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Spelunky XBLA (1080i HD) Quick Tips #9: Yeti King Boss

Mammoth : Giant Frog :: Yeti King : Queen Bee. While not exactly one-to-one, the Yeti King of The Ice Caves really is quite a bit like the Queen Bee of The Jungle. Both are surrounded by guards similar to them and both can be positively fatal if attacked head on. The main differences are that the Yeti King can cause friendly fire (whereas the Queen cannot harm her Killer Bee entourage) and that the Yeti King is found in a special level (whereas the Queen can be found in many Jungle levels). A Yeti King, as well as a whole load of lesser Yetis and slippery ice, is guaranteed to show up whenever the Wet Fur level feeling appears. While its unique challenges can be a big pain in the neck, one nice thing about this kind of level is that you’re far less likely to die in the abyss since it tends to be covered with some layers of rock. A small comfort, but you should take what you can get!

I don’t know about you, but (as aforementioned in another video) back in the days of the original PC release, my main strategy for ridding of Yeti Kings was to hop on their head until they were dead. Yeti Kings never dropped ice blocks directly above themselves (and they still don’t in this version), and their vulnerability to jumping attacks meant you could exploit that for pretty safe kills. Like many oversized bosses in this version, that no longer works without the aid of something like the Spike Shoes. And since the Yeti King is guaranteed to drop the Spikes Shoes, along with a Compass and three ropes, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use that strategy much now without special planning. That means you’ll need something else to do the trick, and fortunately I can offer four ideas for you to try.

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