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Street Fighter X Tekken Game Sample – PS3

There is quite a bit of information about this game, so read up on it at:

Also, the loading of the first battle is around 09:20

There are many things that can be said about this game…I want to paint a big picture, so here I go…now, Capcom is often criticized for lazy and shoddy work. They have a long history of being criticized for non-stop porting, rehash, so on and so forth. All of that varies depending on who you talk to, but Capcom is definitely “about the numbers”…probably more than most developers. That said, when I heard that they were seriously going to go through with a crossover game with Namco (Bandai Namco), I was skeptical. Marvel vs. Capcom has a long history, but Marvel, in truth, is probably a much bigger name than Namco, so there was a lot less “risk” involved. I thought the roster at the time, would have been about 20 characters, 10 for each side. To my shock, we ended up getting 38!

Unfortunately, there was controversy that hurt the sales of the game, with some of it being about the DLC, which eventually would bring the game to a total of 50 characters…but the DLC issues from Capcom and others would later open the floodgates, which lead to much bigger, more widespread condemnation of DLC in general, especially DLC being announced before a game is even out. This isn’t so much mentioned to be pro or con DLC, but that event helped hurt sales (of game copies and DLC) and SFXT fell well below Capcom’s own expectations, despite selling over 1 million copies.

That’s a shame, because I fast forward some, and see products like “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” now, and see that SFXT was a pretty quality product, marred by Capcom’s bad planning, dishonesty, and poor decision making. This might be one of the more “ambitious” games Capcom has ever done. “Capcom Versus” games are usually fun, but it is pretty easy to see how their games re-use a lot of content from each other…and from a company that tends to shy away from “big, risky projects”, Capcom really felt they had something with SFXT…so much so, they had to create balance and “structure” and the like for a “completely new” (to “Capcom style”) set of characters…I am speaking about the Tekken side, as well as exclusives like Cole and Pac-Man.

When you consider how small the roster for the first Marvel vs. Capcom, or X-Men vs. Street Fighter was, a base of 38 seems very generous, even if all the Capcom side were re-used…because the 19 base Tekken characters were all recreated to fit a “new gaming experience”. Also, that 19 alone, would have been bigger than the WHOLE base roster of several older “versus” games. To add to this, the engine used in SFXT is a modified version of the one in Street FIghter IV, the visuals are different (you can look at characters and see “similar face and body structures”, which may have saved some time, but the characters all still look significantly different from each other), and overall, the more I study the game, the more I see…I guess, a sort of underappreciated level of effort. Capcom even went through the trouble of making each character say different things to each other in their victory quotes…you can see that even in this sample, as their responses are tailored very specifically (such as Lili hating sweat, so on and so forth)…I haven’t checked myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if every single character had a unique quote to another character. There are also “special pairings” that do a little more than add a “special battle intro”. They are usually whoever is “next to” the other character…for example, Ryu and Ken because they are next to each other, Kazuya and Nina, etc…

The game is also pretty technical, though some have noted a bit of disdain over the game’s “gem” system. I honestly haven’t explored it enough myself to really be bothered by it…and playing with the Tekken side is such a joy, honestly, because they feel “fresh”. Characters like Kazuya, Jin, and Heihachi…they don’t fight the same at all. With the exception of Akuma (and maybe one other person I may have forgotten), everyone has “one” ultimate move, but it feels like they all have at least two, due to the way team-up super moves are done, with one character executing a fancy leading attack that sends your opponent to your tag partner/second character. After the DLC scandal and all, I would buy this game and get all the DLC (because it should be fairly cheap nowadays, used). I don’t often feel pity for Capcom, but in this case, I do.


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