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Skylanders SwapForce 3DS Gameplay – The Storyline & Look of the Handheld Version

Here is our first look at 3DS gameplay as well as the Storyline behind it!

Vicarious Visions Visit:

Fire Kraken Gameplay:

SwapForce Team Co-Op Survival Mode:

Swapforce 3DS Gameplay:

Swap Force Bonus Mission – Master Chef:

Swap Force Bonus Mission: Treble Theft with Rattle Charge:

Swap Force Treachorous Beach Battle Mode with Guha Bala (Studio Head at Vicarious Visions):

Cascade Glade Level Gameplay with David Rodriquez Interview:

How to Upgrade in Swap Force (Paths & Abilities):

Swap Force Variants & Store Exclusives:

Doom Stone, Wind Up, Spy Rise, Pop Thorn Gameplay Teaser:

Huge Swap Force Q&A with Guha Bala:

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Video transcription:


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