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Streaming Retrogaming E.V.O. Search for Eden

Tonight! Retrogaming Streaming πŸ™‚

E.V.O. search for eden, I will replay but I will get one challenge!


1-Don’t Roleplay in chat
​2- you have to listen to blank
3- don’t talk about aliens or scp and other stuff
4- you have to respect everyone
​5- No Racism, Sexual Stuff. Nazism, Communism
​7-do not spam

If Someone doesn’t respect the rules and break anyway, you will be block temporary, or even ban if you continue.

​thank you for listening

Want to join my Minecraft server? Come here:
Version 1.14.2

The stream may be canceled at any times.

Can we hit 40 viewer?

Not accepting song requests.

Support my stream: New animation stream where I make a new Video for each week!

Note: You may be notified an hour after this stream starts,

Music :

If nobody showed up at my stream for gaming, The stream will end early.

Do you want your flags in future videos? Join my Discord and bring your flag that you want added in the list. Send your flag, Country name, and information about it! This will reflect the characteristic style of your countryball!
Blank Kingdom –

Visit my Ko-Fi and Thank you all for the donation.

Visit AnaisThunderpen ( Thunderpen )’s Deviant Art profile. This will mean a lot to me
Deviant Art –… !!!
Ko-Fi –

Video transcription:


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