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SUNSET RIDERS (Konami – Megadrive – 1993)

Sunset Riders is a run’n gun game released by Konami in 1993, for the Megadrive console.

The dusty badlands of the Wild West are crawling with more than just snakes, salamanders and prairie dogs. There’s nasty vermin like the bankrupt banker Simon Greedwell and that dapper English diablo Sir Richard Rose. Each has a hefty price on his head.

Billy, believed to be the fastest gun in the West, and Cormano, rifle marksman extraordinaire, are ready to ride. Their reward for success is cold, hard cash. Their reward for failure is a cold, hard tombstone.

You’ve now joined the two-man posse of sharp shooters out to rid the west of human vermin. Strap on your spurs, lock and cock your guns.

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-Video Summary:
0:00 – Intro
1:37 – Stage 1.1 – Reechforem gulch
4:31 – Stage 1.2 – Simon Greedwell
8:32 – Bonus stage 1
9:08 – Stage 2.1 – Chatahoochie line
10:56 – Stage 2.2 – Paco el Loco
13:05 – Bonus stage 2
13:42 – Stage 3.1 – Indian village
15:47 – Stage 3.2 – Chief Scalpen
19:55 – Bonus stage 3
20:32 – Stage 4.1 – Rose mansion
22:56 – Stage 4.2 – Sir Richard Rose
28:37 – Ending

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Video transcription:


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