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Top 10 Upcoming 2D Action Platformer Indie Games on Steam (Part 8)

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Games on this List
0:00 intro
0:19 Steel Assault ▶
1:28 Lost in Sky: Violent Seed ▶
2:26 Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story ▶
4:15 Renaine ▶
4:59 Guild of Darksteel ▶
6:02 Dragon Blazers ▶
6:36 Lords of Exile ▶
7:39 Meawja ▶
9:15 Tiny Thor ▶
9:57 Astalon: Tears of the Earth ▶

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Note: Most of Top 10 lists in this channel are arranged randomly. It is NOT arranged from good to best or vice versa. Although sometimes I arrange it based on number of reviews. The purpose is to share these games to gamers who are maybe unaware about it.

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Video transcription:


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