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The Key Cavern & Slime Eye in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 07

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch 100% Walkthrough – Part 07, The Key Cavern & Slime Eye.
How to Beat LInk’s Awakening, get all the Secret Seashells and Heart pieces, other collectibles, secrets, and easter eggs!

Things We’ll Be Doing This Episode:
The Key Cavern

Link’s Awakening Switch 100% Walkthrough playlist!

Link’s Awakening Switch Tips & Tricks:

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Video transcription:

What's going on boys and girls what's up
we're all the Austin John plays here andwelcome back to legend of zelda links
awakening 100% super awesome make aplaythrough part number seven this is
the slime I haven't walked in there yetthe slime dungeon slime temple the key
cavern great I was I was close to thename I used this slime key to unlock it
alright so to the right is a room thatwe're actually going to be revisiting at
the very end so I'm just gonna mark thatdown as opposed to the last dungeon that
one's I believe that's mandatory at theentrance I got a bunch of bombs now when
going in here is good to either have alot of bombs like more than 10 if you
grind it for the rubies and you couldafford the bow and arrow then definitely
the bow and arrow is a nice choice rightnow cuz we're gonna encounter a new
enemy that's inconvenient to say theleast and then there's also a mini boss
that specifically requires bombs whichyou could just walk out of here and zone
back in and just farm yourself somebombs and get up to 20 just kidding I
thought 20 was max bombs turns out it's30 just just like that magic powder
early game you're not gonna have a lotlate game it's gonna be full and also
upgraded our first room here we need tokill everything that that worked out way
better than I plannedso these bombs when you hit them they
start to ricochet and if they hit anenemy they die and if they hit you they
die also and they hurt you so your bestbet is to knock it into another enemy
and then avoid it and that's gonna getus a key now if you notice there's a
left path where we're not gonna be ableto do that for quite some time this has
four slimes defeat them and all thedoors open up and we get ourselves a
chest I believe this is just a ruby nopeit's a slime just equally as useless to
the right we cannot go there yet becausewe need to hit the switch these guys we
actually don't need to defeat them rightnow we need to defeat them later and
I'll explain that in a bit this templehas a lot of keys in this four-way room
that requires keys in every directionand you're actually gonna finish this
temple with extra keys one extra key andit's it's not used for anything I think
they just wanted to really dive in homethat hey this is the key cavern almost
all of these doors are completelyoptional just for the sake of completely
filling out the mapping getting everychest we're gonna go through all of them
and the left one is the hardest becausethe left one has a new enemy so these
parrotswhenever you get close to them they
teleport away and there's a few ways todefeat them one is to run near it and
assume where it's going to teleport toand hope that you get there in time
like that and that's that's sort of likethe broke way of doing number two is to
use a projectile like a bow and arrow orother items that you get at the end of
the game that are projectiles and optionnumber three which is the easiest for a
bomb addict and then throw a bomb at itit's gonna die and also once you kill
the slime at the left side of the roomright here that key is gonna fall from
the ceiling if you don't get it don'tworry you could just zone out of the
room as soon as you zoom back in it'sgonna fall down again giving you plenty
of time to obtain it next let's headdown you can really do these in any
order I am NOT picking a specific one soagain we have a parrot a slime and a
skull boy and we need to defeat all theenemies oh there's another slime nice I
got them both I'm gonna pay attention tothe way that the floor is moving great
and the key is gonna fall from theceiling again if you don't get it that's
no problem this one actually just goesin a square like this so there's no real
reason to worry until it gets to likethere but again you could zone out zone
back and you're just fine next up let'sgo up here we have a tracking skeleton
and spear boy I don't know he died toofast kill them both get yourself key
there's an owl statue that we don'treally need cuz you have me and you're
just gonna hit this one time so thatit's yellow and we're gonna leave and
nowgonna get the last door on the right and
we're just gonna follow this path youdon't really need to kill the parrot
because it's not gonna really bother youthis room killed us all the slimes and
then the left blue tile is going to geta key dropped on it I like to try to
stand in the block that it's gonna dropon head north and we enter a much larger
room now this room is actually gonnalead to a bunch of areas for reasons
you'll understand later place a bombright there hey look we got a hole in
the wall that's going to lead us to oneof the last areas that we need to go to
once we obtain the key from this dungeonof the new item from this dungeon now
back in this main room you need fourkeys to progress into the final dungeon
area and right now we're just going tokill all of these guys don't let them
hop on you because they slow you downand it's annoying head down here and we
need to kill all the enemies in thisroom this is the reason I said to bring
lots of bombs and once you defeat allthe enemies in the room a key is going
to drop down onto the blue tile collectit and we're gonna head north now this I
think this is our first timeexperiencing this store this is a
one-way door and it appears on the mapas an arrow going into the direction
that you go through it so if he goesdown from up the arrow will appear up
and you just walk up to it and you putyour back up against it and it's like
one of those bookcases in a movie thatreveals a hidden area I got a piece of
power perfect timing that's gonna drop arupee on the right I think that's a big
rupee I think that's 300 I'm not toosure head north
this room gives you ten bombs which ifyou're low on bombs in you didn't farm
before you went in it's a good time – Idon't think killing all these enemies
does anything we're gonna head up thestaircase over here let's head to the
right real quick and you're gonna seethis room here that has these three
bombs that bombable wall and if we go tothe right you'll see there's no bomb
marks on that side of the wallonly that side of the wall and the whole
point of coming up here is witnessingthat there's not on this side and there
is on that side actually can I throwthis over I totally can throw this over
sweet great that broke the hole for uslet's head back to the left and then
down let's collect this chest which Ibelieve is a big rupee nope fifty rupees
I might be thinking of something elsethen and following this all the way
through we come back to where all theseslimes were now up through this door is
the mini-boss of this area which is Ibelieve these are called dodongo snakes
and if you know how to fight it dodongoit's the same way except these will
always move one block and the block isdetermined based on their movements that
are pre-programmed and essentially whatyou want to do is just either lay down
or throw down a bomb right in front ofthem however you'll see he just shook
his head and no that's because they needto go three blocks before they're hungry
againso now this one is hungry I can throw
that there they have like apre-programmed movement also mixed with
tracking sometimes if you throw it andthey're not hungry they'll actually just
dodge it and they'll go into a differentdirection I'm not doing a very good job
explaining ball playing and as soon asthey die they drop fairies which is nice
and I already have a fairy in myinventory so now that's just one we can
actually focus on it a little bit bettertoo that was its third movement which
means that now it's hungry see how itchickens head no and then immediately
just ate it that's what I'm talkingabout great that gives us a fast travel
point to the entrance which if we werelow on bombs we could go there but let's
go to the right for a new item it's mybirthday it's not actually my birthday
its links birthday its links birthingand this is going to be the Pegasus
boots the Pegasus bootsallow us to – and you can combine that
with the jump ability it also lets uspop those tents I should probably have
explained that before I go so now we'rein a big open area if you hold down L
either L or LZ you can run very quicklyin the direction while you're running in
that direction you're locked to thatdirection and you can move up a little
bit or down a little bitbut if you try to move too much you'll
just stop and then turn directions alsoif you let go you still keep running
it's like now I'm holding LM nottouching anything and you just run to
the other side if you press and hold Land then you push the opposite direction
you have that little stopping time andanimation so like if I go to do it
before the wall sometimes you'll make itin time sometimes you won't however to
immediately cancel swing your sword andyou can do that literally right before
wall and you won't actually run into thewall because if you run into the wall
you're at the point that you're notgoing much faster than if you were to
just run through an area anywaysremember that a path that I told you
we're gonna do that up path now and inthe next room we're gonna experience
bombs but they're slightly differentfrom the bombs we've experienced before
these ones with green feet actually do acountdown so if I hit it it'll count
down three two one and then blow uphowever if you attack it with a bomb or
if you attack it and then explode a bombnext to it disappear then did it do the
countdown so I'm assuming that workedgreat next room we have the one stab you
boy and a chest with the compass feellike we've done the entire dungeon and
we're just getting the compass now andthe last room has these bombs right here
now of course you just use your shieldand deflect it but when you deflect it
it doesn't count down to an exploderthat should explode them and they drop
bombs perfect look I used one bomb I gottwo bombs one bomb to bomb your bum lip
balm kind of fairy fantastic there aretwo chests now left to get that's one of
them which we could actually just grabthat super fast as I briefly mentioned
before you can combine the Pegasus bootsand the rocks feather to clear large
chasms three blocks wide now on a luckyday you can clear four if if you're
you're really lucky but that's notalways guaranteed let's head up here you
only need a very small amount of roomlike one block if I go to the bottom of
this block and then do my L I could hopacross no problem and that's our
nightmare key fantastic now we need tobacktrack to the entrance I think for
the first time ever we're gonna be usingthe mini boss for point now we're gonna
go to the right and before we even startto head in there I'm gonna hold down L
and what that's gonna do as soon as Ispawn in I'm gonna start running at that
thing which pushes you away and it'lleven push you out of the screen the hard
part is is that if you're not standingdirectly in the middle you kind of need
to guide link a little bit because he'sgonna be pushed off at the top or the
bottom great at the chest it has thefourth key that we needed now remember
this roomand I told you before that we needed to
Co up this small path much laterwell now it's much later we're gonna pop
through and we're gonna kill this onelittle slime right there and then we're
gonna backtrack two screens and thenhead up again
they feed these guys and up one morescreen and now these two skeletons we're
gonna defeat them and that's gonna spawnthe chest on the right and I believe
this is the big rupee I remember there'sa big rupee in here are you my big rupee
yeah are 300 that hopefully puts you ator close to or over 1000 rupees which
now means that soon as we're done we cango back and buy the bow and arrow
remember that one switch that we hit toyellow this is why Oh he walked away
instead my aggro you we got the mapray okay forget oh oh now you want to
fight okay there you go bye great nowthere's only one chest left we're gonna
head up two screens and with that switchstill activated we can now come grab
this chest that we couldn't grab beforeand that's gonna be the Stone beak now
all that's left to do is head downstairsand back to the right I should have
probably mentioned that now that we havethe the Pegasus shoes we can we can kill
those birds if it's on a direct paththat's gonna be coming up very very
momentarily great now that we haveunlocked every single chest in the
entire dungeon we have the map thecompass and the beak now it's time to
unlock all four of these doors one twothree and fourthis is a swamp sorta you you hit him by
doing the the Pegasus boots and then hefalls and in order to cross this chasm
you need to use your Pegasus shoes androcks feather and you could clear it and
that's prana plant we killed it good jobyou I actually really like this room
hold down L let gotap down hold down L let go you need to
walk down hold down L done I just lovehow that's the thing if you need the
hearts to break that tenth piece andthen you could get them and in our last
room which is just a bunch of bats thisroom we we get a key which we obviously
don't need because there's the boss roomand here's the boss key so the I just
think it's funny that you end it with anextra key anyways here we are in the
final room with the easiest boss in theentire game he says neener neener you
can't find me hit the wall and he fallsdown and here's the big slime his name
is the slime i has he's the slime withan eye Wow
really creative naming you just want toattack the eye four times and then it's
gonna be super split and you need to dothat great now just head and I 1 2 3 4
times and it dies 1 2 3oh he hopped up that's his one attackbefore that's that's itI know I know aren't you glad the hero
of time in space and sealing Bane'sdarkness is able to beat that big old
piece of jell-o but we got a heartcontainer good job link you're now
taking over the job of Bill Cosby andhere we go
it's the Bell the sea lilies Bell itsounds like a door chime like a doorbell
for like a really sophisticatedautomated doorbell again super bright
white light and it says waterfall don'tgo chasing waterfalls it is hidden in
the waterfall you go now link I shouldreally stop singing and we're back here
on the Prairie and we immediately getbrought into a conversation with the owl
I didn't touch anything either mr. owlhow many instruments have you gotten so
far when you play the instrument frontof the egg the wind fish will wake and
leave this island now go to the desertwell fantastic guys that's gonna be
wrapping up this part of the walkthroughfor Link's Awakening on the Nintendo
switch we got ourselves the silly sealilies Belle also over to this point we
have 13 pieces of heart 21 secretseeshells found if you don't have those
I recommend going back in the previousepisodes which should be popping up on
screen right about now as well as aswell as the next episode when it's out
and to the left is I didn't know what'sgonna be over there something's overthere
all right great till next time AustinJohn out


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