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The Evolution Fruit ( Shinka no Mi ) Web Novel CKT English Audiobook | Chapter 106-110

The Evolution Fruit ( Shinka no Mi ) Web Novel CKT English Audiobook | Chapter 106-110

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Seiichi Hiiragi had such a terrible appearance that negative adjectives such as ugly, unpleasant, dirty, and smelly were thrown at him non-stop. Seiichi was constantly bullied at school, and every day he just waited to go back home. One day, all of a sudden a voice from the broadcast speaker said that he were to be transferred to a different world; the voice came from a God itself.

That would not concern Seiichi alone, but his whole school. They would go to a fantasy world where levels, standings, skills and similar things existed, as if in a game. However, the God wouldn’t do all of that on its own volition, but because people from the other world were performing summoning rituals in order to conjure brave man and women to their world. While all the classes were forming a group waiting to be transfereed, of all of his classmates Seiichi alone was rejected, and sent to a different place entirely. For the first time in his life, once reached his destination, he would eat the “Evolution Fruit”. That experience would drastically change Seiichi‘s life.

This story is about Seiichi being rejected by his classmates. At the end of the fairy tale his struggles are rewarded, he survives that new world, eventually proving to be a winner.

Light Novel (JP)

Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Mystery Romance Shounen Supernatural

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Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Adapted to Anime Adapted to Manga Adventurers Anti-Magic Appearance Changes Artifact Crafting Artifacts Assassins Awkward Protagonist Battle Academy Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Bloodlines Bullying Caring Protagonist Charming Protagonist Cheats Childhood Friends Childhood Love Clever Protagonist Demi-Humans Demon Lord Demons Devoted Love Interests Discrimination Dragons Dungeons Dwarfs Elemental Magic Elves Evil Gods Evil Religions Evolution Fairies Famous Protagonist Fantasy World Fast Learner Fat to Fit Friendship Game Elements Genetic Modifications Genius Protagonist Goblins Godly Powers Gods Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Harsh Training Human-Nonhuman Relationship Human Weapon Identity Crisis Inheritance Inscriptions Kingdoms Level System Magic Magic Formations Magical



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Video transcription:

Chapter 106The Assembly of S Class Adventurers, and Those who Act Under the ShadowThe Guild Headquarter of Terveil, Wimburg Kingdom.Normally, it would be the place where the perverts were at large, giving headache to the soldiers of the Kingdom, but now, it was enveloped in silence.And those adventurers who usually were making a ruckus inside the headquarters were silent, as they crowded over and locked their attention onto a certain group of people.「 ——So? What’s the reason behind our assembly this time?」A woman in scarlet evening dress, showing glamour and elegance that was unbefitting for the rowdy place such as the Adventurer’s Guild, said so with a silky voice.There was a folding fan in her hand, and her mouth was hidden behind it.She was in her twenties, and her profile revealed that she was a woman of aristocracy.「Right what she says~.You even went as far as utilizing people who can use transfer magic to get us together.There should be an appropriate reason behind that, right~?」The one who chimed in next was a guy who sported a colossal afro on his head and wearing sunglasses, complementing them were Hawaiian shirts, jams shorts, and a pair of beach sandals.As if mocking the fact that it was a completely different world, his features were of that an African American male.While his age would be in the late thirties, he and his appearance were gaudy.「You’ve ruined my fun.Lest it be a worthless summon, I’ll turn your muscle into chopped meat… was what I would say, but since we have such lovely ladies here to spend time with, I’ll let off.By the way, ladies.How does spending a passionate night with me sound?」The person who started their line with a threat but ended up saying something unfortunate was a woman with a gallant figure resembling a swordswoman.Her hair so white it was transparent, while her sharp eyes sparked golden.The sword that settled on her hip, even for a complete novice, anyone could tell it was by no means an average sword.She seemed like in her twenties, like the aristocratic woman, and her dignified profile would be likely to attract young females.「Do I really have to partake in this?Y’all should know my position.Even if there isn’t racism within this country, just how would other country perceive it…」The person who said so while showing a worried expression was a middle-aged male demon, one from a race you hardly could meet even in the Guild headquarter.He combed his purple hair to the back.His pupil was red.Other than the two horns that grew from his forehead, the feature that pictured the demon race, his overall appearance wasn’t that far from ordinary adventurers.「Hoaam~ …sleepy… can I sleep~?」The one who had no shred of qualm in the midst of this, was a female young enough anybody would agree to refer her as a little girl.She sported a pair of magician hat and robe and was already asleep with a bubble of snot.「I’m fine with anything.As long as I can legally punch some faces.」The man in yellow tight-suit attire, enveloped by a fluttering red cape——Someone who bore the title 【Inevitable Beatdown】, Gargand, said so with a grin plastered on his face.「Maa, maa.Let’s calm down.」The one to soothe down situation was a young man, which the word Mediocre appropriately fitted him to the letter.He, a man with indistinctive brown hair and was geared with traditional adventurers’ instruments, laughed as he was troubled.The person who stood at the front of this distinctive bunch who shared almost no common point was Gassur, the Guildmaster of the headquarter.「HA HA HA!!It sure is assuring to see you guys are the same mishaps as ever!」「It’s not something to be laughed at, you bundle of muscle.」「Many thanks!」「I’m not even praising…」The one to the side of Gassur was the receptionist of the guild, Ellis.After the usual comedic exchange, Gassur cleared his throat once before he shifted his gears into a serious one then started speaking.「Well now, time to go into the main topic.I’ve summoned all of you for but one reason.A request has come.」「Request?」Upon hearing his words, the people in the guild hall could only twist their neck in wonder.「Hold right there…A request that required us to assembly here doesn’t sound that peaceful to me~」「Indeed…In addition, seeing this gathering of faces without that person included feels off, don’t you think?」「Now you mention it… calling us but not her is just weird.」The Afro man, the aristocrat woman, and the demonkin man voiced out their opinion.In response to that, Garrus explained.「Aah, if it’s that person, then they’ll come soon enough.Why, I told them first before all of you.They’re just a little occupied by some other matter.」「That sounds like the usual.」「If so, then just what kind of request that required us to present?Honestly speaking, a large portion of us would rather not leave this country, me included…」「Hmm, just tell me the matter.If you’ve even summoned me… it’s a face-punching job then?」「No way it’s that sort of brute request… no way, right?」As the Knight-ish woman inquired Gassur further, Gargand let out his comments, upon which the mediocre youngster wearily retorted.「Umu.Sorry to say this, Gargand, but it’s no punching business.」「I see.Farewell, then.」「You going back!?You can’t!」Gargand was going to leave his post, but the mediocre youngster stopped him in his track.「I’ve no business in here.Off with your hand.」「Hoaam~~…Ah, Gargand, going home~?Then I’m going home too~」「You guys are too self-centred!」In line with Gargand, the magician girl said the same thing, which made the youngster retorted even stronger.「Ha Ha ha!Maan, now this really feels like you guys!」「Don’t just laugh it off, Gassur-san!Help me stop them!」「Do your best!」「You’re the last person to say that, okay!」His words were the most correct.「Well, let’s enough with the jokes…I’ll tell you the request, so Gargand, stay around for a while longer.」「…tch.Then say it already.」「Big thanks!Now then, the request that is addressed to you guys is… in the near future, the King of Wimburg, His Majesty Ranzel-sama and the King of the Demons… no, his daughter, Lutia-sama will hold a meeting in regard to Diplomatic affairs..」Upon hearing it, the assembled people had their faces changed colour.Especially the demonkin man, he was the one who was most affected.「I’m pretty sure you guys have figured it out, since I’ve said that much, but let me be clear…I wish all of you to be the guards for when that meeting happens.」「…It seriously is a big request, isn’t it.」The aristocrat lady said so with a single sigh escaping her mouth.「Umu.As you all know, our relationship with Demons is quite unstable.I won’t say which countries, but looking back into our history, Humans and Elves have always been at odds with Demons.It’s a controversial story to speak of, but even if there is no discrimination of race within the Kingdom of Wimburg, the same cannot be said for other countries.」「…I don’t disagree.No matter how much we, Demons, tried to compromise what they do to us, if the Major Powers say that we’re evil then even the smallest country will just swallow that conspiracy whole.And that becomes commonsense in this world…」With a delicate expression mirrored on his face, the Demon adventurer gazed at the Castle outside.Eyes straight without falter.「That’s precisely why, we keep bringing troubles to a country like this, a country where us Demons aren’t being discriminated.Just the fact that Demons like us going through its border will agitate the Major Powers, after all.…But…I see…This country is willing to go at that length for us…」「Nothing to worry about!Mi Casa Es Su Casa!So what with the Major Powers, just come home to us!Country borders or even racial differences holds no meaning in front of the might of muscles!With that being said, let’s lift some weight with me together!」「Ah, no, I’ll pass on that.」「How cold!」Disregarding the fact that he just got turned down, Gassur showed his Double Front Biceps with wide grins decorated.Disregarding the fact that he just turned someone down, the Demonkin man couldn’t help but show his smile by Gassur’s words.「So…How is it?You people, will you accept this request?」Once again, Gassur reverted to his serious face, and for a few seconds, silence engulfed the hall.And then——.「I suppose there is no other way.…Very well, I—Cornelia Arnoldi shall accept this request.」The Aristocrat-like lady——Cornelia, stated so as she closed her folding fan.「Cornelia-kun…!」「Oh, does Homon-sama partake in this request?You see, I’m a fan of their party, 『Paradise of Roses (BL)』…Oops, just by recalling their fabulous figures makes passion leaks from my nose…」「…It’s for the request, so I’ll summon them later.」「I see!Mufu… guhehehehe」「Cornelia-kun?You’re making faces unbefitting for a lady, you know?」She couldn’t keep it in, at the very end.「I’ve no problem with that.I also got some Demonkin homies on me.If my help can bring smiles to their faces, then you can ask for as much as you want.So that’s said, count this Afros Dynowahl in.」「Ooh, Afros-kun!You save my hide!」The carefree afro-headed man——Afros showed his will to participate.「That’s some request, no wonder you summoned me.In addition, frankly speaking, this “Major Powers” in question surely has touched my nerve.Thinking that countless Demonkin beauties have been harassed left and right…I… this Yurinne Rezy shall engage.Umu.Demonkin beauties are really the best!When it comes to the aesthetic of their bodies…!Mu? Ah, pardon.Seems like passion also escaped my nose…」「Umu, Yurinne-kun!I’m grateful that you choose to participate, but keep your carnal desires in when on the quest, okay!」The swordswoman——Yurinne decided to join in, with her nose bleeding from passion just like Cornelia was.「Hah!I don’t give shit about countries or racism or what have you…But, tentatively speaking, I do bear the cape of the Hero of Justice.Make one room for Gargand Luteax.」「What are you saying, Gargand-kun!You are the very example of Heroes of Justice!」「There still can be a chance to bash some face, after all.」「I take back my word!」Putting aside his motive, Gargand showed his intention to participate.「Mnnng~…Honestly I’m sleepy so I don’t want to to, but~…If things are peaceful then I can sleep soundly, so~…Okay, Nemu Dreamiere is participating too~」「Nemu-kun, so you’re participating for us!」「Zzz……」「And you’re sleeping already!?」The Magician girl——Nemu, voiced her partake in the request whilst a snot bubble was decorating her face.「Ahahaha… really, what a free bunch.Gassur-san, let me——Eusto Horace, in this one.I want to be friends with the Demonkins, too.」「Eusto-kun…With you in, we can say the request is completed already!」「That’s over the top.」The mediocre young man——-Eusto, stated his determination to participate, with the same mouth that just let out a bitter laugh.And then——.「Now then… all that is left is you, Auburn-kun!」「…As if I can just stay sit on my hand while everyone is saying they’ll help?Auburn Demira, in your great care!」The Demonkin male——Auburn decided to participate.With that, everyone in the venue had received the request Gassur brought up.At the end of the ordeal, Gassur washed over the room with his gaze then stated.「People, I’m grateful for your cooperation!——O 『S Class Adventurers』, let’s complete this request together!」『Oou!』The S Class Adventurers that gathered in the Guild Headquarters.They swore to do their best for the bright future between the Demonkin and the Humans.「Then, why aren’t you fast on your leg and call Homon-sama already?」「…Yes」………………They swore, supposedly.◆◇◆ ——Inside a dark room where a crystal ball was there.One man——Kleis, the Demon King’s aide, spoke to the crystal ball.「Nhi nhi nhi!How is it?Is it assembled yet?」『Sure.However… assembling such an amount is no small effort.』「…Nfuh.It’s all because the last fight… those monsters we sent to Terveil were massacred.」『Phew…Truth to be told, I really wanted to vent my anger on you, but that was my miscalculation too.To think that not only 【Man of Steel】 and 【Graceful Demon of Ice】 were there, but even the 【Saint of Magic】 too…』 The matter they were talking about was the one when they sent a large force of monsters to the Capital Terveil through transfer magic.At that time, it wasn’t a big a disaster due to Seiichi’s play-in-hand, but in the original script, even with Barnabas the 『Saint of Magic』 interfering, the casualty wouldn’t be something to scoff at.Taking everything into account, the reason the attack failed was due to Seiichi’s existence.「Just when I thought I had to rework the plan… should I say, lady luck finally smiled upon us.」『…Are you talking about the meeting between the King of Wimburg and the daughter of the Demon Lord over diplomatic affairs?』「Nhi!Exactly.」Upon hearing the voice from the crystal ball, Kleis grinned eerily.『I was able to gather some monsters again, but what are you planning?You want to send them to Terveil again?If so, then it would be more severe than before.Isn’t there the matter about the Demon King’s daughter going there for diplomatic affairs, consequently, the Wimburg Kingdom would hire S Class Adventurers to guard the city.You can tell just what will happen if you send monsters there.Despite so, what are you scheming?』「Aah…Indeed, I plan to send the monsters to Terveil once again.However, this time, we will send another person there——Edmund.」『Sending Edmund?He’s——Ah, so that’s what you mean.』There was doubt in the voice from the crystal ball for a moment, but it soon gained convincement.「Do you see it now?Killing the people isn’t the only way to harvest despair.」『————Your aim is the princess?』「Nhi!Right on the money.」Kleis showed an obscene smile.「The Daughter of the Demon King died in the hand of humans, in the very meeting that promised friendship between the two…」『The Demonkins will be infuriated, and their relationship with the Humans will be unrepairable…In addition, the large horde of monsters that keep advancing on…』「Not only they would be against the angered Demons, they would have to fight the monsters too.Just one life can bring down a river of blood… nhi nhi nhi!Fantastic… truly fantastic!」『So that’s why you asked Edmund?If it’s him, then it’ll be more than possible.Even if 【Saint of Magic】 was there.Should I lend yet another hand?』「Nhi~.That will suffice.Failure like before won’t happen again.Our existence, the 【Demon God’s Cult】, is steadily getting known by the world, after all…」『……You’re right.Well then, make sure there be no blunder…』「Of course——」——Everything is for the Demon God-sama——.TN:New characters!I really like how diverse the characters are in this novel.Anyway, about their namings.Afros Dynowahl (Afurosu Dinowaaru) is, obviously, a direct address to his afro head.Nemu Dreamiere (Nemu Dorimiiru) is taken from nemuru (sleep) and dream.Yurinne Rezy (Yuriine rezi) is a reference to, well, Yuri.I was about to translate it to Jolynne since it pronounces all the same in katakana (and JoJo, because of course), but I take into account the chance of Seiichi meeting her and retorts about her name.Chapter 107『Sei-chan』 Meets『Airin』「I told you, it has to be 『Sei-chan』!」「Uh, who was that again?」Seto Airi, a member of a group that grossly stands out even among the heroes,「Why you do not know him!?It’s that 『Seichan』, yanno!?」「Like we know any Sei-chan!」Towards Seto’s unreasonable question, Nojima could do nothing but retort.「If Airi phrases it like that, then is that person someone we’re familiar with?」「Nope?Ya not know him, yanno?」「Then we can’t possibly know!」Though Shimizu sent her a helping boat, Seto’s statement had her off the path to be saved.「Rather, what’s with this 『Sei-chan』 in question?What’s between you two, Airi?An item?」Upon hearing Amakawa’s question, Seto scratched her head with face coloured in red.「Y, you little~…Lovers, you say~…Don’t make me blush~.…Not even close, tho.」「So you’re not!?」「Sigh… we’re going nowhere.So? Say this Sei-chan is here somewhere, whatcha gonna do?」「Eh? I just feel that, I want help him~ or something」「So Sei-chan is in a distressing situation right now!?」Nojima’s retort was quick.「I can’t see where this is going!We don’t even know who’s this Sei-chan in the first place, and we can’t do anything about him.」「No, no way~ …You guys are cruel~」「I’m just making a sound argument here!」No matter how much Seto tried to tell them about the person called 『Sei-chan』, Nojima and the other two couldn’t do anything about him since they didn’t even know who she meant.Furthermore, Seto had no plans nor anything in case she did meet 『Sei-chan』 in the future.Alas, Shimizu reorganize the situation with a single sigh escaped.「Phew…One thing we know for now about this 『Sei-chan』 person Airi’s been looking for, is that he’s in class F, right?」「Rite!」「Since it’s such a hassle, why don’t you meet him first and act accordingly?It’s not like we know what Airi has in mind.」「S, suddenly ambushing him like that… won’t he hate me if I do so…?」「WHAT A PAAAIIINNNN!!!!!」Nojima’s cry of anguish couldn’t be justified more.Whilst Shimizu tried to calm Nojima down, Amakawa suddenly broke into grins.「Rather, y’see, looking at Airi’s reactions~ No matter how you see it, she’s gotta have a thing for this 『Sei-chan』, ain’t she?」「Eh!? Ya mean it!?」「…Well, I kinda suspect so.」 In response to them, excluding Nojima, Seto was——.「N, n, nnnnot, not a… a chance, mkay!?」『Doubt』Said the three simultaneously.「Airi… you’re basically an open book…」「No, Yuka still couldn’t read her…」「I, I could, okay?」「Calm, girls.…At any rate, Airi, you like this 『Sei-chan』don’cha.」These three girls who found the matter troublesome at first, as expected of girls, suddenly so gung ho about it since it turned into a love story.Airi’s face stiffened, confronted by the three with a glimmer of curiosity in their eyes.「W, what izzit…」「——Be a good girl and tell us everything!」「UWAAAAH!!」Airi who was jostled up by the girls, acted like the high school girls they were, or maybe closer to junior high ones, gave up.「I, I got it, okay!I’ll tell, I’ll tell!」「Good.」「Agreed, surrendering is important.」「Ou, then tell us already!」Airi looked at them a little bit reproachfully, then let a sigh escaped before she started her story.「Haah…First I met Sei-chan was at Junior High.I have ya girls know, but back then I was a loner, yanno?」「You serious!?」「You, Airi…?I can’t imagine that.」「Totes unexpected~」The three didn’t hide their surprise.They were friends with Airi since the first enrolled High School, and Airi seldom talked about her Junior High phase.Well, Airi first became what she currently is when she’s halfway her second year in Junior High, she said.「I really was loner, like lonely loner, before that… the reason I could become the current me is all thanks to Sei-chan.」「Eh?」Again with the surprising fact, the three once again raised their voice.「I told ya I was a loner didn’t I. So like, I eat my lunch on the stairs leading to the rooftop.Really, it’s nostalgic to remember.」With that as the preamble, Airi started to call back her past.◆◇◆ 「Sigh…」Junior High.I——Seto Airi, was spending my lonely lunchtime with a sigh.The reason I was eating my lunch all alone… just as I said before, I didn’t have a single friend.Unlike now, I was reserved yanno?Anywho, I first found this ideal Loner Meal Spot namely the staircase to rooftop after I enrolled Junior High and had been eating my lonely meal there every day.My Junior High was just like any other Junior High, the rooftop was a forbidden area, so I went there to eat my Lonely Meal.If it was forbidden to enter anyway, why would they make a staircase to there?Well, I assumed it was for emergency times.Either way, I could use it for my spot, so I really had nothing else to say.With that condition, by the time I finished my meal like usual——Sei-chan appeared.「Eh? There’s someone here!?」Sei-chan popped out so suddenly, and I was really troubled by it.I never thought that such a man of valour would come to this fantastic Lonely Meal Spot.My impression when I first saw Sei-chan was… well, must be that.I thought he was the typical bullied kid.I mean, not like I want to make fun of Sei-chan, but he was, like, super plump and his face wasn’t the most pleasing to look at.He had a particular body odour, I didn’t care about it myself, but it seems like other people didn’t really like it.Those qualities of him made him got bullied real hard.Fortunately for my case, I had no friends, so its not like I got bullied or anything…Anyway, neither of us expected anyone to be here, so it was awkwardly silent for a while.The first one to speak up was…Sei-chan.「Umm… a loner?」「And you’re speaking!?」T’was such an unexpected remark from him that pulled out my retortBut Sei-chan paid no mind and just laughed.「Hahaha!It is weird that I called you that, of all people!I feel like crying now!」「I, uh, I’m sorry?」「It sure hurts when being apologized with an interrogative sentence!」Even since then, Sei-chan had been high-strung and it was hard for me to keep up with his tempo.「So, why do you eat your lunch in a place like this?」「No…I’m pretty sure you’re here for the same reason…」「Eh…Then, you really are having a lonely meal!?You kidding me!?」「That’s sure some word from someone who’s having lonely meal too…」「Ah, you’re right.No, but you see, I’m doing it because I’m being left out, but I feel like that’s not the case for you.That’s why I asked, why do you eat lunch here.」「…Nothing you should be concerned about.」「I guess that much.But if this spot is already taken…I don’t know any other place to eat alone…」Watching Sei-chan making a troubled face, some words escaped my mouth.「 …Then, why don’t eat together?」「Eh?」「Yer being bullied, ain’t cha?If so, wouldn’t you prefer to take it easy at least when having a meal?」「Well that’s… extremely grateful, but… are you fine with that?」[I’m not evil enough to chase you away.]「I see…Then, I’ll gladfully take your consideration.」——That was the start of a strange relationship between Sei-chan and I.Ever since then, we were always there, on the staircase leading to the rooftop during the lunch break, having loner meal… no, two loners having a meal together.When I tried to talk with Sei-chan, I began to learn that, while he is so high-strung that I find it hard to cope up with time to time, he is nothing short of kind.In addition, for two people who shared no taste in anything, I started to find it comfortable to talk to Sei-chan, since he was unexpectedly a good listener.Days like this continued, and for the first time I found someone close… or maybe I should say, I had made a 『Friend』.And so, I said it with all my spirit.「Se…Sei-chan!」「Eh? Sei-chan?」It was the first time I called Sei-chan like that, so his expression was that of confusion.「Yeah!Taking the Sei from 『Hiragi Seiichi』, so it’s Sei-chan!」Come to think of it…Sei-chan’s name was 『Hiiragi Seiichi』.I’ve been calling him Sei-chan all this while, so I forgot about it.…In addition, if I think that I’m the only one who calls him Sei-chan…How to put it, it feels like I’m someone special to Sei-chan, and it makes me happy.Anyway, since it was the first time I called him 『Sei-chan』, he was quite dumbfounded for a while, then immediately put on a smile with a hint of pink.「No, how do I say it…I’ve never been addressed like that, so it’s quite embarrassing…」He was so cute.No, I don’t know how other people take it, but for me, Sei-chan’s smile is the strongest in history.Don’t you know?Among us gals, cute means justice.…Though I don’t know if it stays true now that we’re in another world.But that wasn’t the end of it.「Then I also want Sei-chan to call me as 『Airin』!」「Airin!?Oi oi, we both are loners here, you now?That’s way over us…」「Isn’t that too harsh!?」「I kid.But…Um… that nick is…」Sei-chan just wouldn’t call me 『Airin』.I guess my despondent showed up and he catched it, so Sei-chan, stuttering and half-shouting, called to me.「A, Airin!」「Hehehe~ …It sure is embarrassing~」「I’m the embarrassed one here!」I teased Sei-chan who hid his red face behind his hands for a while.Thus, after we decided our nicks, we returned to our usual chemistry.…Right.Though I’ve admitted it… by this time, I’d begun seeing Sei-chan as a member of the opposite sex.Well, for me who didn’t even have a friend, lovers and such relationship looked like a hurdle too high to reach.It was just, I never encountered Sei-chan outside lunchtime.Even if I called out to him, Sei-chan just ran away from me, you see…It was a hard blow to me and I felt quite hurt he did so, but…I learned that he did what he did precisely because he was bullied and hoped I wouldn’t be dragged along with…And that, felt like rubbing salt in my wound.And one day, when we were having lunch together as usual, Sei-chan voiced one question with a curious face.「Come to think of it, Airin.Why are you a loner?」「Ain’t that one painful question you just casually asked!?」Upon my reaction, Sei-chan continued his inquiry.「Ah, no, I’m sorry.I didn’t meananything bad.I’m just thinking, unlike me, Airin isn’t exactly being left out, right?So…」「…It’s not like I’m alone because I want to.I just, yanno, it’s hard for me to talk with people…」「Even though you talk to me this much?」「Sei-chan, it’s because you… well… you’re easy to talk with.Also, I’m not sure I can…」「Oi, oi, have some confidence!You’re cute, Airin, so if you just dress up a bit and talk to others like you do with me, you’ll make friends in no time!」「C, cute!?」I was thrown off-balance when Sei-chan suddenly said I was cute, out of the blue.「Nn? Did I say something wrong?」「N, no…I mean, cute is a bit…」「…Ah…Naturally, I no longer speak whatever embarrassing thing that popped up in mind like I used to, but if I didn’t honestly praise someone, then how should I convey my feelings to them?That’s why, I mean it when I said you’re cute.」「Ah, umm… err…」Knowing it was Sei-chan’s true feelings only made me even more lost in cloud nine.My head was pure white.I tried to come up with anything to say back, but nothing.And before I knew it, my mouth moved on its own.「…Sei-chan, do you…. want to see me… dress up?」「I do.」Without a shred of doubt, Sei-chan nodded.——And that was the starting line.The first time I got invested in dressing up…At first I hadn’t a clue.I tried referencing to various fashion magazine, how to apply make-ups, how to choose clothes, all that.But there’s only so much my inexperienced self could do.That was why, for the first time I summoned my courage and called out to girls from my class.It was real scary, but my feeling of wanting to be seen cute by Sei-chan overpowered that.Just when I tried to summon my courage… even to say it myself, it was super anti-climatic how fast I could adapt with the girl’s group.In addition, I could talk to them like how I talked with Sei-chan.When I came to, I realized I was already styling up, gyaru-like or not.From that point onward, my Junior High School life was gradually changing.Firstly, not only the girls, but I also became able to speak normally with the boys.Speaking with a boy other than Sei-chan was a real nervous wreck at first, but that, too, came with time.Also, even I couldn’t believe it ‘till now, but the frequency of being confessed to just got skyrocketed.Ranging from a boy I could chummy with, to a boy who was obviously a playboy…Anyway, I was confessed by a huge variety of boys…But, unfortunately, I already had someone in my heart.Anyone except Sei-chan was outside the question for me.Like that, my gloomy loner school life transformed into a bright and cheerful school life, but…I lost something important as the exchange.Lunch break.Sei-chan——Didn’t come.I patiently waited for Sei-chan there, on the staircase leading to the rooftop, but Sei-chan never showed himself again.In addition to that, with my new friends got in my schedule, my free time was decreasing by the day.That was why, I could no longer eat there, but rather having lunch together with my friends.That was the first time…I felt like I’d prefer being a loner… yeah, it crossed my mind.In the end, I never managed to meet with Sei-chan until the day of Graduation.The silver lining was, there was a gossip that we got into the same High School… or rather, I heard about a bullying case, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t happy, despite the complex feeling accompanying it.However, once again, I couldn’t meet with Sei-chan.Even if I tried to catch him by surprise in his classroom, or going around the campus searching for him…I couldn’t find Sei-chan.It was as if Sei-chan was actively avoiding me…It was something I later found out, but apparently Sei-chan had a time where he shut himself in his house.That strong-hearted… positive and optimist Sei-chan was being a shut-In, I couldn’t even picture it.It made me think that Sei-chan had something terrible befallen upon him, and I was completely oblivious about it.I felt… really frustrated that I couldn’t do anything for Sei-chan when he needed it the most.…And it was him who gave me my courage.I didn’t want his effort to go to waste, So I… in my own way, expressed my gratitude by enjoying the life he gave me.And that was when we all got transferred to another world out of the blue.I was really at lost for a while, but after calming down a bit, I felt like now’s the time I got to save Sei-chan…I feel like the current me can protect Sei-chan——.◆◇◆ 「————-Well… something like that…」「You’re all over him.」「I feel like throwing up sugar cubes.」「Both you and this Sei-chan guy… you’ve really suffered…」「You guys are being too harsh!And isn’t Yuka being too emotional!」While Rumi and Noa said so with some degree of awe, Yuka was bawling her eyes out.Un, Yuka’s this kind of person, ain’t she.「I mentioned this a lot, but Sei=chan is literally my saviour.That’s why I wanted to say thanks to him.And then, I’d be the one who’ll protect him this time.」When I said so, the three lined up their faces and told me.「Really, you…Can’t be helped!If you told me such story, what can I say except I’ll help you!?」「Frankly speaking, it’s bothersome.But it’s for Aika, isn’t it?」「Un. We’ll help.」Hearing these words, I couldn’t do anything but asked them back.「Is it really okay?It’s not like you have anything to do with Sei-chan…」「It’s fine.He’s the guy who took care of my little Aika.That means we have to say our thanks too.」「I’m not yours tough, Yuka?」「We’re not talking about that, are we!?Read the convo flow!」I laughed at Yuka’s retort.…. Sei-chan.It’s all thanks to you, Sei-chan, that I have made such precious friends.「Then, let’s with godspeed raid Class F!」「As, as I said… wouldn’t he hate me… if I suddenly showed up…?」「YOU’RE REAL CASE OF TROUBLESOME YANNO!?!?」And Yuka, once again, retorted.Chapter 108The Brewing Storm in Terveil and The Other Scheme「Really… why would anyone hold a conference in such a place.」「GYAAHAHAHA!!Don’t say it like that!If this plan succeeds, then we’re definitely one step closer to the revival of the Demon God, innit?」「…Exactly.In fact, it would be a lot easier since no big countries are involved.」In the woods in the vicinity of Terveil, there were three silhouettes of men.「Rather, why are you guys here?I’m the only one who’s got handed this matter, ain’t I?」「…I’m sure you’re well aware of it, but this matter is crucial.No mistake is allowed.」「He’s right, ya know?Worst case, we all die, but… we must eliminate our target, no matter what.」「Well…I won’t complain if that means the odds are higher.But that being said, we’re three apostles here.To top it off, we got these monsters Kleis gave us.I’d say there’s no chance of failing.」One of the three said so with confidence, but another one coldly refuted.「 …Unfortunately, that smells fishy.」「Ah?」「 …Demiolos just got done in.」『What!?』Upon hearing these words, the other two showed their shock.「Oi oi, that must be some kind of joke, right?」「It has to.I mean, that guy might be one of the battle corps, but he’s still an Apostle.And you’re saying he was defeated?」「 …I also didn’t believe it at first.However, it seems to be the case.And apparently, he was defeated at Barbadora Magic Academy」「Haah!? So he’s got beaten by brats!?」「 …I’m not updated on the details.But, Angelea’s in the same state.」「Angelea?…Aah, that pitiful woman.I don’t give a shit ‘bout her, what I can’t miss is Demiolos’ case…」「…Either way, events outside our plan are likely to happen.Be always on guard aboutthis.」「Gyahahaha!Just leave it to me!」「…You’re the one most worrying…」After their conversation concluded, as if they merged with the darkness, the three vanished.◆◇◆ 「Long time no see, dear.」「Elmina…」Terveil.Inside the castle, within the King’s private room, Ranze was meeting with a woman.Her loose, wavy golden hair reached her waist, and she was donning a gorgeous armor dress enveloped with a pompous cloak.She was the Queen of the Wimburg Kingdom and another S Class adventurer… the one who bore the name the 『Thunder Empress』, Elmina Kisa Wimburg.「I didn’t expect you to hold a meeting with the Demons.」「Aah.Even I don’t know how this will develop, but…I’ve grown tired coping up with those Superpower Countries.And the Demons are quite the good fellas, as well.」Elmina showed a smile as she heard Ranze said those words oh so lightly.「You never change, dear…That’s what I love about you.」「 …Stop it, you’re making me blush.」Unusual for a monarch, Ranze didn’t have any concubine, and his relationship with his wife was as good as ever.「Elmina my dear, you’re home to partake in guarding the conference, aren’t you?」「I am.I’m also this Kingdom’s queen, though on paper.It is thanks to you sweetie that I still can continue doing my adventuring.In times like these, I want to be the one who helps you.」「Thanks.」As it had been a while for them to meet each other, they had so many things to talk about.However, as they were talking, the daughter of the Demon King was getting closer.They both understood that.Thus, they filled it with just gazing into each other.「 …Now then, it’s time to do some prep.」「 …You’re right.I’m off to meet up with other S Class adventurers.」As Elmina said so, she fluttered her cloak and set to leave the room.However——「Kya!」「……」 As Elmina’s cloak stuck to a houseplant on a table, she stumbled to her back and fell.Pulled by her cloak, the houseplant rolled and fell directly on her face.「OOOWWwwwwwwW!!」「……Haaaah.And you’re still as clumsy as ever…I beg you, please don’t show this front to the Demons, okay…」Embracing his wife who just made a bump on her head, Ranze whispered so.◆◇◆ 「…So this is the Capital of the Wimburg Kingdom?」「Indeed.」A group of demons was nearing the entrance gate to Terveil.They were the party of the Demon Army who partook in the conference.The one to lead this party was the daughter of the Demon King, Lutia Vyuth, and behind her were the executive members of the Demon Army, including the captain of the 3rd Demon corps, Leiyah Falza.「Lutia-sama.Is it really a good idea to bring us all with you?Who shall protect Gran Boige now that we…」「…It is fine.The White Dragon God is protecting in our stead.」「I see, it is reassuring to know that the White Dragon God-sama is present…It will be fine, then.」Leiyah expressed her worry, but it soon vanished with Lutia’s words.However, it was then Lutia who showed anxiety.Her gaze was down.「 …It’s just, we left Kleis behind.Why didn’t we bring him with us?Will he be okay?」「…Lutia-sama.It is no use to worry over him.We should put our mind on the conference, then bring back a piece of shocking good news to him.」「…Yes, you’re right.」As Lutia received Leiyah’s words, she gave herself a little nod, then recovered her gaze.Observing their princess, the captain of the Demon’s 2nd Corps, Zorua Waltore, voiced his dissatisfaction.「Hey, can’t I kill that shithead when we get back?Even before we departed, fucker had been on and on about human this and demon that and relationship what-has-he.A cur like that is better be dead than alive, don’t cha think so?」Dealing with Zorua and his dangerous opinion was the captain of the Demon’s 1st Corps, Zerros Albana.「Calm down.I also hate his attitude, but you’re going too far.」「Ahn?Did you even hear what you said?…You’ve noticed too, haven’t you?That shit’s definitely up to no good.」「…We still have no proof for it, there’s nothing we can do.…In addition, I wouldn’t say it’s all fine, but I have my men watching Kleis’ every conduct.」「Hah!It sure is an easygoing job, observing one little cur.The strongest of all Demon Corps doing odd jobs, now that’s incredulous.」「What did you say?」As turbulent air began to stir between Zuroa and Zerros, Jade Leiven, the captain of Disciplinary Corps called out to them with a tired voice.「Both of you…Being cheerful is good and all, but know your top priority okay?」「Hah?I’m just stating the fact.」「This bastard started it first.」With Zorua and Zerros talking almost at the same time, Jade did nothing but sighed.「Haah…Why do you two get to be in one sync only in time like these…Mou, this is why you cookies are so kyute.」「「……」」 Jade’s casual remark made both of them speechless.「…Zorua, Zeros, thank you for thinking of me.However, Kleis is one of our precious kin.It’ll be alright.」「… Roger.」「…By your will.」After Lutia told both of them so, they looked into each other then expressed their affirmation with a nod.The captain of the 4th Demon Corps, Liaretta Barheim, who was silent during the whole ordeal, called out to the captain of the 5th Demon Corps, Uls Banyu.「Haah…I was worried they’d go all out even when we’re out here.What do you think, Uls?」「……」 「 …Uls?My goodness, he’s out cold!」As it turned out, Uls lost his consciousness due to the sheer tense atmosphere between Zuroa and Zerros.Even during all this happened, Lutia and her followers kept advancing toward the gate.「 …So this is…The capital, Terveil…」With a soft mumble, Lutia then tried to pass through the gate.When she did so, a single guard, presumably the gatekeeper, stopped her on her track.「Whoops there.You people, sorry to ruin your fun, but we gotta check your belongings before you can pass.The guard with nonchalant attitude was a soldier of the Wimburg Kingdom,Claude Schneizer.Looking at Claude’s nonchalant attitude towards Lutia, Zuroa was ready to give him a lesson, before he was stopped by Lutia’s hand.「 …It’s fine.What for?」Lutia’s 『What For?』 had the meaning of; 『We the Demon Army is going to visit this country, but that news hasn’t reached here?』「Hm? Ah, don’t get me wrong, but I hear some big fishes from the Demon race is coming.It gonna be ugly if something happened during their visit, so we escalated the guards around here.Or should I say, you guys are all Demon race people?」「 …Yes.We’re the supposed Demon Army.」「Hoo, I see I see…………EEEeeeEEEEeeeeeeh!?!?」It was simply the case of Claude didn’t recognize them.「Ah, err…My deepest apologies!Oi, someone!Send a message to His Majesty, the Demon Army is already here!」「Roger!」Claude bowed with great vigor, then gave a command to one of his peers.And then he apologized again with the heaviest of heart.「Err…I really have no excuse…」「…It matters not.Thanks to you, I can see just how high the people of this country are thinking about us.For all reasons, we should’ve given you our gratitude.」「Huh?」Claude couldn’t make any word as he was exposed to unexpected gratitude.In the midst of this development, a carriage that was sent to pick up Lutia and her folks arrived.Claude was still processing the event that just unfolded as he watched Lutia getting on the carriage, then snapped out and said his trademark with a smile.「Ah, I forgot——Welcome to Terveil!」「…Un. Thank you.」And that was how various groups with their various ideals gathered in Terveil, the capital of the Wimburg Kingdom.◆◇◆ Kaizer Empire, the Monarch’s room.The Emperor, Schelder Wohl Kaizer, sitting on his throne with one leg atop the other.In front of him was Helio Roban, the Empire’s Court Magician.Together, they were planning a scheme.「——Your majesty.Apparently, along with the assembly of the S class adventures, the Demon Army has reached Terveil.」「I see.」Listening to Helio’s info, Schelder broke into a grin.「Any update on our project?」「Sir.The units that are armed with Dungeon tools have been stationed.All we need is your command, and everything will be over.」「Kukuku…What about Zakir?」「He’s now being stationed in the Deol Kingdom.After which, he is to join the nearest team then go with them.」Upon hearing it, Schelder’s grin one deepened.「That’s good.That is for the best.«The Emperor’s Sword» shall obey my every command, like how it should be!Helio, now with the absemce of Zakir, who will be guarding me?」「——It is I, your Majesty.」Along with those words, a creepy man with black full-body suit that hid his face.His black hood covered everything but his sharp, sanpaku eyes.「Hou?So it’s you, Rautice.」「Sir…The ones to guard you during Zakir’s absence will be us, the Assassination corps.With us being here, no assassin from any other countries can even imagine going near you, Your Majesty.」 「Ha ha ha ha!I can be at ease knowing it’s your people guarding me!…Come to think of it, what’s the status of the «Twilight Assassin» that you sent to Wimburg?」Upon those words, the black-suit man named Rautice furrowed his brows.「 …That beast woman has failed her mission.In the end, a beastman is nothing more than a beast, they can’t even accomplish a simple mission.」「Is that so… that’s shameful to hear.I heard you were the one who taught her…」「I am…However, we have many of more talented individuals in the Assassination corp.The only demerit I suffered is the loss of time I trained her, and outside of that… a slave like she doesn’t hold much information about our empire.」「Hmph…Whatever.For now, I’ll leave it to you to guard me.」「By your will.」After he said so, Rautice once again melted into the darkness.「Now, our preparation has completed.Under the flag of this Empire——we shall conquer.」「——Your wish is our command.」——Just as dramatic movements were happening in the heart of the Wimburg Kingdom, The Kaizer Empire had also made their move.Chapter 109The Heroes vs SeiichiI——Hiiragi Seiichi, had been in uneventful days since the day I returned from the Netherworld.Even now, what I was seeing before me was the sight of Beatrice-san personally tutoring each student according to the papers she tailored for each individual, teaching the smart students and the not-so-bright ones, like Agnos, how to conquer the upcoming exam.Shame of me to say this, but I could do nothing if it came to honest studying, so all I could do was observe from the sideline.I’m sorry for my incompetence.By the way, my Parents’ group had departed for Terveil a while ago.I was thinking that they could just teleport there, since they had the Treasure Box who owned a Transfer Magic set with them, but apparently, they wanted to take their time and enjoy the scenery.Originally, in this world which was obviously different from our homeland Japan, a light travel wouldn’t be as much “light” as it sounded, with the dangers lurking in every corner.However, pride is still, pride.I mean, not only do they have a Hero and the First Demon King with them, they even got the Heroes’ mentor travelling with them, you know?Name one person who can possibly beat this group, if you can.In addition, it seemed like my parents were anticipating this travel with delight, they even said this before we parted.『Makoto-san!It’s been a while since we had a trip!Let’s do some Food Tourism!』『You’re right.Also, if we did get back to Earth, we’d have some hot topic to talk about from this world, don’t you think?』『Mou, let’s just enjoy the trip, okay?Ah, Seiichi.Do you have a camera with you?』I really couldn’t be more impressed by my parents who enjoyed their time in another world.No, really, they’re superb.Anyway, it was disheartening to be parted with them, be it for a short while or not.However, things had changed… now, I could meet them whenever I wanted to.It was normal and obvious, but it was more than anything.I wasn’t that worried about their trip, but I kept recalling my last conversation with Zeanos.『Seiichi-dono.Let me thank you once again.Thank you very much.』『…No, I should be the one who’s thanking here.Thank you.』『…Seiichi-dono.Well, I wouldn’t worry if it’s you, Seiichi-dono, but… let me give you a warning.——Be wary of the Kaizer Empire.』『Eh?』『It would be great if I was just being too overcautious, but…In case my deduction are correct, then I would say that the current Emperor of the Kaizer Empire is a dangerous man.』『What do you mean…?』『…As I have no evidence to support it, I can’t say much.However, please note what I said.』In the end, I wasn’t told anything substantial, but I gained the insight that the Kaizer Empire would be more of a hassle than I thought.While I was uncharacteristically thinking of hard things, I heard Agnos rising his voice.「How ‘bout this!?」「…Well, your score did get better from before, but why does the 『GUTS』 still appear in the answer sheets?」「That ‘coz everything’ll be good with 『Guts』in it!」「There’s no way that’s true!」Apparently, Agnos’ mock exam result was getting better than before, but he was like usual, trying to solve everything with 『guts.』Helen, looking at Agnos, held her head in agony.「You were taught this much, and yet why did you still answer everything with the word 『Guts』…Are you perhaps an idiot?Or am I the idiot one here, sparing my time for an idiot like you…?」 「Aint’ that way too harsh!?」「And it’s the fact, isn’t it?Or rather, Irene, are you okay not studying at all?」Agnos was dumbfounded, for he got completely side-casted so casually.Irene, who was inquired by Helen, then swept her hair gracefully then answered with a smile plastered on her face.「That much is obvious.For this perfect and unparalleled me, there is no blindspot in regard of academic strength.」「Any part you’re having hard time with?」「None of such thing.If you’re oh so persistent to know, maybe perhaps the fact that I find it hard to write a perfectly balanced handwriting?」「That’s not even a part of the study, is it…」Exposed to Irene’s overtly abnormal response, Helen once again held her head.「Ano~ Helen-chan~.What do you think about mine~?」「Nn? Let me see…Un, Rachel, you’re getting better each time you’re doing it.」「I am~?Yeaay~!」Looking at Rachel with her fluffy smile, Helen too broke into a wide smile.「Hey hey!What about me, what about me!?」Next to give her answer sheet was Flora, and after Helen took a look at it….「Yeah, normal.」「What do you mean normal!?It hurts, you know!?」「No, I’m just saying you’re normally getting better.It’s not like you’re exponentially getting better, you’re just normally growing.」「it’s weird…I should’ve been happy that my score is getting better, but being told as Normal doesn’t make me happy at all..!」Oh, Flora.Being normal is the best, you know.Why don’t you first experience a visit to the Guild Headquarter in Terveil!You’ll see how great it is to be normal!「I’m done!」Recalling the sight of those perverts in the Guild Headquarters, my eyes were looking into the long distance.It was when Saria suddenly raised her voice.What a thing, as it turned out, Saria had been studying too, using the exam sheet that was especially tailored for her.In regard of reading and writing, she was already good at it ever since she read Abel’s diary in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】.…It was a good thing Abel doesn’t know Saria and I have been reading his diary.「…You’re good, Saria-san.It’s all correct.」「Really!?Seiichi!Look, look~!」「Ou, aren’t you awesome!」After having Helen checked her answer, Saria showed me her paper with a smile that reached her ears.The aura of 『Praise me!』she exerted was felt in obvious manner, even if she didn’t say anything, so I patted her head with a smile on me.「Grrrr…!」Rurune was studying too, with the paper that was also especially tailored for her, but in contrast with Saria, she was glaring a hole into it.「I don’t understand…I don’t understand a bit… why is this thing making me choose which one is the 『Medicinal Herb』…!Aren’t they all the same once they get into your stomach!」「…Glutton, you stupid?」「Wha, what did you say!?」Hearing Rurune’s absurd remark, Olga-chan softly said something under her breath.No, she’s not wrong though.In addition, on Rurune’s paper, while the other was indeed a Medicine Herb, the other one was clearly a poisonous mushroom.There’s no way they’re anything similar.You eat that one and you’ll die on the spot.In the midst of these progressing study, there were students who really had no change in particular.「Blued, I assume you’re doing fine?」「Hmph…I’m not the same as a certain musclehead, after all.」「I can hear that, you shit!」「Nn? I’m just saying musclehead.Not a word of it is addressed to you, is it not?」「Ah, what, so I just misunderstood it~」「Well, it is you that I’m talking about.」「I’ll fucking kill you!」You two are chummy as usual, huh.Oi.Anyway, Blued didn’t need any additional tutoring, all he needed to do was keeping his score as high as it was.The same could be said for Bead.The only problem was, if I had to say, Leon.His answer sheet was filled with apologies like usual.Not only Beatrice-san and I, even Helen had gave up on his case and put her hands away.——I have no clue how other classes were faring, but our class was steadily advancing with the Exam in mind.◆◇◆ A certain day after several days of studying with Helen as our core student.When I was heading towards the classroom as usual, I noticed that the class was a lot more noisy than normal.「What’s happening?」「…There are more people, in the class.」「Nn? Now you said it…」Olga-chan pointed so after she stuck her neck out to the door.After I checked it with the skill 『World’s Eye』, I could tell there were a lot more people inside the classroom than the whole members of Class F.『Life Force』 sense that Zeanos taught me in Netherworld also showed the same result, that there were more people than usual.For now, we wouldn’t know what was happening until we entered, so I along with Olga stepped into the classroom.When I did so, I saw Agnos and other male students were acting as if protecting the girls, and they were facing a certain group of people.「And. I. Told.You…Don’t make me repeat myself.」「Huuh!? That’s my words you fucking shits!」「Ha? Oi cunts, who do you think you’re talking to?」The group of people they were facing was… to my surprise, the heroes from my school.Also, for some reason, the only ones present were the male heroes.「We’re the Heroes, you know?We’re here to save you lots from the Demon King.You sure are looking down at us, knowing who we are.」「See if I care, you shit-for-brains!Don’t ya think you can get away with anything, just coz your shitty Hero title!」「That would be you lot, don’t have any idea of your standings?You sure talk big for some small fries who cheated during the In-School Tournament.You think bastards like you have any chance against us Heroes?」I could tell this was one real stormy atmosphere, but I didn’t see any reason why this happened at all.Not even the reason what are these Heroes doing here.…Though I guess Kannazuki-senpai would come charging here without reason.In addition, it was unfortunate that both Beatrice-san and Al weren’t here, since they were taking the role of a teacher.Either way, I can’t believe they’re thinking our feat during the In-School Tournament as a cheat…Indeed, I had made them able to use magic, and that very act would fall in the gray zone.However, Agnos and his classmates didn’t even use Magic to begin with.It had nothing to do with my power.It was purely their strength.For now, I’d walk towards Agnos.「What’s with the fuss?」「A, Aniki!」「You…!」Walking right in between both side as to part them, Agnos’ face started to gleam while the Heroes’ frowned.Placing my gaze on the Heroes’ group, I could recognize Daiki, Kobayashi, Aoyama, and the lot who used to bully me back then.Really, what are they doing here?In the past, these faces would make me shrunk in fear, but after I went against them during Saria and the girls’ case, I only felt nothing.I guessed that Aoyama and his lot remembered me, their gaze had been nothing short of a glare.I paid no mind to these gazes and asked them.「This is the Class F’s classroom…What business do the Heroes have with us?」「————Nothing much, we only have one little request, you see?」The one to answer my question wasn’t one of the Kobayashi’s group, but someone behind the three.Looking carefully into him, I recognized him as one of the Idol Group back on Earth…Kisaragi Masaya senpai.I didn’t know him personally, but Kisaragi-senpai was the direct opposite of me, a great person who, truthfully speaking, had no shortcomings.Kisaragi-senpai had a neat smile sitting on his face, but for a reason or another, I could feel something wicked behind that smile.Whilst I was pondering so, still with the smile, Kisaragi-senpai continued.「Nothing much, we only asked these girls to be ours.」「…Huh?」As I couldn’t understand the meaning behind his words, an exclamation escaped my mouth.When it did, next to opened their mouth Tougou Rentou senpai and Ooyama Tsuyoshi senpai, the other members of the same Idol Group.「No, why do you look so surprised?We told you to hand these girls over to us.」「If you didn’t want be hurt, just obediently hand them to us, you hear?」For some reason, Ooyama-senpai punched his hand with a grin plastered on his face.And as if to be on the same page with him, Aoyama’s gang was grinning with dirty intention.Looking at these Heroes, Blued who was the second prince of the Kaizer Empire, the nation who summoned them, opened his mouth.「I have nothing to say that bastards like you lot are the heroes.But don’t you even dare to think that this kind of despotism will go away without notice.」The Heroes were told thus by Blued, but after a period of aligning their faces, the Heroes started to laughed their bowel.「HAHAHAHA!!You sure said something funny.You think I don’t know?You’re the Empire’s second prince, aren’t you?You’ve got a commoner’s blood running in you, don’t you!?」「Not only you’re a royal with mudblood, you’re just another dropout who has no power.」No, you guys are just commoners too, okay?At least, there were no royals or anything back when we were in High School, weren’t it?Even Kannazuki-senpai who was the princess of a huge conglomerate wasn’t a royal.Why are you mocking others, when you yourself is just another commoner?It’s too stupid I couldn’t even say anything.As I was being speechless listening to their bull, Kisaragi-senpai looked down at me then spoke.「Anyway, what I’m getting at is that you dropouts can be of use to us Heroes.You males will be our gopher, while the females will service us.…In particular, I’m interested in you.You have the honor of serving me.」「Eh? Me?」At the end of Kisaragi-senpai’s finger was Saria.「Indeed.For you lot who have no future, wouldn’t it be an honor to serve us Heroes?It was lucky that the girls in the Class F are pleasant to the eye, though that’s the only redeeming quality.We will give you lots of attention.」「No!」Saria immediately replied with a smile.Kisaragi-senpai’s smile was stiffen by it.「Listen…Do you think lowly dropouts like you have any voice in this?To top it, you’ll have the honor to serve this me, you know?And you’re——」「Nope!」「……」 For the second time in a row, Saria said so with a smile.Upon receiving it, Kisaragi-senpai’s smile started to crumble.「…Even though we’ve been trying to be humble…」Eh, you call that being humble!?THAT!?「I don’t get it…What makes you so persistent…」「It’s because I love Seiichi so much!」「Huh?」Hearing Saria’s words, the Heroes were showing questionable expressions.By the way, mine was red with blush.I mean, it’s embarrassing to hear.I thought they’d figure it was me since my name was mentioned, but it seemed like, to them, I wasn’t someone worth to be remembered.They didn’t notice it was the same Seiichi.For a moment, smile was absent from Kisaragi-senpai’s face, but it soon returned with a black intention behind it.「I see, I see…So you’re saying you like this Seiichi fellow?」「Un!」「That’s a shame.This bastard doesn’t have a chance against us, you know?Comparatively, we’re way better.Not only we’re heroes, we’re also Idols.」「What is Aydolls?」Kisaragi-senpai was trying to sell himself high, but Saria instead took interest in something else.Instead of Kisaragi-senpai whose smile started to twitch, Tougou-senpai spoke to Saria.「Idols are people like us.People who look good and are competent.And even among these idols, we’re standing on the top.」They sure said that in the face of Blued, who’s clearly above them on that front.In addition, top class they said?Back on Earth, that might be true.But having seen Blued and that Robert kid from Class S, one could clearly tell the difference in class.What is it again, their overflowing elegance?Of course, that included their look.Having received Tougou-senpai’s explanation, Saria smiled innocently as though she finally got it.「That means Seiichi’s the bestest best!」「………Huh?」Never to expect to get that response, the heroes were once again dumbfounded.No, well, me included.Not even heeding to this atmosphere, Saria’s smile was just as strong.「It’s because Seiichi is the coolest and the strongest!Isn’t that right, Seiichi!」「Ah, and you’re passing the hot ball to me now!?」I, who didn’t think will be having to bite the bullet now of all time, could only voice out my shock.When I did so, Kisaragi-senpai and his groups finally realized that the Seiichi Saria had been mentioning was indeed me, and their glare couldn’t be less of any dagger.「…So you’re Seiichi?」「Eh? Ah, yeah.」With his gaze rudely licking me all over, Kisaragi-senpai snorted.「Hah…What a dirty robe….Also, you must be so hideous that you bothered to hide your face.Hahahaha!」Following Kisaragi-senpai, the other heroes also started to laugh.…Cliff-sensei, the Class S’ teacher, also laughed when he looked at my equipment, but they sure do laugh at it.Even though it has such a broken stat.Is that what so funny?Since my 『Clairvoyance』 skill doesn’t show any response, it seems like nobody used 『Appraisal』 on it, but… why they don’t?Did they judge they have no need to?While my mind was wandering along those lines, I suddenly realized Saria’s hand was reaching my hood.「That’s not true!Seiichi is cool I tell you!」「Eh? Saria?」『……』 As it was completely an easygoing action of Saria, and due to the fact I had lower my guard, Saria swept my hood off my face.That moment, I could see their faces stiffen into stone.And that was, if not short of, a wonderful sight.Then, Kisaragi-senpai with his twitching smile and sweat that kept running voiced out his reason.「A, at least… n, not… not hideous… per se…?」「H, hmph…Hoo…」 「H, h-hhheeeh…H, hhheheheh he looks… a bit more proper… than expected, is all…」The ones who showed that reaction weren’t Kisaragi-senpai’s group only, but also Kobayashi’s.Feasting upon their riddled faces, Agnos started to speak out.「How is it!Isn’t my Aniki just the best!」「W, well?L, let’s put aside his looks…C, competence!Right, competence!!We as Heroes and Idols have our exceeding competence.Compared to us, what can he do?Huh!?」I understand what they mean by the Heroes’ competence, but Idols’?What are they supposed to be?Singing?Dancing?Again, I was lost in useless thoughts when Kisaragi-senpai’s words revitalized the others enough to open their mouth.「Th, that’s right!I bet you got nothing you can do!」「I bet you were cheating during the tournament back then!We’re way stronger than you are, both in magic and in swordplay!」「Hora!Get out of our face if you don’t want to get hurt!」Agnos and his peers were frowning when they were exposed to these unpleasant barks.However, what I really worry about was something completely diffrent.…No, really, how can you be feeling so domineer about it?They had the right to be proud of their Idols status.They might have put their effort behind it, or they might not, none of it I did understand.But, if you think about it again, so what if they become a Hero?Let’s put aside whether the Demon Lord is really a bad guy or not, or is it egoistic to be prideful for being chosen as the Heroes, isn’t it weird to be so domineering about it?Or am I the odd one?My neck was twisted as I was thinking so.Then, Saria, again, declared thus with still with her smile.「You got it wrong!Seiichi is stronger!」I was honestly happy when Saria said so, but same couldn’t be said for Kisaragi-senpai and his goons.Their faces were twisted for a moment, but soon turned into a dark, nasty grin.「…Come to think of it, you sure fucking looking down at us back then in the tournament.」「Looking down?」「Oh, you don’t know?We’re the only ones who are allowed to be strong.And yet… you…!」Eeeeh~?They sure got off with the most ridiculous reason.「…Well, fine…If you’re saying that your strength is above ours… why don’t we see that now!?」 「!! Aniki, watch out!」Suddenly, Kisaragi-senpai emerged flame from both of his hands then launched them at me.Agnos was fast enough to react to it, but I was just stood silent and watched it enveloped.A moment after, those flame magic were halted in front of me, and just hung there on the air.「Huh?Wh, what happened?Go, fucking burn him into ashes!」Kisaragi-senpai was desperately trying to take command over his magic, but these fireballs were floating unperturbed..Kisaragi-senpai who was clearly vexed by this phenomenon leashed his frustration on his associates.「Oi, you lot!Use your damn magic!」「Eh? Ri, right.『Wind Cutter!』!」「『Fire Lance』!」These magic spells kept coming my way.However, every last of them was no better than the first, they just stopped in the air and wouldn’t move any further.「T, THE FUCK’S GOING ON!?!?」Kisaragi-senpai couldn’t be any further shocked to see that their magic just stopped.In the meanwhile, his magic spells called out to me.『Masutah!What should we do about these guys?Should we kill ‘em?』『We’re born ready!』『Tell us what to do, Masutah!』These magic spells just casually betrayed their own creators and said that to me.I just laughed bitterly when I heard it, then spoke to them kindly.「It’s okay, you don’t need to attack them.I’m sure you guys have enough capability to do so, but there’s a possibility that the classroom would receive unwanted collateral damage.Instead, I want you to vanish as naturally as you can.Can I ask you that?」『If that’s what Masutah so wished, then we have no other things to say.But… is it really okay?』「Yeah.Thanks for the consideration.I’ll depend on you guys next time.」After I said so, the Magic Spells became elated and cheered 『Yaaay!Masutah praised me!』 before they vanished from the spot.Kisaragi-senpai and his goons who were oblivious of this conversation were, again, surprised by the development.「W, WHY THE FUCK OUR MAGIC JUST GONE!?!?」「Umm…Is that all?We’re about to start our study session here, so…」For a moment, pure bewilderment was showing itself on their faces, but it soon turned into spears and lances of glares.「Freaking getting cocky on us…WOY!! JUST SHOWER HIM WITH MAGIC!!」『OU!』With Kisaragi-senpai’s cue, the other heroes once again send magic spells to me in a large amount.However, as though my words were collectively captured by these magic spells, each and every of them vanished before they made contact with me.Since I sensed would take a while, I called out to Helen.「Helen.」「Wh, what?」「I’ll do something about them, you can start the study session with everyone else.」「Under these circumstances!?Just how absurd are you!?」Am I?But, I don’t want to waste any more time…Well, let’s not dwell on the details.Helen, despite her retort, brought the other students to their respective desk and started the study session.Un, that’s for the best.In the midst of it, Saria called out to me.「Seiichi, okay?」「I’m okay.Saria, why don’t you go and study with everyone else?」「Un! Thanks!Seiichi too, do your best!」I patted Saria’s head before she returned to where the others were, then started studying.Kisaragi-senpai, who watched this carefree conversation, had his face became red itself and barked.「D…DON’T FUCK WITH MEEEE!!!YOU THINK YOU CAN IGNORE ME…!?FUCK!FUCK!FUCKFUCKFFUUUUUUCCKK!!WHY THE FUCK IT WON’T FUCKING HIIIITTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?」It’s because I personally asked your very own magic.It mattered not how hard he shouted, his magic just would vanish before they deal any real damage.Despite the fact that his magic would always vanish no matter what, Kisaragi-senpai’s eyes still gleamed and he began to use another type of magic.「Fine… why don’t I show you the symbol of our Hero title, 『Holy Attribute Magic』….!」「Ah, you better stop…」「HAHAHAHA!!IT’S TOO LATE NOW!!FUCKING DIE!!『HOLY LANCE』!!」The spear of light spell that was different from its cousin 『Light Attributed Magic』, in the fact that it packed Divine aura in it, emerged from Kisaragi-senpai’s palm and made its way it’s me.However, in the end, it wasn’t that much different from the previous spells, as this 『Holy Attributed Magic』 vanished without trace too.「whywhyWHYWHYWHHY!!?T, the symbol my Hero title, 『Holy Attributed Magic』 just vanished….!?」He must have so much confidence in that 『Holy Attributed Magic』 of his, but since I personally asked his very magic, whatever kind of spell that is will end the same.In addition——.『【Holy Attributed Magic: Intermediate】 have been acquired.Taking into account of Seiichi-sama’s latent capacity, 【Holy Attributed Magic: Intermediate】 have been changed into 【Holy Attributed Magic: Extreme】.』That’s why I told him to stop!Look!Now you made my body triggered its function!See that!? It was 『Intermediate』 before, and yet this thing just went and changed it into 『Extreme』!Why would I be able to use Holy Attributed Magic even better than the Heroes!?What’s the use of that!?When I was retorting to the Announcement in my head, Kisaragi-senpai’s group was starting to figure that Magic had no effect on me, and each of them pulled a sword out of thin air.Those swords had the design like those 『Holy Swords』 from the old RPG games, and every members of the present Heroes had one.「If Magic won’t do, then Sword it is.This is the very weapon that only us Heroes may wield, the one of its kind… the 『Holy Sword』!」Arbitrarily, I used the skill 『Advanced Appraisal』 on these 『Holy Swords』.『Holy Sword』 …A Divine Sword whereas only the Hero can wield.It deals high damage against demonkind.…I think.So it really was just 『Holy Sword』.In addition, they didn’t particularly have any special power.Eh, did you say being able to use this is the proof that you’re a Hero?Are you kidding me!?Even from the result of the appraisal, it wasn’t just 『Deals high damage against demonkind』, but even that was being questioned!It has no effect then!!I was quite taken aback by this joke of an effect, but I assumed that to their eyes, I looked like to be taken aback by the very appearance of these 『Holy Swords』.「Fufufu…This sword’s original role is to kill Demonkins, you see.By that, I mean that this is the weapon that deals high damage against demons.With this, even the Demon King will be killed in an instant.」No, I think that’s simply impossible.「Now, it feels wasteful to use this weapon against a small fry like you, but…You’ve made fool out of us.That sin can only be paid with your death.」「Eeeh…」They’re attempting to kill a human so casually… are they fine on the head?Well, to me who’ve killed various monsters, I might have no right to say that about others.「Then…Go fucking die already!」The first to attack was Ooyama-senpai.He was as rough as he looked, and his swordplay had no technique whatsoever to support it.My measure against it was simple——.「Nn」I just avoided it without hurry.「Kuh!…So you can avoid my attack… not bad, to say at least.」Ooyama-senpai was saying so with a composed face.Etto… yeah.One thing I understand is that they won’t hold a candle against the Demon King with this much strength.However, my thoughts weren’t invisible to these people, so they were able to say whatever they wanted.「Oi oi, Gou~.You’re making him look pitiful.C’mon, show the real thing already.」「He’s right, just get one in!」「Ou, you’re right!」Ooyama-senpai looked at me with a grin.「You hear ‘em, so we’re done checking the water.Unfortunate for you, isn’t it?」「Haah.」「Bastard… that attitude fucking got on my nerves…!」With veins popped on his forehead, Ooyama-senpai came attacking me once again.It was his serious, like how they told him to, but…I couldn’t tell what was so different from the previous one.The result was, I normally evaded his attack.Ah, the floor could get scratched, let’s layer it with protective magic.「Wha!? My serious attack got evaded!?」「Yo, you’re kidding right?」「Gou!I told you to go serious!」「Kuh!GrrRRRrrraaaAAAaah!!!」Perhaps they genuinely believe I couldn’t evade his attack, after a short while of disturb, they had him swing his holy sword on me again and again.However, I just normally avoided them.Aah… the wall could get scratched too….let’s use Wind magic to slightly avert his sword point.Utilizing magic in the amount where these Heroes wouldn’t notice, I kept my evade play whilst keeping the classroom from any scratch.「Fuck!Why won’t it hit!?」「! Rentou, we’re joining.」「Y, yeah.You guys too!」『Y, yes!』The other heroes who had snapped out and joined in swinging their Holy Swords against me.But, it made no difference for me, as all I did were avoiding and keeping the classroom from receiving any damage.「What’s wrong!?You’ve been only evading!」Tougou-senpai said so to reel me in, but I paid no mind to it and did what I did.Despite knowing it held no meaning to me, they also slipped in magic attacks among their sword play.Some of these attacks went towards Saria and the other students, so I carefully averted them away.In the end, I was their only opponent.This lasted for 20 minutes, after which, they started to dull out along with their shortened breaths.「Haa… haa… wh, wha…‘s…. happe…」「haa haa haa haa… m… monster…」 「haa… haa…I, can’t….」「Err… will you guys be fine?」No, I mean it.While I do worry their physical stamina, what I’m really concerned about is that they’re going to face the Demon King with that kind of stamina.Yeah.If the supposed to revive Demon King is on the same level as Lucius-san, then all I see is instant massacre for them.When he heard my words, Kisaragi-senpai’s glare once again exposed to me, and with his breath still in disarray, he said so.「Haa… haa…Re… remember this… you bastards…! W. we’ll let it slide this time…Y, you’ll get… one back…!」No, they’re just tired of me evading.Terrible.As I thought so, they went away with a wobbly gaze while staring at me until the end. ……。 「Really, what was their business?」「Isn’t it you who’s far too abnormal!?」Helen’s retort was in a moment’s notice.For now, since the source of trouble had gone, I’d like to get into the study session.However, it was then when they came.「Seiichi-kun, did you get hurt!?」「Seichan, are you okay!?」「「Nn?」」The next guests this classroom saw was Kannazuki-senpai and… the girl I call 『Airin』, Seto Airi.Chapter 110Saria’s Feelings and the End Line of the Heroes「I rushed here when I heard Kisaragi and his goons were heading to this class, but…」「I got here ‘cuz Yuka and the girls pushed me here to meet Sei-chan, but…」 「What are you doing here?」「What’cha doin’ here, prez?」「No, I should be the one asking that here!」Class F’s sudden guests, Kannazuki-senpai and Airin, were pointing at each other.Meeting yet another new character even though Kisaragi-senpai and his group just left a while ago made the students wide-eyed, but it seemed like they chose to stay silent and watch from the sidelines.For the time being, let us sort out the situation.First, I could understand Kannazuki-senpai.It was very thankful, but I knew just how much Kannazuki-senpai cared for me, so I could see how she would take action when she heard about Kisaragi-senpai’s conduct.But, what I couldn’t understand was why Airin here.In the first place, I hadn’t seen Airin since the day we enrolled into High School.No, I know she’s been looking for me since Junior High, but I’ve been avoiding her since.She had finally made a friend and escaped from the loner world, if she was seen with someone like me, everything would have been for nothing.In the end, I tried to find the reason, but…「Oi oi, what’s happening?」「Why’s the student council’s president here?」「…Beats me?It just, somehow feels like a cat fight’s gonna happen…」Since I heard voices from behind Airin’s back, I changed my line of sight over there.What I saw was a group of three girls whispering with each other, that I assumed were her friends.「What’s the meaning of this!?Seiichi-kun!Why is Seto Airi——」「Sei-chan, I demand an explanation!Why’z the prez——」For some reason, their gazes that had been in clash with each other were suddenly turned against me, and when they did so, I could see their expression turned into much like Kisaragi-senpai’s a while ago.「Eh? Ah, err….What might be the problem?」『……』 My question that for some reason turned into a formal language was faced with silence.Then, when Airin’s friend saw her suddenly stiffened, they came out from their hiding and voiced their worry.「Oi, what’s wrong?Wait——」「Something happened?…Huh?」「……………Is he really the rumored 『Sei-chan』?」 Her friends, too, had their expression stiffened when they laid their eyes on me.Really, what is it!?Explanation, puriizu!!When my head was filled with such thought, Airin who finally snapped out came near me.「Ain’t cha way too cool, Sei-chan!?What kinda diet ya went through!?」「Eh? …F, fruit of evolution diet…?」「The heck’s that!?Rather, ain’t cha changed way more than I did!?」Come to think of it, Airin was just a plain normal girl back then, wasn’t she.And that girl is now such a pretty and popular woman.But it seems like my transformation was that much of a surprise, comparatively.Well, I did get thinner, and I’ve gotten taller, and I’m no longer balding, but still,「Is it that much of a change?Isn’t it just my face getting thinner?」「Just where face did that come out from!?Have ya properly looked into a mirror!?」「Well, I have.」Eh? I’m the weird one?Certainly, there had been a number of times I had the chance to check on my own face since I left 【The Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】.These would be when I used the reflection of my face on the water surface.But, if you asked my opinion, it wasn’t that much of a change.Just like losing some pimples, is all.When my head went toward that direction, Airin pulled me back to the moment with her tired voice.「Sei-chan… just how low could your self-esteem be…Rather, I doubt ya can get so cool by getting thinner alone…」「Eh? Did you just casually diss me?」While Airin and I were going back and forth, one of her friends voiced her opinion.「…It’s just my opinion, but is it possible that his usual profile was too harsh to look at that his judgement over his current face is clouded?Though, that in itself is sad to think about.」「Does that kind of thing even happen?…Wait, with Sei-chan in question, it’s a real possibility.」I don’t understand what happened, but it seemed Airin got the explanation she wanted.It was hard to notice with the circumstance at hand, but it came to me that I hadn’t talked to Airin since junior high.When I realized this fact, sentimental feelings washed over me.「…It’s maybe too late to say, but it’s been a while since we talked like this, isn’t it…」「…Really …Sei-chan’s sure is selfish, avoiding me on his own…」「That’s…I’m sorry.」There was no denying that I did avoid her, and all I could do was to apologize.Airin was looking at this pathetic me with the most serious expression I’d seen.After a while, her face broke down into a warm, gentle smile, then said so.「…Well, all’s fine.I got to meet with Sei-chan again, after all.」「…Thanks.」The ambiance between us was awkward due to the reunion, but Airin’s atmosphere suddenly took a 180 degree turn.「 …By the way, Sei-chan.What’s the meaning of this?」「Meaning of what?」「Playing dumb don’t work on me.Sei-chan, you got a special relationship with the prez, don’t cha?Tell me how it become like that!」「Even if you say special… we’re just childhood friends, you know?」「Naaaw!That not it, no matter how you slice it!My intuition is telling me something’s happening!Just spit everything out!」「What can I spit, that’s all there is to it…」As Airin was rampaging mad bull, her attack was finally directed onto Kannazuki-senpai.「You too, prez!You said you didn’t know anything about Sei-chan!You liar!」「……」 「Hello, you hear me?」Even when Airin had been calling out to her, Kannazuki-senpai was unresponsive.Come to think of it, Kannazuki-senpai has been silent for a while… what’s wrong with her?When I leaned my face on her to check her state, she suddenly opened her mouth and asked so with dignity.「Let’s get married.」「The hell are you talking about!?」Just what’s going on in her head!?Rather, where did the talk about weddings come from!?Isn’t she way outside the topic!?Both Airin and I were surprised, but even in the midst of it, Kannazuki-senpai continued her talk, still in the same state as before.「I had the resolve to control myself, but now that I see you, my thoughts have changed.What should we do about the reception?」「You only changed the words, not the context!」The retort that jumped out from my mouth, followed by Airin who also couldn’t contain her disagreement.「Wh, whawhawhat are you talking, prez!Do you have a loose screw in your head!?」「Y, you’re right!Tell her more!」「I’m the one who gets to wed Sei-chan!」「You’re the one who’s saying nonsense!」It wasn’t just Kannazuki-senpai who had a screw loose.「I, I can’t help it, can I!I already loved you in the first place, and when we met again, you got so cool!」「Hah?Love, you said…EEEeeeeeehhhh!?!??」「I, too, have been in love with Seiichi-kun since long ago.I can’t hold myself back anymore.」「Wwhaaaaaaaaa!?」Airin loves me!?Not only that, Kannazuki-senpai too!?!?Crap, too much information is flowing into my brain I can’t keep up with what’s what…!「Sei-chan, make your choice!You’re going to wed me, aren’t cha!?」「No, it’s me.You’re going to choose me, aren’t you!?Else, I’ll kill you then myself right after!」「What’s with this risky option…!?」It’s weird, it’s weird on so many levels…!Just what has happened to my body!?I, who was cornered onto the walls, was in literal trouble.And then, suddenly, I found my right arm coiled with someone else’s.「Y…You can’t!Seiichi’s bride——is me!」——That was, Saria.Kannazuki-senpai and Airin were shocked by her sudden arrival.It wasn’t just them, I too, was surprised.All this time, when I dated Al, Saria never showed an ounce of anger nor jealousy——And it was the first time I was exposed to that emotion from her.She was holding my right arm tightly and stared into Kannazuki-senpai and Airin with eyes of angst, but not ones that had lost their reason.As we were lost in confusion, Saria finally came to her senses and questioned her own action, just as bewildered.「E, eh?Why did I say…」「Saria?」When I tried to get her attention, bewildered still, she looked to my eyes.「Seiichi…I’m, weird.When I heard Kannazuki and the other girl say they wanted to marry Seiichi, I… somehow, I felt really displeased…」「……」 「Even though I never felt something like this before…What should I do…?」Saria anxiously asked.Looking at her like that, I——.「…Saria.Will you forgive me?」「Eh?」When I told her so, Saria’s expression changed into a befuddled one.Watching the diverse in her expressions made me laugh bitterly, before I faced the other girls again.「Kannazuki-senpai, Airin, I am truly happy that you feel that way to me, but I already have Saria.I’m terribly sorry.」My head was bowed low before the two.…Indeed, I also had another lover, namely Al, but our relationship was already approved by Saria.But, it seems like the three of us need to sit down and properly talk it out….With my head still lowered, first to be heard from was Kannazuki-senpai.「Seiichi-kun…I understand your feelings.However, don’t expect me to just back down and shut my own feelings.」「I’m the same.Just when I get to meet ya and tell ya my feelings, and ya told me to get it over with…I hate it.」「……」 Toward such a pathetic me who could do nothing but bow, Kannazuki-senpai declared so.「That is why, all I ask is to be your first concubine!」「………Hah?」「A, you cheat!I get to be the first concubine!」Following Kannazuki-senpai’s sudden declaration, Airin also raised her hand.「Hm? What is there to be surprised about?Polygamy is a common practice in this world, isn’t it?So, if you choose Saria as your first, then…」「N, nonono!Just hold your freaking horses!We’re not talking about that, are we!?Are we!? Saria!?」「I’m the first wife right?Then it’s okay!」「Oh dear me, I got the okay!」Just what in the what!?Is this a problem that can really be solved as simply as that!?As my head met dead ends after dead ends, oblivious to it, Saria spoke with glee.「Of course I really love Seiichi and I want to marry Seiichi, but as I said before, I’m not thinking of monopolizing Seiichi to myself.」「Well that’s——」「And also, the two of them have known Seiichi long before I do, and they have been thinking about Seiichi all this time, right?I think it’s wrong to tell them to give Seiichi to me who suddenly showed up.」「…That… might or might not be correct but…」With my mouth threw out words I didn’t really process, Saria just smiled wide and uttered.「It’s okay!I’ll just do my best to stay to be your first!Okay?」「――――」 Really, I just can’t win against Saria.Thinking of Saria from the bottom of my heart, the person in question watched over Kannazuki-senpai and Airin who were still competing over the second position or whatever it was.「But since there’s Al, isn’t the second position is already taken?」「Ha ha ha…」I only could laugh dryly.Then, from among the students who’d been the sideline watcher, I heard Flora mumbled with a stiff smile.「This may sound late and repeated over and over again, but….Just what are you, Seiichi-sensei?」That’s what I want to know!◆◇◆ 「Fucking shit!I’ll fucking get him back…!」「Fucking made a fool of us…」「Aah… fucking disgusting.」Kisaragi’s group was crowding the corridor with profanities after their little visit to Class F and being dealt with by Seiichi.The other students were fast on their feet to leave as they noticed this particular group of Heroes who bothered not to hide their displeasure.Then Kisaragi, who was leading the group, voiced his suggestion to the other heroes.「That’s right… why don’t we level up a bit right now?」「Ahn?Why so sudden?」Ooyama was confused with his sudden proposal, but the answer he expected came with a dark overbreeding smile.「We’re gonna level up to kick that bastard Seiichi in the balls.We’re the Heroes, no one else.Our status go up way faster than the others, am I right or what?If so, let’s just level up and teach that guy who’s the boss.」「You say that, but… what level is he?」「Beats me.Who fucking cares about that.We’ll be able to snap that guy in half once we level up.That’s all we need to care about.」With his grin that never left its post, Kisaragi planned their next action.「For now, we need to recover our MP enough to level up.」Having said that, they strode toward a certain classroom.——They were still oblivious.The things that would occur to them, they hadn’t the slightest idea…In the middle of their cruise to said classroom, as they were climbing the flight of stairs——it happened.「Eh——?」For no reason at all, Kisaragi found himself missing one step on the staircase.As the lead stumbled and fell, like the domino effect, the other heroes behind him just fell through the whole staircase.「AAuuugghhh!」「T, that huuuurt!」「M, Masaya!Look where you’re stepping!」「Y, you think I did it on purpose!…Hm?」With all of them practically stuck on the floor, Kisaragi noticed something on the stairs, which he believed was the reason for the slip.After everyone managed to pull themselves up the stairs, carefully this time, what they found was a dripping wet wallet.「Shit!Which fucker dropped his wallet here…!No matter who, I ain’t letting anyone go away!」Kisaragi slammed the wallet back on the floor with rage.After Tougou and the other guys calmed him down, they reached out to the classroom they aimed, then throw the door open.「Hey, bring out the mana recovery potion!」「Eh!?」「Who do you think we are!?Heroes, you know!Fucking bring it out already!」「Y. yeeeesh!」The classroom they went into was a laboratory where pharmaceutical classes were held, and there were many medicines and similar raw materials stored within.Even though the students in the pharmacy lab were doing their best on their experiments, Kisaragi paid no mind to any of it, he just grabbed the nearest student and yelled his order.As the heroes’ ill reputation was circulating around the whole campus, the students in the pharmacy lab could only obediently obey.While indeed they were studying there, it was not like they knew every kind of concoction the lab stored.But, the student knew pleading that would only add insult to injury, so he was desperate to look for what was told.「P, perhaps… this one…?」「How long do you want to make us wait!?Here, give it to me!」Kisaragi, who was already fuming, took the concoction that the student held, and drank as much as he wanted, before giving the rest to the other heroes.Tougou, Ooyama, and the others did pretty much the same until the bottle was dry.「Phew… that’ll fill some.」「Th, that’s troubling!If you drank all of it…!」「What?Who do you think you’re speaking to?」「Uu…」Being exposed to the heroes’ gazes all at once, the student held his breath unwittingly.Looking at his state, Kisaragi snorted.「Hmph…. you small fries have no right whatsoever.All you have to do is just stay silent and follow whatever we say.…We no longer have any business here, let’s scram.」Done kicking a fuss, Kisaragi pulled his group out and went away.——But, they hadn’t noticed it.The concoction they drank was nothing close to Mana Recovery Potion.If only one among them bothered to use 『Appraisal』 on it, the future might have changed.After all, this is what would appear if they had used 『Appraisal』 on it.『Anaphrodisiac』 …….A concoction made for creature with high fertility, i.e. orcs and goblins.A super potent drug; one sip will result in complete failure of the genitals.Subject will be rendered incapable of sexual activity regardless of how aroused they are.Without them knowing, they had completely lost their function as a male.Still oblivious of that, Kisaragi and his goon who believed they had recovered their mana stepped their feet on the forest just outside the academy.「I heard that this is the best place to level up for students.For the time being, let’s just go wild.」『Ou!』They delved into the woods to get some levels, yet they could find nothing.They were oblivious of the fact that it was the same woods where Demiolos did his massacre upon the monsters.Therefore, the students were prohibited to enter the woods as the ecosystem and the food chain were greatly disrupted.However, Kisaragi’s group was oblivious of this warning as they stepped in.Some time had passed, and the heroes were clearly unpleasant at the current state of affairs.「Why the fuck they ain’t appearing!?」Kisaragi who finally reached his boiling point, blew up.「Where’s the slime?The fucking goblins!?Why ain’t even one show up!?Ain’t they just small fries…!」「You’re right…Isn’t it weird that we can’t even see a shadow?」「This is what I’d call a useless school.」As they were having such back-and-forth during their search, suddenly, the sound of trees breaking was heard.「Hmm?What’s that?」As they turn their attention toward the source of the sound, 『It』 showed itself.「GRRrrrr…!」「T, that’s a…!」What appeared before them was a bear monster that originally would never show up in the vicinity of the academy.「Finally one shows up…To top it, it’s one that’s good enough to level up, ain’t it.」They were stunned for a moment when they realized it was a bear monster, but a ferocious smile started to show up when they realized it was their long-awaited prey.And then, Kisaragi put his hand toward the bear.「Well, why don’t we kill it fast and look for the next one?『Fire Lance』!」Kisaragi had casted the spell, and yet there was no indication that the spell would materialize.「H, huh?」「Stop kidding around…Here, I’ll do it instead.『Wind Shot』!」 As for Kisaragi had failed his spell, next was Tougou to use his own magic, but the result was just as similar.「Hah?W, why…」「GRROOOAAARRR!!」『Eek!?』As they were in total confusion just because their magic failed to work, the monster that was on alert till then roared.Kisaragi and everyone there was oblivious of this, but a monster’s roar packed magic to cause panic, and that was just what befell them.「WAAAAAHH!!」「D, don’t be a coward!」「Y, you guys use your magic too!Do it!」「G, got it!『Fire Lance』!」「『Wind Cutter』!」「『Water Shot』!」The other heroes, Kobayashi and his crooks, followed Kisaragi’s command and chanted their spell, and yet no magic formed.「Wh… why it won’t come out!?」The reason why their magic wouldn’t form was simple.They never drank any magic restoration potion in the first place.Since what they feasted upon was a concoction called 『Anaphrodisiac』, not even a single drop of mana was recovered.That being said, it didn’t mean that they were completely out of magic.However, for Kisaragi and his goons that neglected their fundamental magic practices, they were incapable of deploying spells with the tiniest amount of mana, as it would require detailed techniques to accomplish.Kisaragi and his group were thrown into a frenzy just because they were incapable of deploying magic, the fact that there was a bear monster that inched closer by the second was completely outside their mind.With his hips ready to give in, Kisaragi suddenly cried out as though he just remembered something.「R, right!You lot, use the 『Holy Sword』!」「I see!Monsters are just like demons, aren’t they!」「Eat this you shit!」Each of them pulled out their sword and blindly swing it around, with no arts or technique to support it.It was then when all of them were knocked away at once.「Gahak!」The monster simply swept his arm sideways.That was all what needed to blow the heroes away without them recognizing what kind of attack it was.If only they kept their cool and acted accordingly, such an attack wouldn’t have been received.However, with them under the influence of the monster’s roar and losing their temper over their magic, that scenario was just a pie in the sky.Every last one of them slammed into the surrounding trees with great momentum, the unfortunate ones were directly exposed to the monster’s devilish claws and had their arms severed.「It hurts it hurts it hurts IT FUCKING HUUUUURRRTTTSS!!!!!」「Ow…… augh……」「Haak…Ghh…」「Ugh…Oegh…Groaaaan!!」Was it due to luck that no lives were taken, but there was no mistake that they were already a step into their graves with just a single attack.But the hardest blow would be the sight they had to behold right after.「Eh——」Much to their surprise, their prided 『Holy Swords』——snapped in half.「N, no way…」「T, tell me this is a joke.Hey…」The broken 『Holy Swords』 were reduced into particles of light, then disappeared into thin air.They were still in shock to see their 『Holy Swords』 became scrap, that they didn’t recognize the big change that was happening to their status.Along with the loss of 『Holy Sword』——they also lost the qualification as a 『Hero』.As a matter of principle, a 『Holy Sword』 wasn’t such a brittle artifact.On the contrary, in the account of it did break, its wielder wouldn’t lose their qualification to be a hero, as the sword would be restored once they resummon it.However…Kisaragi and his goons lost their qualification.That meant they could no longer summon the 『Holy Sword』 to their cause.And the 『Holy Swords』 weren’t the only thing they had lost.As they lost their status as a hero, they also lost their 『Holy Attribute Magic』, and their growth rate reduced to that of an ordinary person… nay, as they were a resident of a peaceful world, their growth rate was as low as it could be, to the extent that even a child from this world could single handedly defeat them.However, the only thing they had in mind was that they just lost their 『Holy Sword』, completely unaware how much worse things actually were for them.And in front of them was a bear monster who cared not of how they fared, swinging its devilish claws down unto them.「U, UWAAAAAAHHHH!!!」Kisaragi dragged his body around with the last of his breath, trying his damndest to avoid direct hit.However——.「M, MY FACEEE!MA, MAI……MAII FAAACEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!」Kisaragi who couldn’t evade in time received a large slash across his face.The injury was so large, his prized idol face was nowhere to be seen.The monster then pursued other heroes who still were having a hard time accepting their reality.Tearing, striking, stomping——.With these ex-heroes reduced to lower-than-commoners, they became nothing but fishes in a barrel.Each last of them had their faces contorted, destroyed, changed for the worse, until none of them could even call themselves Idols as they had boasted just a while ago.However, lady luck was still watching them over.Why, for people who were weaker than even a level 1 commoner, the monster could only see them as playthings that had no need to be killed.However, the monster couldn’t forever play with their lives.The bear monster who had grown tired of its toys opened its maws, ready to feast on its Kisaragi-shaped lunch——when that happened.「And here I thought I’ve told everyone that it’s prohibited to enter here.」A single strike flashed.Swayed between his consciousness and pitch blackness, Kisaragi saw the moment when the monster’s neck fell with a plop.「Now that’s some gruesome injuries…I can save your lives, but can’t say the same for these nasty scars.You reap what you sow.」So Altoriasaid as she entered the forest’s clearing, for she was here to investigate the woods.She was requested by Barnabas to check upon the forest, since Demiolos’ deed had made the power balance within it go awry.Altoria frowned when she was exposed to these students’ injuries.Why of course, what seeped out of their bodies was not only blood and sweat, but all kinds of bodily fluids.Having a dance with death made them lose control of their bladder.All of those mixed around and resulted in a pungent, horrific smell.「I’ll give y’all the recovery potions I got on hand, but do know that it can’t restore the blood you lost or completely relieve all the pain.Other teachers are on their way here, so hold on till then.」It was just as she said, the other teachers briskly arrived for rescue.They managed to relieve Kisaragi and the others’ of their pain, but they were too late to tend to the injuries.By now, Kisaragi and his goons no longer had a future as an idol.They felt relief wash over them for now, but the road ahead was nothing short of distraught.However, just how did they stumble upon disaster after disaster in such a world where even the gods had left behind?——It was because this very World was trying to please a single 『Human』.


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