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Top 10 Free Mac Games 2019

2019 is an incredibly great year for free Mac games. Let’s take a look!
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10 – Asphalt 9: Legends

Download on the Mac App Store:

Mac Release Date: Jan-2020

9 – missed messages.

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 20-May-19

8 – Vainglory

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 14-Feb-19

7 – RAM Pressure

More info:

Mac Release Date: Q2 2019

6 – Unsung Warriors – Prologue

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 15-Jan-19

5 – Skillwarz

Download for FREE on

4 – BirdGut

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 09-May-19

3 – Albion Online

Download for FREE on Steam:

Free-to-play: 10-Apr-19

2 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Download for FREE on Steam:

Free-to-play: 06-Dec-18

1 – Sky: Children of the Light

Download on the Mac App Store (coming soon):

Mac Release Date: Jul-19


Never Split the Party

Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 03-May-19


Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 9-Jan-19


Download for FREE on Steam:

Mac Release Date: 27-Apr-19

Video transcription:

– [Stewie] If you're looking
for a free game for your Mac,well 2019 is an incredibly
great year for you.Let's take a look with the
Top 10 Free Mac Games of 2019.Starting at number 10 we
have Asphalt 9: Legends.This free arcade racing
game will be ported to Macwhen macOS Catalina launches.You can also play this
game in July next monthwith the public beta of Catalina.Apple have allowed iPad
games to run nativelyon Mac with just the click of a button.This means that you should
expect many more free iPad gamesto come to the Mac later in
the year which is awesome.Asphalt 9 features heaps
of hyper cars to racein across stunning
locations around the world.Playing on your Mac will
allow this game to look betterthan ever before as Gameloft
were able to push the limitsof their effects to achieve
a more photo-realisticlook though the Metal API.I expect Asphalt 9 to be
playable on most Macs from 2012+.Number nine is missed messages.Here we have a point and click game.It explores a great original
story that has themesof depression, romance, horror,
life, death and even memes.I can't show much gameplay
here as I don't want to spoilwhat happens further ahead
but I should warn youthat this game can be very darkand also shows themes of suicide
so just a warning for that.I will be honest it's
not the longest game,but it offers four endings, great artwork,a very engaging and thoughtful story,and choice and consequences.Missed messages is playable on all Macsrunning macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.Number eight we have Vainglory.Vainglory has been
brought from mobile to PC.Sure, we have many other
great free MOBAs on Macsuch as DOTA or league of
Legends, but Vainglory is veryeasy to get into, it's casual,
it has a great communityand it's just fun.Plus, it has a great
feature, cross-platform playbetween Mac, Windows, iOS, and
Android which is fantastic.Vainglory offers you 25
minute battles or five minutesbrawl modes, and it has decent
graphics for a PC experience.If you're interested in
downloading Vainglory,good news, it can run
on most Macs out there.Number seven is RAM Pressure.You can think of this game
as a free version of X-COM.RAM Pressure is not out yet,
it's coming later in 2019but it looks so cool I wanted
to share it with you guys.It's a tactical story-driven
online multiplayer gamethat combines turn-based
combat with a sci-fi setting.Players can drop into
intense action and witnessa deep plot and storyline builtfor both single-player
and multiplayer missions.I'm really excited to check
out this game when it releasesbecause it looks like it
will pack a lot of contentfor free and it has really
good graphics as well.So far, the requirements are not too high,so it should run on most
Macs that are runningmacOS 10.12 Sierra or later.Number six we have Unsung
Warriors – Prologue.This is one of the best platform
games I've tried this year.It has colorful and playful graphics,decent animations for a free game,and offers a little story here as well.You do need to know this
game is only 30 to 45 minuteslong depending on how
well you're able to play.This is just offering
you the prologue levelfor the full game, but since
Unsung Warriors – Prologueis a very challenging game
this is okay in my opinionbecause it can take you
quite a while to finish.You can play this game in
single player or couch co-op,explore a handcrafted 2D
world, battle against enemies,use different weapons and
items, buy and sell items,discover areas, and use
your skills to survive.The game should be playable
on all Macs from 2012+.Number five is Skillwarz.Okay, I've showcased this game
a few times on the channel,so I'm sorry if you're sick of itbut I'm trying my hardest
to get the player basemore active as this
game truly deserves it.Skillwarz is in early access
and will be releasing lateron but you can download
it right now from a free game that
is also in a beta stateit blows me away because it
offers plenty of content,a modern FPS outlook, lots
of weapons and upgrades,and over 20 maps.Basically, if you're looking
for a great free shooterother than, I don't know, CS GO,Skillwarz is perfect for you.Plus, Skillwarz can run
on most Macs out there.Isn't that good?Number four we have BirdGut.Bear with me on this game.I know it looks strange but
it's actually a fantastic gameand I'm so happy I found it.You play as a bee who
gets eaten by a bird.From here you discover that
the bird's internals organsare actually a facility in
which the consumed insectsare brainwashed and put to slavery.I know it's really bizarre
but it's just so cool.It has a really strange
but awesome concept.I just really love it.It's a game that I would
easily pay for but the factthat it is available for free is amazing.If you enjoy platform games,or games with a really
weird story or art style,I highly suggest Birdgut, and
I think it has a weird name.Birdgut can also run on
pretty much any Mac out there.Number three is Albion Online.Now this game was
released I believe in 2017but in 2019, Albion
Online went free-to-play.If you don't enjoy
grinding, or playing gameslike I don't know Runescape you mightnot enjoy Albion Online
so keep that in mind.But if you do like those type of games,well you probably will enjoy this one.It's an MMORPG set in an medieval world.It has quests to go on, lots
of things to unlock, powers,you can ride around on a
horse, it has decent graphics,it has lots of other
players to interact withand chat online, it actually
has a lot of content guys.I will say that some players are reportingthat the game is quite buggy
but based on my experienceI haven't had any issues with
the performance of this gamerunning on my Mac.The game can run on most Macs out there.Number two we have Counter
Strike: Global Offensive.Okay yes, this is an old game I get that,but in December 2018 CS GO
became a free-to-play experienceand plus it is still
receiving updates in 2019.So, I thought it would be
a good idea to include itin this 2019 free games for Mac list.Besides CS GO is still
incredibly popular and offersone of the best online
FPS games out there.And if you didn't know, CS GO now offersa battle royal mode, because
we didn't have enoughof them already right.But there are heaps of other
game modes to jump into,guns to use, and it even
offers strategic elements.CS GO is not a demanding
game so it can runon most Macs out there.Let's look at some notable mentions.Never Split the Party
is a rogue-like game,where you play with four
other players and exploreprocedurally generated dungeons.The only problem with this gameis that almost no one is playing it.Scram is a great online FPS
game, but once again thereis almost no one playing
it based on my experience.And Himno is a is peaceful, 2D platformer.It has no real objective,
you just explore and relax.And finally, number one we have
Sky: Children of the Light.Guess what?This game is going to be free-to-playwhen it launches in July.It's going to be available
first on iPhone and iPadwith the macOS release
coming shortly after.It's thatgamecompany's spiritual successorto their previous games, Journey,Flower, or flOw if you played them.This time around in Sky players
will experience a socialadventure where up to eight playerscan explore stunning worlds together.The goal is to spread light
around the desolate kingdomto recover and return the fallen starsback to their constellations.The only downside for this
game, and it's not that big,is that you have to play online,you can't play offline but that's it.The requirements have not been announcedbut it will require a Mac
that supports the Metal API.The devs have told me that the
game will be free to start.There will be in-app purchases
available for giving giftsor for season events, but and a big but,no payment is required to
play the main core experiencewhich is very important.So, what do you think of
these free games for 2019?In my opinion, it's not
a bad list of games.There is something here
for all types of gamers.Let me know what you think of them.I hope you found this video useful.Leave a like if you did and
subscribe for more videosabout Mac games.Thanks for watching.


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