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TYDUS – ICE CREAM (Official Music Video)

Download “Ice Cream” here –

Directed by David Lehre

Produced by Vendetta Studios

Song Written by David Lehre
Song Produced by Aaron “ADR” Rougier

**SPECIAL THANKS to Sloan’s Ice Cream shop at 6250 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA. 91367 @sloansicecream

Lyrics For “Ice Cream”

Hey everybody! Do you know what time it is? (yeah!)
It’s Ice Cream time! (wooo!)
Let’s go!

Pre-Verse 1:

I got the Cookie Dough
I wanna say Hello

Chocolate or Vanilla
Tydus is your fella

Scooping it cold
coolest 4 year old

Cookies and Cream
That’s my dream!

Ice Cream Ice cream
I be selling Ice Cream
I be making ice cream
Icey Icey Ice Cream

I scream! (Wooo!!)
You scream! (Ahhh!!)

Verse 2:

Mint Chocolate Chip
Watch me do the dip

Let’s get Strawberry
I love it with a cherry

Taste Buds explode
When I eat the Rocky Road

My day is looking up
After Peanut Butter Cup

I want a Waffle Cone
Watching game of thrones

When I need a Snack
Gimme Moose Tracks!

Snow cones, Gelato’s
Oreo’s I got those

Double Scoop I’m on that
Let’s chill out and play that!

Ice Cream ice cream
I be selling Ice Cream
I be making ice cream
Icey Icey Ice Cream

I scream! (Wooo!!)
You scream! (Ahhh!!)

Video transcription:


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