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Space Survival Adventure: From Earth to Mars – A New Space Engineers Journey / Part 8

We continue our travels from earth to mars in this episode. I underestimated the time it takes to travel such a distance, so I decided to upgrade the ship while it is still moving! Hope you enjoy and thanks for the views!!!

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Scarce Resources (mod) –
The ore is distributed as follows:
Asteroids: Iron, Silver
Earth: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Silicon, Ice, Magnesium
Moon: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Silver, Gold, Ice
Mars: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Ice, Platinum
Europa: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Silver, Gold, Magnesium, Ice
Alien: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Ice, Uranium
Titan: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Silver, Gold, Magnesium, Ice
Moon has 50% chance of having Silver or Gold in surface rocks
Titan has 10% chance of having Cobalt in surface rocks
Europa has 80% chance of having Gold in surface rocks

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Surface Occupation –
Reavers –
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Video transcription:


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