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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (The Movie)

I got a LOT of request to remake my Uncharted movies in HD. I finally got an HD capture device a couple months ago, so I decided it was a good time to remake my Uncharted movies in HD. I feel like I did a better editing job this time as well, so it’s not just better in image quality, but better in content as well.

For those of you waiting on the Arkham games, I still plan to do them, but I ran into an issue. I was about halfway done with the first game when I looked at my screen and noticed my computer hadn’t been capturing my gameplay for quite some time, losing a lot of important gameplay. Unfortunately Arkham Asylum doesn’t allow you to replay levels, so I’d have to replay the entire game to get that footage back. I plan to do it eventually, but I didn’t feel like starting over again right now. So for now I’ll get my Uncharted movies out of the way, and then probably come back to the Arkham games. Eventually I plan to do The Last of Us as well, but I’m going to wait until sales have died down a bit before doing that.

I have always considered the Uncharted series my favorite game series of all time. I haven’t played everything, of course, but of what I played, the Uncharted games are easily my favorite, with Uncharted 2 taking the top spot as my favorite game of all time. They were the reason I got into this game movie thing in the first place. I thought they had amazing stories which could be enjoyed by everyone, whether they played games or not. So I made these movies so that the people who don’t play games can still enjoy their stories. Also, even if you do play the games, these movies offer a nice way to sit back and watch the entire story in one sitting. I often find them a good way to see the entire story in context, as a lot of the time you end up breaking a game’s story into multiple gaming sessions, and part of that story context can get lost.

I had certain rules for making these:

I decided that I would include every cinematic, and link them by the minimum gameplay needed to connect the cinematics without creating any plot holes. Obviously to do this I had to take out certain sections of gameplay, but doing so does not have any effect on story. As I was trying to make these as close to a real movie experience as I could, there were a few guidelines I decided to follow:

1. I would try to remove as many on screen references to this being a game as possible, such as chapter titles and button or new ammo prompts. Some of these would either be impossible or would too much negatively impact the quality of the film, such as the near constant ammo OSD, or the occasional “select” prompt for drake’s journal during puzzles.

2. I would try to include as much of the puzzles, in game cinematics and cinematic gameplay elements as I could. Some areas still needed to be cut to keep the movie flowing properly or, in the case of Uncharted 2 and 3, to keep the run length shorter than it would have been otherwise.

3. I tried to keep as much in game dialogue as I could, as I believe those really help develop the characters. However, as I said, I also had to keep an eye on how much gameplay I was using to make sure it didn’t make things too boring or make the movie too long.

Video transcription:


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