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Superior Attack! Volume 2 – Kyukyoku Tiger II – Sega Saturn & Arcade side by side version comparison

Randomised Gaming takes an in depth comparison look at the arcade and Sega Saturn versions of Kyukyoku Tiger II to see if and how many changes there are between the two versions. We also take a quick look to see how the Sega Saturn Emulator SSF compares to the real console.

Also known as: 究極タイガーⅡプラス (Japan) Twin Cobra II Plus (Europe & USA) Ultimate Tiger II Plus (English translation) and Twin Cobra II (Western arcade name) 究極タイガーII (Japanese arcade name)

Commentary by: Random Gamer Riven. Commentary is done in a professional manner and does not include any swearing.

For the benefit of viewers we have rotated the arcade tate mode gameplay in our video editor, so it appears just as it would if you were running the game in 3:4 aspect ratio. If anyone would like to see the non-rotated yoko version of this footage please leave a comment below.

Release: 1997
Developer: Takumi (Unfinished Toaplan title)
Publisher: Naxat Soft (Home Port)
Format: Sega Saturn (SS) / セガサターン

Randomised Gaming blog:

Unemulated footage captured directly from a modified European Sega Saturn at 60hz using RGB Scart via a scart upscaler in order for it to work with an Elgato Game Capture. Open broadcast software was used to capture MAME and SSF.

Video transcription:


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