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Tomobiki-Cho a Urusei Yatsura tribute game – Video #5: Tomobiki gameplay

Devlog here:

Now Ataru’s home is placed in Tomobiki neighborhood together with the school: the player can pass seamlessly between all of them walking or flying!
The video is quite long and shows the exploration of part of the scenery; it’s a work in progress and some parts are still under development.

I added many urban details to Tomobiki neighborhood since last video, like trees, power poles, street lamps, mailboxes, rubbish etc… I hope you’ll like it!
In the video somewhere appear also Sakura, Sakurambo and Shinobu.
Lum wears her school uniform as well as her tiger-striped bikini.

00:03 – Lum lands at home
00:25 – Lum and Ataru meet and go to school
01:23 – Sakura and Sakurambo
01:35 – Lum explores the school
02:14 – Shinobu
02:39 – flying from the library to the attic
03:53 – Lum explores Tomobiki streets, alleys and parks
05:40 – Lum is back home

Developed with Unity, Umodeler and Game Creator; 3D models made with Vroid, materials made with Materialize, textures with Photoshop.

– This work hasn’t any commercial purpose: it’s a work from a fan to all other fans of this wonderful series.
– This Video is made with non-profit and does not represent another company. I do not own the copyrights of anything represented in this video!
– All materials on this video, including, but not limited to characters, images, illustrations, audio clips, video clips, and compilations are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.
– Urusei Yatsura is (c) 1979 – 2021 Rumiko TAKAHASHl/SHOGAKUKAN (​)

Video transcription:


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