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Steel Gunner (Arcade) – Playthrough

In this video, I’m doing a playthrough of a light gun game that I wanted to do. That game is: Steel Gunner for the Arcade. This game was developed and published by Namco, it was only released in the Arcade in 1991. Steel Gunner is a light gun shooter video game. The plot stars the police officers Garcia and Cliff, who are members of the Neo Arc police force that use mecha suits named “Gargoyles” equipped with powerful weapons. Garcia and Cliff are assigned by the Neo Arc to destroy the terrorist organization STURM, who have captured the scientist Dr. Ryan and his assistant Dr. Ellis to create a world-ending superweapon. Gameplay revolves around using a light gun to control a crosshair around the screen while shooting enemies. Players have infinite ammunition and do not need to reload their weapons. Players also have access to a limited number of screen-clearing missiles. The game consists of four levels, with seamless horizontal and vertical-scrolling transitions. Stages feature a large variety of objects that can be destroyed purely for amusement, such as boxes, windows, barrels and fuel tanks. The players have a health meter that deplete when they are inflicted with enemy fire. Health can be gained by protecting innocent civilians found throughout levels from enemies, while shooting civilians will deplete the player’s health. Stages end with a boss fight, with the fourth stage having players face off against the leader of STURM, Gaste Bernard. The loss of all health results in a game over. At the end of each level, players are graded based on shooting accuracy, and health and missile stockage are automatically refilled. If players’ shooting accuracy was low, a cutscene plays of the Neo Arc police chief berating Garcia and Cliff about causing almost as much damage as STURM. There’s a sequel of this game titled: “Steel Gunner 2”, which I’m planning to do a playthrough in the future. Overall, Steel Gunner is a fun light gun shooter, but it’s also a tough game. I hope you enjoy this playthrough of Steel Gunner for the Arcade and thanks for watching!

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Steel Gunner Light Gun Shooter Namco Arcade 1991

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