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• Veigues: Tactical Gladiator (ヴェイグス) • PC-8801mkIISR MiSTer Core Capture Preview Footage

**Designed for playback in 1440p**

MiSTerFPGA capture footage from puu’s PC-8801mkIISR core that is currently being ported to MiSTer-devel by wwark91 with contributions from alanswx. Test builds should be published by wwark91 this weekend.

Many thanks to puu-san and his contributions to Japanese PC preservation. Also, thanks to wwark91 for taking the initiative on the port to MiSTer and alanswx for helping with the port as well.

There are still improvements to implement. Update the t80 cpu, add a wrapper between the YM2203/2603, audio mix/mux, and a wrapper for the refresh rate of 56.53Hz/59.5Hz.

To view the attract mode on real hardware visit

This footage was directly captured from the PC-8801mkIISR core. Please show your support towards development by visiting the links below:

Footage optimized for YouTube; captured in a 1920×1440 window with a display field of 1920×1200 for 3x integer scaling. This is using modeline settings that are currently unpublished.

This capture is utilizing the following filters:
Poly 2.7

Original Capture before YouTube compression:

Capture Card:
Video Resolution: 1920×1440
Color Space: ITU-R BT.709 Range
Chroma Sub-Sampling: 4:4:4
FPS: 60

Video transcription:


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