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Welcome back to part 23 of my blind let’s play series of The Dig! Another classic LucasArts point and click adventure game but this time set in space! An asteroid named Attila is on a collision course with the Earth and it’s up to us, playing as Commander Boston Low and our team of experts to destroy it before it destroys the planet! The game runs on the SCUMM game engine, and was the eleventh LucasArts game to do so. A minigame can be found on the communicator menu, consisting of “Asteroid Lander”, a Lunar Lander like game.

In this episode, we head around with Maggie to try to find what we need to do next! We talk to her about the writing on the Tablet and she says she might be able to decipher it and that it mentions something being hidden out of sight! We head around to different areas of the islands to look for where we might need to use the Tablet!

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The Dig is a point-and-click adventure game developed by LucasArts and released in 1995 as a CD-ROM for PC and Macintosh computers. Like other LucasArts adventure games, it uses the SCUMM video game engine. It features a full voice-acting cast, including voice actors Robert Patrick and Steve Blum, and a digital orchestral score. The game uses a combination of drawn two-dimensional artwork and limited, pre-rendered three-dimensional clips, with the latter created by Industrial Light & Magic.

The game is inspired by an idea originally created for Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories series. Unlike other LucasArts adventure games, which typically includes humor, The Dig took a somber approach to its science fiction motif. In the game, the player takes the role of Commander Boston Low, part of a five-man team planting explosives on an asteroid in order to avert its collision course with Earth. Discovering the asteroid is hollow, Low and two of his team are transported to a long-abandoned complex, filled with advanced technology, on a strange alien world. Low and his companions must utilize xenoarchaeology to learn how the technology works, discover the fate of the alien race that built it, and solve other mysteries to find a way to return home.

The Dig received mixed, but mostly positive reviews, with critics primarily praising its atmosphere and soundtrack. Multiple reviewers said the game’s puzzles were too difficult, and other aspects, such as its graphics, voice acting, and dialogue, received mixed receptions. A novelization was written by science fiction author Alan Dean Foster in conjunction with the game’s development.

The Dig was originally conceived by Steven Spielberg as an episode of Amazing Stories, and later as a film. However, it was concluded the concept would be prohibitively expensive to film. As a result, the idea was temporarily shelved. Eventually, it was decided the story could be adapted into the adventure game format. The initial video game design meeting was held in 1989 at Skywalker Ranch; it included Spielberg, George Lucas, Ron Gilbert, and Noah Falstein, the latter two of whom had created a video game based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that had impressed Spielberg. Writing is credited to Spielberg, author Orson Scott Card, who wrote the dialogue, and interactive fiction author Brian Moriarty, whose previous LucasArts engagement was with Loom. Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) created some of the CG imagery.

TurianShepard is my YouTube gaming channel. I play lots of different games from old classics, to new releases. I’m a huge fan of point and click adventures games and FIFA. If there’s anything you’d like to see me play, drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Video transcription:

Hi everybody how's it going? Welcome back to 
The Dig for more point-and-click adventure  game action. We are back where we left off, 
we finally managed to defeat the monster and  rescue Maggie with the help of Brink, who has now 
taken all the crystals, assaulted us and run off.  So it could probably have gone better but the 
end result is we've managed to get Maggie back  which is good news indeed. I'm thinking the 
next thing we need to do then is probably,  I don't want to go to the tram. I think the 
next thing we want to do is go back to the  library properly uh probably not properly. 
Probably and look at seeing if we can get  Maggie to help us decode the console now that 
she's free, because she says she might have  uh managed to translate the language. And 
then once we've done that fingers crossed  that all goes okay then i think our next job will 
be to go back to the pyramid with the alien in it  and try to actually converse with him the problem 
is we don't have any crystals so we might have to  do something about that on the way uh is it too 
nice not to miss it museum that's the one we wantmaggie's already here somehow 
but anyway let's head through  hopefully that was the last of 
the spider scorpion monsters  and yeah i mean i feel like we're doing pretty 
well now i feel i feel like now that we've got  that puzzle out of the way we can hopefully start 
to get on a bit of a roll again because we did  get stuck on that for a little while so maggie 
can you shed some light on this for us please  a control console if this is a library then 
this must be where you search and retrieve data  right maggie what do we do help us figure out 
this um console thing i still can't believe you  were able to decode an alien tongue i didn't say 
i was fluent and they designed it so foreigners  like me could decode it and we already had all 
these conversations with her didn't we i think  so do we just ask a question you still hanging 
in there i'm okay boston don't worry about me  i don't know about you but i'm starting to 
get tired i've done a lot of digging and  i've done so much reading my eyes ache 
can you do a bit more reading or thanks  i mean can we not you're not gonna 
show us how to use this in any way or  a control console if this is a library then 
this must be where you search and retrieve datahuh robbins i i really thought she would 
as worried as i am for brink i can't help  feeling a little angry at him he's wacko nuts 
out of his mind with greed he's not himself  it's those damn crystals oh 
it's definitely the crystals  i can't remember did we ask all of 
these options last time what did wethey only show up when they think they need us  it's probably true uh the place have you 
learned anything about those metal plates  the shapes are all significant in their 
written language they're also rich with  symbolism in their culture but you have no 
clue what they have to do with navigation right  that's right i'm a clue free zone on that one  hmm okay if they can make bridges out of light 
you have to wonder if they can make anything elseyou mean light beer i was thinking more 
of a lighthouse okay tablet now that you  can read the library inscriptions 
can you make any sense out of thisit didn't even look like the same 
language i wonder if she can then  but now i can see the relationship between this 
writing and the things i read in the library  what does it say it seems to be talking about an 
important thing i don't know what that was hidden  any hints about where on the other side of the 
hole the other side of the hole so that none may  enter i remember she said about this last tell 
us how to um pull back this part of entrance  whatever that means it's pretty vague there are 
some things that man was not meant to understand  yeah but this one even woman is having a hard 
time with hmm i mean that's kind of weird so  after seeing what they've done to brink 
we'd better think long and hard before we  start duplicating these back on earth don't 
worry we're probably never going back there  and even if we do i doubt anyone will ever be 
able to figure out this alien science well yeah  maggie we've got to find a way to communicate with 
the alien inventor i know boston he's the only one  who can answer our questions he can't really 
he's also the only one who knows for sure how  to get us home we can't really talk to him though 
because we don't have the crystals right thanks socan we use this on the console  you won't do anything now that you can 
read the library that's the same thingit didn't even look like the 
same language to me before  but now i can see the relationship between 
this writing and the things i read in the  library we're in the library what does it 
say it seems to be talking about an important  thing i don't know what that was hidden any hints 
about where on the other side of the hole the  other side of the hole so that none may enter then 
it tells how to um pull back this part of entrance  whatever that means it's pretty vague we did 
sort of see that man was not meant to understand  yeah but this one even a woman is having a hard 
time with we did see something about a hole well  it wasn't a hole there was jimbo there was like 
i can't even remember where the hell it was to  be honest but there was an area where there was 
like a big a massive sort of gap down the middle  of the wall like a big crack and i'm sure he said 
that there was something in there but we couldn't  see it and i think if i remember right i tried 
using the the um tusk thing and things to jam it  in there but nothing happened but the problem is 
i can't actually remember where the hell that was  um so we might just have to that's literally the 
only thing i can think of at this point as to what  the other side of the whole could mean i'm sure 
he made a comment on that and said something about  about there being something through 
there did he or am i making that upi don't know i think we're gonna have 
to retrace our steps a little bit have a  look around find where that room was because i 
literally can't remember where the hell it was  uh hmm it wasn't this wayi don't think it was down no that's the tram 
room okay i mean this double clicking is good  because it means we can literally just skip to it 
wasn't in that new area was it through the nestoh hang on what the hell is it backthis place is as creepy as the forest 
behind my house when i was a kid  is it coming back i think i saw it up there 
hopefully that thing doesn't come down here  so we can go through here we went up here wait 
for me while i check out the top of the falls  oh she can't okay but don't take too long okay 
so she can't come up here it wasn't here anywayand we had this beach area um and i was talking 
to silo cat about this actually um because  i think and he pretty much confirmed it that areas 
like this are going to come in handy later on in  the game by areas that it seems have absolutely 
no use we'll probably have a use later on um but  obviously we're not at that point in the game yet 
this is actually a surprisingly long game as welluh no i didn't want to go that way no don't worry  robin so i don't actually 
want to want to talk to youyeah i don't know i was probably 
well i mean i didn't know how long to  think this game would be but normally games of 
sort of this era especially the lucasarts ones  i wouldn't say i've normally completed them by now  but i i don't suppose there's anything to 
do with brinks little experiment up herebut he hasn't put these crystals back guess 
he learned his lesson from that last timehe is still here thoughwhat kind of contraption has brick made here 
hi brink it's me again the guy you puncheduh can we ask him anything about this now 
about that i don't have time to waste on  foolish discussion of nothing oh is 
he just not going to talk to us full  stop frank i have to tell you you're 
exhibiting signs of advanced dementia  you're paranoid violent and manic i know you're 
saying these things to try to gain power over me  and if you don't shut your mouth i'll shut it for 
you wow he's getting really aggressive now we're  on the verge of opening a gateway in the fabric of 
reality if it works we think it might lead us home  yes you and maggie can go home do you think i 
don't know you secretly plan to leave me behind  and take credit for everything yourselves 
we weren't planning on doing that  thanks for helping me save maggie you've already 
rewarded me by being a pushover commander  wow okay what are you i don't have time to 
waste on foolish discussion of nothing it  looks like he about that yeah he's not really up 
for talking about those other things is he based  on foolish discussion of nothing all right well 
you stay here talking to you as a waste of time  i don't suppose we can see anything down here nowno i don't really understand what this is 
for again maybe this is something which  will come into use later on and it just 
seems to have no purpose at the moment  so all right let's go down it wasn't in there 
was it i know that much it was not in the tombthat's just the tram entrance againso it's not hereso we've done that one we've 
done that one we've done this onethe planetariumwas it here that's the tram uh hmmokay was it in herewait was it through here was this itwas this itnono that wasn't it it was like on a wall 
somewhere like down the middle of a wall  i don't think it was this waywas that it was it in here i can see outsidecould this be it is this where we wanted 
to see this thing it won't accomplish  anything now that you can read the library 
inscriptions can you make any sense out of thisit didn't even look like the same 
no she's just saying the same thing  but now i can see the relationship between this 
writing and the things i read in the library  what does it say it seems to be talking about an 
important thing i don't know what that was hidden  any hints about where on the other side of 
the hole so that none may enter then it tells  doesn't really make a lot of sense does it 
it's part of entrance whatever that part  of entrance it's pretty vague there are 
some things that man was not meant to use  yeah but this one even woman is having a hard 
time with so it's not that i mean he can see  outside from there apparently i don't suppose 
i mean where was this room that i found before  i'm sure i didn't imagine it i'm sure 
there was a room maybe it was this wayyes this is it this is the thing i'm 
talking about the crevice that was it  is it this thing yeah right like i'm gonna 
stick my hand in some crack in the rock on  an alien planet yeah so i wonder if this 
was was what the tablets talking about  it won't do anything any ideas can we use 
the tablet on her is she just going to say  all that stuff again now that you can read the 
library inscriptions can you just say it againit didn't even look like 
the same language to me hmm  but now i can see the relationship between this 
writing and the things i read in the library  what does it say it's got to be a clue in this 
dialogue it seems to be talking about an important  thing thing that was hidden any hints 
about where on the other side of the hole  the other side of the hole so that none 
may enter then it tells how to um pull  back this part of entrance whatever that 
means unless it's talking about the two  there are some things that man 
was not meant to understand  yeah but this one even a woman 
is having a hard time withokay so it's it's not this then so unless 
it is to do with the tomb and maybe maybe  you know what let's just go to the tomb 
maybe we don't need the crystals to  bring him back to life again and we can talk 
to him now i don't know so let's go to the tombwe'll head down here go in because maybe this 
is the hole maybe the hole is is the cryptyou coming along becky or yeah she 
is okay so she can come down hereso that at least means something i thinkuh where was the way was it this way  yeah okay past the weird stuff and the 
weird dogs that got crushed by the hat  okay here's the pyramid there wasn't anything 
else we could interact with here was thereso can we just talk to him is it 
possible to just free him using thisi can't even if we used 
crystals on him to be honestwell maybe we did it's the 
remains of a huge creature  right so maybe we do need our crystals 
back to be able to talk to him  i can't use these two things together 
hmm well that's turned up empty as wellunless we can we talk to her hererobin you still hanging in there 
i'm okay boston don't worry about me  hmm maggie we've gotta find a way to communicate 
with the alien inventor i know boston he's the  only one who can answer our questions he's also 
the only one who knows for sure how to get us homeso how many of the tablets have we got 
now we haven't got all of them have we  we're still missing one i 
seem to remember never mindhave we got them all i honestly can't 
remember i think we're missing one  if if memory serves correctly 
so again that turns up nothingso let's head back up and we'll goand this one hmm okay do you 
know what we'll go to the nexus  no i don't want to do that 
never mind we'll go to the nexus  we'll check if we did get all of those plates 
i don't think we did and then following that we  will go back to the library in the museum area and 
see if there's any of the displays which allow us  wait how do we get to the first place which one's 
the first one was there no i don't think there was  a light bridge in the first one actually right 
so let's do this first then we'll come in here  we'll check all the displays and see if 
there's anything at all about that tablet  and if there is then hopefully it'll give 
us a clue of what we've got to do with it  or where this little behind the hole or 
whatever it is behind the door whatever it saidthis is the thing about the 
spires and the and the umthe light pathways right 
that must be the two i reckonperhapsokay so not nothing on that one was that saying 
that they buried that thing down in the tombokayrightthis is the tree thingno that was to do with the moons wasn't it yeah 
that's right that was that was telling us the  moon puzzle the larger moon is being eclipsed 
by the smaller one okay not that one thenlet's try this onethis is the one that's telling us about the 
crystals bringing things back to life rightyeah this is the one that tells us about 
the crystals bringing things back to lifeuh so that leaves us with one and i don't recall 
this one telling us anything about a tabletnow this is the bomb onehmm okay well  that's not really turned up anything at all has it 
so we're really gonna have to have a think about  this but we're gonna have to do that in the next 
one because we're out of time so as always guys  thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed 
the video click on that like button it really  does help the channel to grow so i do appreciate 
it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the  notification bell if you're new or just haven't 
already done so and i'll see you all next time


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