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SWAT 3: Tactical GOTY Edition & BlueLight Mod Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews SWAT 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition and the BlueLight mod. SWAT 3 is one of the best tactical shooters to date and has some of the greatest AI in video games, even to this day.

Check out our written review:

SWAT 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition & BlueLight Mod Review

Some downloads to help you get the game running on a modern OS:
Last Resort –
dgVoodoo –

BlueLight and other suggested mods:
BlueLight –
Violent Intent: Deadly Force Volume 2 –
Finn Secure –
Swat LAPD skins –

A great site for SWAT 3 mods –

How to view guns in first-person:
– When playing the normal game, press “Shift + ~” (without quotes) during gameplay and type “-handsup” (without quotes).
– If using Last Resort, launch the mod, click the “Other Settings” tab and type “-handsup” (without quotes) in the command line field.

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Video transcription:


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