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Splatoon 2: Not relieving all the pressure in Tower Control [16(4)-7, Tri-slosher]

I’m aiming straight for that E-litre 4K, as usual, or as much as you can aim a bucket. I nearly fluff up the attempt, sloshing early, but they leave a trail and I get them out of the way so that I can ride the Tower in relative peace. That goes well enough for quite a while, interrupted only by the threat of a Clash Blaster that I can’t deal with, but a squidmate can. I don’t have the same luck trying to avoid and then engage a Hero Blaster Replica.

My trip back along the ink rail is cut short, maybe for the best, or maybe it just gets me caught in a Splashdown. At least I get a splat before I go. I get some height next, looking to slosh down on the Tower, and instead find myself dealing with an interloper. Their Splashdown is ineffective this time, but I get inky enough that the Clash Blaster on the Tower finishes the splat pretty quickly.

I head down the flank to tidy up, timed nicely with my squidmates pushing the Tower, and knock an inkling waiting for the Tower off their perch. I can’t do the same for the Blaster, who hides on the wall whilst I foolishly ignore the laser of the E-litre 4K. I take the opposite route next, looking for opportunity. Hop on to the Tower to halt its return, hop off to avoid the Blaster. Move up to look for the E-litre 4K, drop down to stop the Tower.

I don’t want to ignore that E-litre 4K, though, and I head back around to find them. They’re not on the ground, but I see a way to the ledge and hop across from the block, where I destroy a newly placed Beakon along with splatting the E-litre 4K. Mission accomplished. Turning back gets me a second splat, and, without trying to get greedy or unsporting, I destroy the other Beakon too, before squidding back to support the Tower.

The Tower is dangerously close to our lead along the opposite track, but my squidmates are pressuring the remaining inkling on it to hop off, right in to my path. And with the Tower neutralised, I head back around to find the E-litre 4K again. There they are, and there they’re splatted. Nice! Sort of. The Tower is under teal control again and once more close to taking the lead, and this time we can’t clear it.

Our lead is lost. I help clear the Tower with some haste, but we have less than a minute to recover the battle. I splat my way forwards until I run out of ink, but my squidmates are there to keep the Tower pink. I surge down the flank again, providing forward support, and we do well to surpass our previous score, but the defence proves too strong, and a stutter is all it takes in extra time to lose the battle.

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