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The Best Super Robot Crossover Game You’ve never heard of

This exists, this is real. This is the Ps2 game Sunrise World War!

Its Cowboy Bebop crossed with Gundam and countless other series, and you know what the hell of it is? This isn’t the first time this has happened! This is the fourth game in a five part series and Spike’s been in the previous two games!

Here’s the full mindboggling roster of the game. Keep in mind only half of these are mech shows.

• Strongest robodaioja
• Armor Hunter mellowlink
• Panzer world galient
• Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY
• Mobile Suit Gundam ΖΖ
• Gundam char’s counter attack
• Hathaway’s Flash
• Mobile suit victory Gundam
• Shin kidou senki Gundam W Endless Waltz
• Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
• The brave of Sun fighbard
• The brave Express might Gaine
• Dendoh
• Scryed
• Zeta Gundam
• Mobile Fighter G Gundam
• Genki bakuhatsu ganbaruger
• Mashin hero Wataru
• Vision of Escaflowne
• Brain powerd
• THE Big-o
• Cowboy Bebop
• New century GPX Cyber formula
• Zettai muteki Raijin
• Mama is a 4th grader (seriously)
• Brave command dagwon
• Gaogaigar FINAL
• Ronin warriors
• Beast senshi gulkeeva
• Armored BUSOU G-breaker
• Aoki ryusei SPT layzner
• Shin kidou senki Gundam W
• Panzer world galient
• Metal armor dragonar
• Mobile Suit Gundam
• Ginga hyōryū vifam
• Giant Gorg
• Dunbine
• New Story of Aura Battler DUNBINE
• Heavy metal l-Gaim
• Combat mechazabngle
• Armored Trooper Votoms
• Fang of the Sun dougram
• The King of Braves gaogaigar

In case you’re wondering, yes this is an incredibly obscure series, even more obscure then Another Century or Super Robot Wars. TV Tropes doesn’t have an entry on this, hell most of my information comes from Google translated Japanese Wikipedia (so I may be missing or mistranslating a couple things)

This series is commonly known as Sunrise Eiyuttan or Sunrise Heroes. The series list goes in this order.
Sunrise Eiyuutan- Sunrise Eiyuutan R- Sunrise Eiyuutan 2- Sunrise World War- Sunrise Eiyuutan 3

Oh and you’d better believe all of these are untranslated, with mountains of dialogue, but this series more than any other is filled to the brim with fanservice. From the gratuitous amount of voice acting, hand drawn stills and CGI attacks I’m kind of amazed this has fallen under the radar for so long.

Video transcription:


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