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Singing Parrot – Featured App of the week

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An extremely interesting app packed with awesome fun games.

Meet Eva the Talking and Singing Parrot
Not just a talking parrot, this app comes with many fantastic gaming experiences, a singing cat, chatting mode and many more. Talk and chat with Eva the singing parrot. Skate and jump in adventure games to free the parrot family and save the world

Some of the great features and modes includes:


– Talk to Eva the she will listen to everything you say and talk back to you in a funny baby voice
– Feed her with sandwich to make her happy
– Talking & Singing parrot can sing great songs. She will also impress you with her awesome looking dance moves.
– She will sing any song you ask her to. Just select any music track on your device
– Talking & Singing Parrot can play the guitar, drums and trumpet
– Chat with her through speech recognition. She can also serve as a virtual assistant. Talking parrot is very friendly. You can also chat using the keyboard
– Talking and Singing parrot can play basketball, dance for you and try to impress you with her awesome dancing moves.
– If you poke her, she’ll will cry and let you know how silly parrot is hurt.
– If let her be silent for a while, she will get sleepy, doze and go to sleep in her hammock making her a sleepy parrot so keep interacting with her


There are many games in this top app
– Assume the role of real talking parrot in an adventure of skateboarding to free the parrot and bird family
– Jump and fly through the sky to collect points. Don’t let the eagles get to you. Save the animal kingdom

Compete with friends and family to set world records in the leader boards, share scores and chat with this amazing bird to unlock achievements

This four games in one is the best talking fun app ever. It’s a great entertainer suitable for adults and kids alike and better than talking cats and talking dogs and monkeys.
Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Real talking parrot. Don’t forget to leave us a review 🙂

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