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The House Flooded | Kids were very HELPFUL!

We woke up to flooding in the house! Kids helped save the day. Subscribe: to Join our OHANA! Watch more Videos like this:

Today started early & with a horrible beginning. KLai woke us up early because our basement was flooded. It had rained all day yesterday & night & it filled up one of our window wells & it leaked through the window. It did this all night & it soaked our carpet and on our shelves. UGH it was hard and horrible to clean up. We had to borrow a water pump to suck it out. It didn’t work. Jase was already late for work & we are worried he was going to get fired. Jase ended up bailing water out with buckets. Then we borrows a shop vac & sucked the water out. What a mess! The Carpet is all wet, the pad underneath is soaked too. So we are now air drying it out & trying to make sure it didn’t ruin the floor or walls.
Today we also ran errands, the kid bought gifts for siblings and friends. KLai cleaned out our pantry and organized it. We also had a movie night. goodness!

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