug within the underworld.

Current Schedule:
Thurs – Sat: Midnight – 7AM
*Note: All times EST and subject to change.

If you like what you are seeing, please feel free to join my discord and let me know what you want to see in the future. I love the community here on YTG, and love to interact with you guys so feel free to hit me up at anytime.
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Available commands:

3DS Friend Code: 1908-4460-5038
Switch Friend Code: 1564-9101-0536
Twitter: @BankOfErnie

1. Please be respectful of others in the chat
2. No solicitation or self-advertising. This means no asking for shoutouts or asking people to visit your page. Mods have full authority for instant bans.
3. No religion or politics. (Instant timeout, then ban)
4. Please limit the use of caps and emojis.
5. Please do not ask to be a mod. I choose my mods based on who is a regular, is friendly in the chat, and I’ve gotten to know.
6. Keep the chat family friendly.
7. Please do not tell me how to play the game. I will play the game how I see fit and very well may be doing things a different way. Every game has multiple ways that it can be played. I would like to be free to explore my options even if you believe it’s not as effective as how you wanna see it done.

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