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Terra blade got changes in Terraria 1.4.1; is it better than influx waver?

The Terra blade in Terraria: One of the legendary weapon, only the master of Terraria can wield this sword… and then there’s influx waver. it’s influxing. and waving. and that is a weapon. Who’s gonna win?… it was influx waver, but did it change in Terraria 1.4.1? And how?

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in Terraria, there’s never ending story of Terra Blade VS Influx waver. in 1.3, Influx waver did almost everything, with sheer damage. However, in 1.4.1, Terra blade’s damage got buffed by 20 damage, and now it is actually 5 damage stronger than martian sword. How would that turn the table, and what are the other differences?

…there should’ve more professional testing, but I mean, I am not scientist, so whatever, take this video as “just another video of terra blade vs influx waver”… I am not sure why they haven’t done video about this one yet, but here we go.

well, no minecraft today.

used music:
-Terraria town night
-Eyes of glory
-Terraria calamity: Infestion
-Terraria calamity: murderswarm
-Terraria claamity: toxic wisdom
-Terraria calamity: Feral amalgamation

Video transcription:


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