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UMK3 Revision 1.3 Public Beta 2.01 Is Here!

Video and work courtesy of Drew Adkins. Check out his channel for more info on this awesome work….

100% arcade hardware and MAME compatible! Happy 22nd Birthday UMK3. Here’s my offering of a gift to the community, the 2nd Public Beta! Some of the “change because it can be” has been put back. LOTS more factory fixes, audio corrections, and stage restorations in this one!

Please note during the first portion of the video I was using the MAME debugger to jump around stages. When I reset to play the arcade ladder, that’s the rotation. The character selection tone doesn’t hit twice by default either… that was my impeccable timing, lol Download link is at the bottom.

Here’s the Change log for Beta 2.01: REVISION 2.01 1.

CHANGES REVERTED: Character select screen has been changed to the original background Fatality sound clip restored to the original clip – was the “vs screen” clip to sound more like MK2. Now back to original.

2. BACKGROUND CHANGES: FACTORY FIX – Bell Tower – Bell towers on edges of screen moved down so they are visible during fights. Center bell tower has been placed to mimic prototype MK3 bell tower. Moon in background now has clouds flying by.

FACTORY FIX – Scorpion’s Layer – Skull restored on right edge of screen Graveyard – One layer of background shifted to the right to now display an extra mausoleum in background, and an image of a man digging a grave.

FACTORY FIX – AAMA advisory screen is now centered and not cut at the right side of the screen.


FACTORY FIX – Scorpion, Kitana, Jade, and Reptile now have the MK3 announcer’s voice when they win a round.

4. HUMAN SMOKE Human Smoke now has a P2 palette for mirror matches. Portrait now on character select screen – currently faces the same way as classic sub zero – this will be changed in future revisions.

FACTORY FIX – Announcer properly says “Smoke shows Mercy” When Human Smoke performs mercy in 3rd round FACTORY FIX – Human Smoke’s Smoke effect restored after going through 2nd level of kombat zone.

5. NOOB SAIBOT Noob Saibot has new P1 and P2 fighter palettes. P1 Noob has real skin. P2 Noob has shadow skin and a darker outfit. P1 and P2 VS Screen outfits now the same.

FACTORY FIX – When selected on Character select screen, now says “Toasty!” instead of “Kano Wins” Noob Saibot now has his own color of blood!!

6. CLASSIC SUB ZERO FACTORY FIX – Classic Sub Zero now has a babality! Input for this is Down, Forward, Down, Run FACTORY FIX – Announcer properly says “Sub Zero shows mercy” when Classic Sub Zero performs mercy in 3rd round.

7. MISC FACTORY FIX – Sektor replaces Liu Kang on Master II ladder where Liu was fought on 2nd and 5th fights. Sektor is placed in the 5th spot. Sektor was chosen because he is fought the least of factory unlocked characters in arcade mode. Blood spatter does not stay on screen for specials that cause blood spatter – this is to alleviate game crashes in 2v2 and endurance matches, and stages that are memory intensive.

Stage Rotation is the same as 1.01. There are a few duplicates, for a reason… new stages in the works?? As always, a big thanks on the programming side to ZPaul2Fresh8, SK the Konqueror, and although we’ve yet to cross paths, Abystus. Thanks to my play testers Cienfuegos, Haze, Spin, and YourMKArcadeSource

Link for entire change log including Beta 1.0:

Link to download:

Link for install assistance with patching software:

Video transcription:



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