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Simple Rube Goldberg Machine II

Since so many people ask, the game at the end is called Snafu in the US and Screwball Scramble in the UK from what I hear.

Another “simple” Rube Goldberg machine, but this one is a bit more complex than the previous. It wins a game of Snafu. I guess people could say I “cheated” by using electricity to power on of the cars, but I have done that with most of my non videotaped machines. Anyways, the steps are below:
1) Insert marble into top of wood block marble game.
2) The marble hits some dominoes with just enough force to topple them.
3) The dominoes his another marble which rolls and skids down a Scrabble board.
4) That marble hits another defective marble with a semi-flat bottom (which is how it is balancing on a downhill slope) and bounces it off down a ramp made of scrabble boards.
5) The marble hits dominoes which ascend with the help of wood block “stairs.”
6) The domino at the top hits a cylindrical block which slides down what is meant to be used as a marble slide.
7) The block hits a bridge which has a marble just barely held on by friction and moves it just enough to overcome the friction and descend down the bridge.
8) The marble enters a plastic marble game and exits through a ramp at the bottom.
9) The marble is transfered to another ramp and hits more dominoes at the end.
10) The dominoes hit a toy car/train that goes down a ramp and hits a running electric car.
11) *CHEATER ALERT* The car uses electric power to climb up and around a track before falling onto (what a surprise) more dominoes.
12) The dominoes hit a wooden train set piece which topples and shakes a yardstick ramp.
13) A marble game on the end of the ramp receives the vibration of the block falling and makes a marble roll down though it.
14) The marble falls upon a wooden track and creates just enough vibration to get the train on it to roll down.
15) The train hits a wooden train set piece standing upright which falls onto the button to use the catapult and gets the marble inside in the winning area.

Zoom in stupidly for victory.

EDIT: Wow! I can’t believe this got featured. Never expected to get any honors for this silly machine. Guess I’ll post the honors for the heck of it, thanks all.

#11 – Featured
#69 – Most Responded (Today) – Entertainment

Video transcription:



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