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The Mattel Intellivision – Then and Now

Mattel’s Intellivision was the first serious challenge to the Atari VCS/2600, released nationwide in 1980. I tell the console’s story, show you the hardware and some of the games, give tips on starting your collection and even open a brand new, still in shrinkwrap 1982 copy of Burgertime on camera!

Find Intellivision systems and games on Ebay:

Thanks to the comments below, I found a video of the TV show I mention in the Space Battle segment, it was actually “TV Pixxx” from WPIX (I was right the first time!) in New York City:

At :30 they show the Space Battle variant.

I mentioned in the video that I’d leave a list of some of my favorite games for the system. This is that list, in no particular order (but it is the order in which I thought of them, so take that as you will):

Demon Attack
Auto Racing
B-17 Bomber (Intellivoice)
Star Strike
Space Battle
Sea Battle
Sub Hunt
Space Armada

This is not an exhaustive list, but just some of my personal favorites, and games I think stand the test of time.

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