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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance – Mission 1 | Operation Black Day | UEF Campaign [HARD/1080p/HD]

This is the walkthrough of mission 1 ( Operation Black Day ) from the UEF campaign for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance.

►The Seraphim is an alien species introduced in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance as a playable faction. It is the species that the Aeon found on Seraphim II, and who taught them about The Way. Humanity thought it destroyed the race, but actually the colony on Seraphim II was comprised of exiles who believed they could follow The Way without sacrificing the ability to fight.
When the Black Sun was deployed by the UEF, it created a rift between the Seraphim realm and humanity’s realm. An army of the Seraphim came through the rift to cleanse the galaxy.

►The United Earth Federation (or UEF) is the faction representing the interests of a united, Earth-based government. The UEF developed from the ashes of the Earth Empire, and now seeks to reunite humanity and restore Earth’s control over the galaxy.Their society and military tactics more resemble present-day society more than the Cybrans or Aeon do. Their acceptance of a variant of slavery and ideology of forced unity lends a darker side to the faction. UEF units are blueish, and somewhat blocky in form, reflecting the UEF’s primary drive to maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy, and bring all of humanity back under one government. Their tactics are primarily based around long range, heavy-hitting attacks, with speed and stealth often neglected in favor of artillery strikes and large, shielded forces.

►The Cybran Nation (originally called the Recyclers) is composed of Symbionts, humans who have been enhanced with implantable technology, having entered into a form of mutualism with a AI (in addition to various other augmentations). They fight for the liberation of their fellow Symbionts throughout the galaxy. The Cybran Nation is led by the brilliant-yet-eccentric Dr. Brackman, patriarch and chief designer of the Cybrans’ cybernetic technology.Cybran units are red and tend to be sharply angular and jagged in form, reflecting the Cybran’s past of being hunted and attacked, and evolving into a stealthy, hit-and-run style. A Cybran commander generally gets into an area quickly, and extracts themselves quicker. Their forces often prioritize speed, stealth, and special abilities over armor, which can make them deadly for use in traps.

►The Aeon Illuminate draw their roots from the Golden Age of expansion of the old Earth Empire. The descendants of the first humans to encounter alien intelligent life, a peaceful, yet highly advanced, society known as the Seraphim, who first introduced colonists to their philosophy, known as “The Way”. Due to escalating paranoia and xenophobia among the Old Earth Empire, conflict soon broke out, resulting in the Seraphim’s apparent extinction. The colonists of the alien planet, claiming to be “disciples” of the Seraphim, soon founded a civilization supposedly based upon their teachings.In a twist of irony, the Aeon Illuminate soon began a zealous assault on the galaxy, intending to “purge” all those who did not share in their beliefs.Aeon units are green, aesthetic and flowing in appearance, reflecting their belief in “The Way”, bringing peace and tranquility throughout the galaxy.

Every faction has its own problems; the UEF is stretched far too thin, the Cybrans are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, and the Aeon Commander in Chief (called the Avatar of War) is stirring unrest amongst the Illuminate.

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