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The King of Fighters ’94 Arcade – Ikari Warriors Team (Brazil)

Team: Ikari Warriors Team (Brazil)
Characters: Heidern, Ralf Jones & Clark Still

This game is hard like rock… Everything is so stiff that I honestly have difficulty beating the game. Also, their desperation move is hard to execute as its all so different from the newer KOFs.


Note: Save states are used, and I admit that is because the game is too hard to beat unlike the newer KOFs.
Also, just like KOF99’s final boss Krizalid, KOF94 final boss is Rugal Bernstein and he also has 2 forms. His 2nd form is really crazy, and needs lots of skills to defeat him.
My suggestion is to keep avoiding all his attacks as much as possible with the A+B (Light Punch+Kick) buttons and lure him to the corner. Beware that he might grab you and electrocute you with the electrocute arm, and try not to jump over him as he will use a jump kick and can damage half of your life.The only way to strike him is right after he rushes to you as that attack will make him partially vulnerable once avoided at the side of the arena. That’s where you spam your best physical attacks.

Video transcription:



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