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Shriman Satyawadi Full Movie | Raj Kapoor Old Hindi Movie | Classic Hindi Movie

Old Hindi Movie Shriman Satyawadi (1960)
Starring : Raj Kapoor, Shakila, Mehmood, Nazir Hussain.
Director : S.M.Abbas, Producer: Mahipatray Shah.

Synopsis: Mohanlal, an honest chemist instills in his only child Vijay the adage Honesty is the best policy. Thus after his death, when Vijay grows up and joins the world of advertising and is required to lie about the products that the company markets, he finds himself in a no win situation.

Though he finds love in the form of Geeta and fatherly figure in Geetas father, however he has to sacrifice it all to remain honest with his own ideologies. Situation lead him to fight his own battle for the truth, that too all alone and Vijay does not hesitate.

Does Vijays honesty finally see him win over the evil that surrounds him? Does he loose Geeta forever in this bargain for honesty? Does truth and honesty finally prevail or finds itself weak within its bearer Vjay? The answers to all this is available on Ultra DVD of Shriman Satyawadi.
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Video transcription:

Here. Anything else I can do for you?No thank you. How much for this?
– Rs. 2. 25p.But the store opposite
quoted a price of Rs. 2. 7 5p.Everyone has his own way
of doing business.I am happy with an honest living.Whatever we may say, everyone
else calls him a God's devotee.Not God's devotee, he is a fraud.He wants to uproot us and
establish himself in the market.He even sells goods cheaper
to attract customers.That's what I fear.Take a gun and keep firing until
the enemy doesn't leave the world.What do you say?
– Have you thought of its consequences?I have.
You will never be garlanded.That only leaves the noose.Even I will pray to God
that you die peacefully.I am your partner after all.Rehmat, since you are my partner, . . .even you will have to
go to the gallows with me.You two have started fighting?
Think of what we must do.I have thought of a plan.
Just watch what I do.Even I have a family like you all.Father!
– What is it? Why are you shouting?I am going to school.
– Then go, who's stopping you?Give me 25p.For getting beaten? Beat him back
and come and I'll give you a rupee.Alright father,
I'll surely take revenge.You will? Then here's a rupee.I'll give you a rupee more
after you have taken the revenge.Okay father.Vijay, why are you late?How did you get hurt?It's the reward
for speaking the truth.What? Come here.
– I am speaking the truth.Kishore was copying in class.
The teacher asked me.I had to tell him the truth.So I got beaten after class
and hurt myself.Softly father, it hurts.One has to pay
the price of truth, son.But this a price too high.
I'm in pain.I hope this pain grows
and your heart bleeds for the world.May you see your happiness
in others happiness.And share everyone's sorrow.I understand everything, Mohanlal.You say something,
and do something else.Good values you have
imbibed in your child.What is the matter, brother Lalchand?
– Don't call me brother.You are just a smooth talker.Just see what your son
has done to my child.Brother, elders must not interfere
in the fights of children.They are an image of God.They will fight today,
and make-up tomorrow.Oh great, Mr. Goody!Instead of advising your son,
you are advising me?It's the first time,
so I am tolerating it.If this happens again,
I'll break his bones!Calm down please.
– I am a very bad man, get that?Good neighbours we have.
They have made our lives miserable.Father, it hurts.
– Shut-up, idiot!You have wasted all my money.
Did I feed you and make you strong . . .so that you get beaten by this rat?
Come!You are out of danger now.
– I am not afraid of death, Kailash.Mohan, I am not telling you this as
a doctor, but also as a friend.You must take care of your health.This time, you need total bed rest
for three weeks.Come Vijay.
– What happened to daddy, Doctor?Nothing son.
– Nothing at all, silly.I am just a little sick.
– Vijay, take care of your daddy.And come and take
medicine from my dispensary.Okay.
– Mohan, I'll be going.How are you feeling now?
– Why are you so upset?I am fine. Oh yes, the sparrows
are hungry since morning.Give them some grains. Go.What happened?
– Nothing.Show me your hand.Who beat you?
How did you get these marks?They are marks of truth, father.
– What are you trying to say?The inspector was going to visit our
school. I kept a chair ready for him.Kishore kept a broken
chair in its place.The inspector fell down
the moment he sat on it.Kishore and his
friends put the blame on me.And then,
what had to happen, happened.You get beaten today, son.But tomorrow, this very
truth will bring you peace.The world will surely bow
before you one day.I have no desire that
the world bow before me.I only need your blessings.Father was not telling you, but me.
– It's the same thing.Father, I'll change and come.
– I'd gone to buy vegetables.I came to know that
you have taken ill.I came running to see you.In a hurry, I even forgot
to collect money.How are you feeling now?
– My time is nearing.I am living the
few days I am left with.I'll take your leave.If your condition worsens,
do call for me.Don't forget, you have my promise.Father, I'll get milk
and medicines for you.The weather is bad, son.
Come back soon.Don't worry, I'll be back soon.The shop is locked.
Knock the door of his residence.Yes sir.I'm coming, son.Inspector. . .Inspector. . .Tell me, what brings you here?Considering your decency and age,
I feel embarrassed to say this.But I am compelled by law.Does the law have any complaints
against me, inspector?Mohanlal, some people have filed a
complaint against you, that . . .Tell me what complaints
people have against me.I don't want any kind of leniency.All are equal in the eyes of law.Then whether rich or poor,
father or son.We have information that
you deal in drugs.Drugs! !
What are you talking, inspector?Even I don't believe it. But the
matter is now in the hands of law.Truth has nothing to
fear, inspector.You can search my home and shop.
Come.Come.Constables, search.Mohanlal, sit down.Sir, the drugs are here.
– No! That's not possible.This is not true, inspector.Someone has done this to defame me.
Believe me, I am innocent, inspector.I am helpless, Mr. Mohanlal.
The evidence says something else.I will have to arrest you.The people who respect me so much . . .I will pass through their
street as a criminal?God, this is punishment for what. . .Father!Father!Don't cry so much, son.Uncle!Gather yourself, son.
Wipe away your tears.Every man has to
endure sorrow and troubles.I miss my father, uncle.
How will I live without him?One doesn't have parents forever.Your crying will hurt his soul.If you stay happy, concentrate on your
studies, make something of yourself. . .his soul will rest in peace.Will my not crying please father?Yes son, very much.Very much.Come Vijay, you will
live with me from now on.I have come to take you.How can I leave this home, uncle?Staying here, I feel
father is with me.That's okay, son.But if you live with me,
I will be able to look after you well.You will come with me, won't you?If you love your Doctor uncle,
you surely will come.Tell me, son.
– Uncle. . . my sweet uncle.Vijay.Yes Doctor uncle.You have grown so old,
but still behave like a child.I have grown old?
What nonsense!When I grow old, I will have a long
beard, my eye sight will become weak.And I will walk with a bent head like
you and say, ' Vijay,get me my glasses'Naughty! You sure are a smooth talker.But uncle,in Bsc ( Bachelor of Science )
they teach you to make compounds.Is that so?
Then run and get 5 kgs of sweets.What have compounds got
to do with sweets?First get the sweets,
then I'll tell you.But what's the great news?An engagement.
– Whose?You think I will get
engaged at this age?This is the 20th century uncle,
who knows when one falters.Even 100 year old men
nowadays wish to get married.You don't brighten up an old ruin.Brightness looks good in new homes.That is why, I am getting you engaged.Why are you feeling shy now,
Mr.Vijay Kumar, Bsc?Vijay Kumar, Bsc?
– Yes, Vijay Kumar, Bsc.Here's your friend's telegram.Uncle, I have passed !I am very happy today, Doctor uncle.The day I had been waiting for
since years, has arrived.I am very grateful to you.Whatever I have done,
I have done it as my duty.Does anyone do favours
to his children?What is the matter, son?Nothing.
I was just reminded of father.Vijay, come here.
You have to get ready to go to Bombay.I had written to Champalal about you.
He has replied backBut how will he recognise me?I'll write a letter for him.
He will recognise you.Go pack your bags.
– Yes.''The weather is beautiful,
the atmosphere lovely''''The company is great,
everything around is young''''The winds are acting naughty''''The heart sings slowly softly''''Hear the humming of oars
in the swaying waters''''The weather is beautiful,
I am young''''What a combination ! ''''When a beauty laughed,
a string of pearls broke''''God, she's so beautiful ! ''''Wherever they look,
they spread joy''''The weather is beautiful . . . ''''I have not seen
such buildings anywhere''''They make the sky kiss the earth''''What do you say, aren't they unique?''''With hopes in my eyes. . . ''''destination beckons me''''The waiting is terrible''''Is this land I see, a dream?''''The world is great''''The weather is beautiful . . . ''God save us from the girls of today.Hey mister!
Who are you, and how did you come in?On my feet.
– Then turn back and leave.No one is interested in birds here.People just walk in. Leave!You are a gardener, but throw orders
like you are the mistress of the house.Gardener?Oh no, you are the
mistress of this house.Go in and inform your master
Vijay Kumar, Bsc, has arrived.What do you want?Should I say everything here, or
leave some conversation for indoors?I have come here to stay.
– Stay?Yes, to stay.
– With Mr. Champalal?What is the matter?
– God save you from him.He is very hot headed. He raises
his hand on every small thing.A man has left on a stretcher
two hours ago.Stretcher?
– Yes.But Doctor uncle didn't
tell me anything like that.He must have forgotten.And his daughter. . .
– His daughter? What's her problem?Her father is so stingy,
he doesn't even appoint servants.He makes her do all the work.And where I am concerned,
he even gives me limited food.I am wondering what you will eat.Does one even feel
hungry in such circumstances?One does have to fill his stomach.I'm stuck. I can't even
leave without meeting him.Why don't you go in and tell him.I won't go. There's the door,
go announce yourself.Go.
– I should go?Yes, go.Who are you? Who let you in?Your gardener.
– Gardener?I have brought this letter for you.You are Vijay? Mohanlal's son !
Welcome!How is Doctor?
– He's fine.Sit down.Where are you going, Bimla?
– I'm taking tea for master.Come with me.You were so little when I saw you.
– You have seen me?Yes. Even I am from your city.I came to Bombay in
connection with business. . .and settled down here.Anyway, why didn't you
inform me before coming?I would have got you
picked from the station.I didn't get a chance.My results were out
and uncle threw me out of there.You seem to be an interesting man.Had any problem reaching here?
– Not at all.I roamed around, taking in the
sights and reached very comfortably.Hello. Let me take that.
– What are you doing !You are not feeling well.
Why did you bring the tea?You should have called me.
Why did you bother?Sit down.She is very shy.Now I understand.She is not my daughter,
she is a servant.This is my daughter Geeta.Geeta, he is Vijay
who you fooled as soon as he came.He will live with us.Yes sir?
– Come here.Where is your luggage?
– It's kept outside.Keshav, pick his luggage and
take him to the room upstairs.And ensure his stay his comfortable.Go and take rest, Vijay.
We'll meet in the evening.Geeta, Lalchand must be waiting
for me in office. I am leaving.You get ready and come over.Hello.
– Hello. I've been waiting for you.I can see that. Liked the picture?I appreciate your choice.Sit down. . .Tell me,
what brings you here?Have you brought some new scheme?It's a scheme you'll
be pleased to hear about.God willing,
we'll benefit tremendously.Come Geeta.Whose good are you talking about?
– My own for now.Later, I'll even do good for you.Lalchand is talking about a scheme.
Tell me about it.Champalal, you are aware I sell
medicines since childhood.You perhaps don't know that
it is more profitable . . .to manufacture medicines
then sell them.I am planning to start a
factory for manufacturing medicines.And anyway, our country has more
sick men than a healthy population.Your talk is very interesting, uncle.
– Even I think so.Then why think? Join hands
with me and become my partnerYour partner?
– Yes, what's the harm?I want to share my profits. Instead
of some stranger earning them . . .it is better you do.I'm not in a hurry. Read my prospectus
and decide after due thought.I'm not in a hurry.
– Uncle, you only think of your benefitTalk about our benefit too.You will think your uncle
is very selfish.but what is beneficial to you
will also benefit me.What are you talking about?Champalal, I may not be of your
status, but we are decent people.Do you agree to that?
– No doubt.You know my son, Kishore.
– Very well.And you know he is very enterprising.
Why don't we get our children married?So that even we become
grandparents before we die.You have made me realise for the
first time that Geeta has grown up.I always considered her to be a kid.However big children may grow,
but parents always see them as kids.But you cannot change the norms
of nature.A plant grows with every season,
a girl, every day.You are right.
– Then it's fixed. Shake hands to that.Uncle, such things take time.She's also right. What's the hurry?The two should be given a chance
to understand each other.I'm not in a hurry. I'll do one thing.
I'll send Kishore here tomorrow.He will learn the job, and they'll
even get to know one another.You do that.
– I'll take your leave now.For a few days, you will
find life in Bombay strange.I have experienced some of it already.You'll experience the rest too.Yes sure. That is why I
have come from so far to you.Vijay, I own an advertising firm.Your talks give me the feeling
you will be right for the job.Whatever you deem fit.Do one thing. Go and meet the
accounts executive there tomorrow.Two spoons sugar.I am sure she'll do something for you.I don't interfere in her work.She does what she likes.
If you impress her . . .you'll surely have the job.
– I'll try.Praising you is like . . .Praising you is like
telling the sun it's bright.You are very intelligent.You saw my face and knew I'm
going to become an officer?Excuse me ;
I am preparing for my interview.How did you come here?Where you are going to
become an officer . . .I have come looking
for a small job there.Is it?Mr.Vijay has been called in.
– But I came here first.Maybe officers are interviewed later.I am an officer!Hello.I am setting my first step
in a new phase of life.I desired since very long to work
with a capable person like you.Praising a person on such a big post
is like telling the sun it's bright.If I have blessings of elders
like you, . . .even I will make something
of myself one day.Are you listening?You misunderstand me.
Trust me, I will work hard.I will do a year's work in months,
a month's work in hours . . .And an hours work in minutes.
– You ! Here?I mean, are you the senior
accounts executive in this office?Why? Can't I be?A gardener, then mistress, and
now officer? I don't understand.You don't understand?
– Remove your glasses.What?
– Remove your glasses and sit down.Why didn't you tell me before?
I thought I'll find some old man here.My entire night's effort went waste.Convincing women is a moment's job.Sometimes it takes your whole life
to convince or understand women.Even that's possible.
By the way, what about my job?You are being kept on probation.
Go and sit in the accounts room.And listen. A Mr. Kishore
is sitting outside. Send him in.Yes madam.Sit down.I will first tell you
what is the benefit of advertising.The way a child runs
on seeing a lovely toy. . .likewise . . .Likewise, advertising a product
makes customers run towards it.You must be aware that
in an advertisement . . .the merits of a product
are always exaggerated.If the product is no good,
should we lie?Why just advertisement? You cannot
do without it even in everyday life.Maybe, but I don't agree.Wait a minute. Listen to me.
– Tell me.Why do women wear latest fashions?Why do they apply
kohl, lipstick, powder?That is what I want to ask boss.I don't tolerate brazenness.If this is how you will behave,
you will never progress.Bring a layout of any product
you want tomorrow.You can leave now.Father! Where are you?
– You look very happy.Have you fixed your marriage?Look where you are going,
or you may trip and fall.Correct uncle, but the path is clear.It was a great day today. Even you'll
be pleased when you hear about it.What happened?
– Ask what didn't happen !I stepped into the office . . .and everyone bowed before me.They praised my capability.
– Bravo! You are my nephew after all.Your father has spent Rs. 20000
on your education.But even Vijay is working with me.
– Who Vijay?The late Mohanlal's son?
– Correct.When did he come?
– Only a few days ago.But advertising is not his cup of tea.She reprimanded him
the first day itself.She told him he's a nincompoop.You are calling your old uncle
a nincompoop?It would be better if he had
died before you were born.Why do you interfere in everything
without knowing anything about it?This is too much ! How was I
to know you like being abused?Take as much abuse as you like.He wasn't abusing me,
but Mohanlal's son's Vijay.Oh, is it?
. . . Mohanlal? Who Mohanlal?You forget your friends very easily.The Mohanlal on whose death
you had cried your eyes out.I'll cry my eyes out even
when you die.But what I don't understand ; couldn't
he get a job in some other city?I don't know all that,
but he is working with me . . .and he is staying with Mr. Champalal.
– He is staying with Champalal?But how did he come here?
Did that doctor die?You are arguing like lawyers.
Let's have a game of chess.Damn your chess! I am
thinking of something else now.Hello.Sit down.So? How was your day?
– The way you wanted it.So your interview with the accounts
executive was quite interesting.Yes, very.
– Have you started working?I have learnt something today.
I'll know the rest on the day of exam.I want to ask you something.
– Yes, sure.Is it necessary to exaggerate the
quality of a product in advertising?Can't we speak the truth
and do its publicity?We can, but a little
exaggeration is necessary. . .or it will become
difficult to sell products.But I don't understand . . .Wait, you'll understand.Look at these pictures carefully
and tell me what's special about them.What are you looking at?
– It's the publicity of a bicycle.Yes, but what's special about it?Special? It's a beautiful
and strong bicycle.Where are you from?
– The same city you are from.Though you will get fools
in every city.Mister, the bicycle is not beautiful.The beautiful girl riding it
makes it beautiful.Yes Vijay, Geeta is right.
– I don't understand.If you want to buy a bicycle, will
you look at the bicycle or the girl?How many years did it take
you to get your degree?What?
– Remove your glasses.16 years.And you want to know
about advertising in one day?Yesterday, I asked you to
bring a layout of any product.Have you brought it?
– Yes.This is the advertisement of
baby syrup. Have a look.What's this? A muscleman in
an advert of baby syrup.Put the picture of a baby there.Mr.Vijay?
– It's ready.What connection does
a girl have with a razor?You want to advertise a razor, right?
Then why this girl. . .But you only said last night . . .the picture of a girl is necessary
with the publicity of any product.So with this safety razor . . .
– Use your brains.I'm sorry. It takes 16 years
to get a degree.How can I learn advertising in a day?
– Shut-up!We only have to get started.
All the arrangements have been made.I have given invitations
to the guests.I have even
fixed the inauguration date.Let some big personality
do the inauguration.I have arranged that too.
– Who are you inviting?Who else but you.
– Me?No, invite someone else.I can invite many big personalities,
but not a sympathizer like you.You are two in one. You are a big
personality, and my sympathizer too.As you wish.
– That's better.Here, sign this.Rest assured, I have made the
documents the way you wanted them.I'll take your leave.Shall I leave?What an idiot I am!
I forgot the most important thing.Give me a small cheque. You know
one needs money for everything now.One cannot do anything without money.
– How much money do you want?Give me Rs. 50000.
If I need more, I'll ask for it.Use the money stringently.
– Don't worry.I know very well where and how
money and brains have to be used.I am thinking, why should I bother
you every time? Make that Rs. 100000.Take only this much now.
– Okay.These green valleys. These beautiful
clouds kissing the mountains.I feel like sleeping here.Not correct. These sights are
nothing compared to your beauty.The world ticks with your presence.No, the world ticks with us.Mister, it is us women
who bring joy to this world.What will you men do
without us women?And without us men,
what will you women do?What can you do without us?Nothing. . . nothing at all.''Shall I say something?''''I'm all for beauty''''Whenever they are mentioned,
my heart skips a beat''''What do you think?''''It's you who knows our worth''''You have an eye''''It's good to have a mate like you''''What a wonderful thing you've said''''You two deserve each other''''How did you find him?''''Without love, what is life?
What do you think?''''If there were
no beauties in the world''''Even we would be nowhere''''Your attitude comes with us''''What would you do without us?''''We tolerate your attitude''''We appease you''''Without love, what is life?
What do you think?''''It's with beauty,
that there is colour in life''''That's how you live''''It is at your hands that
these poor men are harried''''Your piercing eyes''''It is your presence
that keeps our hearts young''''Without love, what is life?
What do you think?''''We make men's hearts beat''''You make our hearts mushy''''I don't go for looks, my heart
looks for a beautiful heart''''I have a habit of speaking the
truth, I am an honest man''''Without love, what is life?
What do you think?''The car won't start.Something wrong with the car.Men make the world tick?
– No doubt about it.Then push.
– What?Get down and give the car a push.I'll have to do that too?
– Yes!Okay.Listen. Come out.
– Why?Come out.Look, I was wrong.
It's women who make the world tick.Realized your mistake?
– Yes. Now you push the car.I'll push the car, you wear bangles.
– Wish my hands were soft like yours.You may not get bangles his size,
but you will get bangles my size.You sit in the car, I'll push.
– Come in.Good. . . harder.Good. . . harder.Push harder. Don't you eat food?Hey. . . hey stop!
You left me behind?I understand everything, I am not a
kid. I'll go & tell dad. Daddy!Check.Check.Partner, you are in trouble.
Your knight is gone.How could I do that!What are you waiting for?
Go open the door.You gave the servants a holiday,
you open the door.You consider me a fool?I'll go to open the door so you
can move the pawns behind me?Even you can do the same.You are right.Do you know when
the milk is not in danger?When there is no dog near the milk.Or if there are two
fighting dogs facing each other.You are calling me a dog again?
– Why are you taking offence?I am even calling myself a dog.We'll do one thing. We'll both go.
So that no one can touch the game.Come.If it's some guest,
you'll have to make the tea.I'll do that, don't worry.Open the door.Are you alright?
Look at your state.Who beat you up?Say something !
– It's all Vijay's doing.What do you mean?He, Geeta and I
had gone for a drive.The car broke down. I pushed
the car and it started.And he drove away.You donkey!
Who asked you to push the car?Why didn't you ask Vijay to do it?
– I was trying to please Geeta.Then you should have made
Geeta get off the car.The idiot would not have
drove off without her.He is giving you ideas of his youth.
That's what he used to do.Uncle! Excuse me.Don't you feel ashamed?
You tell my son about my youth?So what?
Can't you see even he's young?You don't know what I fear.If Vijay manages to woo the girl,
this poor guy will commit suicide.Damn you ! There is no dearth of
girls for a handsome boy like him.I can get as many girls
for her as you want.But all girls are not alike.Even I have seen many girls.
There is no difference between girls.Though how much money
they are worth . . .Keep barking.
– What did you say? Bark?Vijay here. I have read the matter.You have exaggerated a lot about
the powder. Write the caption again.No, I cannot defer from truth.
Just do what I am telling you.And fast.Whatever Mr. Champalal has earned,
you will ruin it all in a year.If I do that, what will you do?
– What?Yes.
– Is that so?What is the matter?We were discussing the
favours you have done us.Listen. A party has been organized to
celebrate the opening . . .If our new company.Wonderful idea !
Whatever you do is great!It was dad's idea.
– Dad's idea? Yet, it's not bad.You have to be there in time.
– I'll have to.They are the boss' orders.' Watch youthfulness
going into a frenzy tonight'' When I dance,
my beloved will be with me'' On my shoulders will be her tresses'' And her delicate waist in my arms'' It is jugglers who
go for such monkey faces'' Take a small drum along
if you have one'' Neither will you have that waist,
those tresses, nor the beloved'' You will be somewhere else,
she will be in my arms'You ruined my mood.Wow! It looks like a
swan is hopping.Won't you'll dance?
– I'm waiting for your signal.I'm ready to go to the
dance floor.Uncle.
– What happened?My nephew is a great dancer.He got a call 10 days ago from
England inviting him to dance.But I stopped him from going fearing
his father may die behind his back.Uncle, are all the arrangements okay?
– Yes, everything is perfect.Won't you dance?
– I am not interested.What do the small towners
know what society life is.You didn't like dancing, did you?When two hearts unite,
then you enjoy the dancing.''O heart,
I have seen many cruel hearts''''When I found my destination,
everything changed''''How strange the world is''''It calls a stone a diamond''''But an honest man is never defeated''''This star of
the earth always shines''''Mark my words''''O heart,
I have seen many cruel hearts . . . ''''See with your heart's eyes,
recognise your dear ones''''Forget about others,
recognise yourself''''Learn to steal a heart,
learn to come in someone's dreams''''Learn to bring others close to you''''O heart,
I have seen many cruel hearts . . . ''Has anyone ever eaten with a fork and
spoon in your entire family?What do you know
what my family has done.I know everything. You had once
greeted your father in English . . .and he gave you five slaps.Mind your tongue or I will
say things about your family too.I care a damn.Father!You are destined to keep tripping.The boy has grown up,
don't abuse him.Sit down. Why do you look so sullen?' It is the brave
who fall in a battle'' The weak-knees cannot even
put up a fight'Rehmat uncle, I am warning. . .
– Why are you threatening him?He is right. I spent thousands of
rupees to teach you to dance. . .only so that you face defeat?If you had to face defeat,
you shouldn't have learnt dancing.I am not at fault. My shoes were
new, I tripped and fell down.Who asked you to dance in your shoes?Couldn't you have danced bare foot?Why are you after the boy?Was it classical dance
that he would dance bare foot?You don't understand English culture.
– And as if you do.Eat with a fork and spoon.
– What are. . .Uncle, keep quiet.
You dropped the water.Father, why do you worry?
I have just lost one round.There are still many innings to go.
I'll win them and show you.Son, winning a race doesn't just
depend on the horse, but the jockey tooWhenever you run, imagine I am
your jockey. You'll never lose.Ram Bharose, I don't like this
English food. Get something spicy.Father, start eating idli and dosas.Thanks to you,
I may have to eat sawdust.Correct indeed.What type of dance were you
dancing last night?The type you were. But I don't
know why I was nervous last night.Or I am an expert at classical
and folk dance . . .Ofcourse! I believe you.Geeta, if you give
me one more chance, . . .I'll show you steps,
even you'll start dancing.That I was even last night.What about that radio programme
of Madhumalti company?That will be done today.
– You and Vijay finalize it.Correct, but . . .
– You may go.Mr.Vijay, I have prepared a one minute
jingle for Madhumalti company.If it's not too much of a bother,
hear it.How can I ignore your orders?' Ask O fortunate ones,
for a bottle or tin'' Baag balm! It's magical'' Ask O fortunate ones,
for a bottle or tin'' If a blind man applies it,
he gains sight'' Whether a pauper or king,
everyone uses it'' A dumb man uses it,
he starts singing'' Apply it to a bald pate
and grow anything you like'' Ask O fortunate ones,
for a bottle or tin'' Baag balm! It's magical'Stop it!What do you think?Hearing this, will the
people buy the balm?Why not?She's such a beautiful girl, I mean,
she has such a melodious voice.Such a good tune.
– Thank you.And when this tune reaches
the people's ears every time . . .they will love it.Let's have it once more.Whoever hears such a voice
will throw out his radio.Then what will you play?
Classical music?You do everything the wrong way.
Doesn't matter.I'll let the lady boss hear it.
– Sure.Let's go.Peon ! . . . . Get me a towel.Soaked in cold water.What do you think?
– I didn't like it much.It sounds cheap.We have made this
hit tune in seven days.No one is praising our effort.Vijay didn't like it,
even you don't like it.What did Vijay say?
– That it's sick.That if such a jingle is aired
on radio, he will throw out the radio.So Vijay said that?I have begun to like your jingle.I will change Vijay's
dislike to my liking.Ask him.Didn't like the
jingle made by Kishore?No.But I like it.Each has his own taste.You all leave.You are the senior accounts executive,
you can do as you please.Daddy and I are going on a picnic.
You two also come along.Where are we going?
– You'll know that when we reach there.Yes.I am reading.
– I am listening to a song.Go somewhere far and hear it.
– Go far and read.Sorry, I cannot go.
– I'll take you.Where will you go?
– Nowhere.Vijay, don't you want to swim?
You haven't changed.He's not in a mood.
– What?He's not in a mood.But I'm in a mood.
– Let's go.The water is cold.Why are you letting out cold sighs.
– It's deep too.Come back.Come. . .come on.I'm not coming. I know to swim.Understand?Come.I really don't know to swim.
– So what? I'll teach. . .I'll teach you so well
you'll swim like a fish.Don't worry, this is nothing. If you
tell me, I'll swim across seven seas.Help!As much as I had thought . . .the water. . .Help!is deeper than that.Help!Help!Sounds like a classical music
programme is being aired on radio.Which Raga are you singing?Go away from here.Look, this is neither the office,
nor are you the boss here.Such behavior
with guests is not right.Take this. . .take.Look, I'm warning you. . .What happened?I was busy all day and when I reached
here I was told you are not well.Daddy . . .Daddy, I've caught a cold.
– How?I. . .Geeta had gone in to measure
the depth of the pond.But you don't know to swim.
– Her tutor was excellent.Look, I am warning you. . .
– You don't have to. I have understood.You won't understand like that.
I'll explain to you. . .Daddy, Kishore is a fraud.
He is a big che. . .cheat.He doesn't know to swim himself
and pushed me in the water.Then what happened?Kishore and I were drowning.Vijay came. . .and saved us.You should not have done this.
Look what a bad cold you have caught.Cover yourself.
– I didn't go myself.Then?Daddy, shall I ask you something?If. . .someone likes someone . . .but that someone is
absolutely stupid . . .Then this person should also act
stupid. It will be best for both.' I can assume the dreams seen
at night as false'' But what about dreams seen
during day?'' The lines on my hand may be wrong'' But tell me, does your hand
show my being in your life?'Remove your glasses.Remove them.Remove them please.Remove them.''In the wet winds,
in your attitude . . . ''''what joy is this, what enchantment?''''Enjoy it''''I am crazy and so are you''''We unite in love,
in this naughty spring''''Listen ! come to me''''Take care of your heart,
it is naive''''The sweet gaze's . . . ''''habit is naughty''''The heart has such hopes from you''''Like the relation of spring . . . ''''with a rose''''In the wet winds,
in your attitude . . . ''''Don't go away when you are so close''''My love is . . . ''''lucky to have found you''''I had seen you in my dreams''''You are . . . ''''different from what you seemed''''I am crazy and so are you . . . ''Look, I can invest money,
I cannot help you in the business.You are going on expanding business.
Will you be able to manage alone?I am that donkey, the more burdened,
the faster it runs.You just sign the papers.And your signatures?
– Here are my signatures.I had signed first and
got the papers typed later.I am a businessman. I am always
the first to grab profits . . .and run away from losses.And then, there are only
profits in this business.Just sign without any worry.Call Geeta. She is your partner.
Even her signatures are necessary.Come to my cabin.Wonder what magic spell
you have cast on Kishore.He likes the advertising
field so much . . .I fear he may write a book on it.' Love may be an immaturity'' But O intelligent ones . . . '' in youth,
this immaturity seems beautiful'' Why do I fear
to express my feelings?'' Maybe because you fear
getting thrashed'What do you think of yourself?Don't chew my brains.
Go do your work.I am doing my work. My job is to
launch this cream in the market.If that scientist
is speaking the truth . . .we can make millions from this cream.He said that this cream can
turn dark skins to fair . . .make the ugly beautiful,
the beautiful, even more so. . .And the even more beautiful
can turn into fairies? Isn't it?It can even make wrinkles
and moles on the face vanish.So start applying it from today.
Soon, you will become a woman.You can never be a great man in life,
nor do anything great.And you can?
– I don't get a chance.I regretted telling him yesterday,
and regretted telling him today.Madam, this is the same
face cream that I mentioned to you.We can buy its rights
and make millions.The world markets
will be in my control.And he will be under police control.You keep making castles in the air.What happened to Mr. Banwarilal's
shooting programme?It's today.
– Today? Why didn't you inform me?Where did you give me
the chance to tell you?Where will the artists come?
– At the shoot.Don't worry, the biggest of jobs
is petty for me.Where is the script?
– Even that's a petty job for him.Come.Wonder what's wrong with the world.
Not a single artist has come yet.Everything you do is a mess.Mr. Kishore, there is a shoot
of another producer after two hours.Finish your work soon, or we will
be forced to break this set.You will break the set later,
my head will get broken first.Sorry, I'm helpless.
– But. . . but. . .What but?Do you know how much loss we'll suffer
if the shooting doesn't happen today?But listen to me. . .
– Vijay, think of a solution.I found a solution !You will play the hero.
– I? Hero? No!Then will my father play the role?
– I cannot act, you play the role.Two artistes are missing.
I am playing the father anyway.Don't worry,
I'll teach you in minutes.Not at all. . .I don't know to act.It's a question of life and death.Madam, can we begin?
– Yes.Understood?. . . Director, begin.What happened to you, my son?What is the matter?
Why are crying?First tell me whether
you are crying or laughing.Uncle, my heart is being wrenched.
– Even my heart is being wrenched.But why?For God's sake,
tell me what the matter is.Uncle, when my father died . . .all the old men in my neighbourhood
consoled me with the words. . .' Don't worry Jumman,
we are there for you'Even I had told you that.Uncle, when my mother died. . .
– What a sad day that was!Don't cry.When my mother died, all the old
women in the neighbourhood told me. . .' Don't worry Jumman,
we are there for you'But now, when my
beloved Laila has died . . .Don't cry, son.Today, when my
beloved Laila has died . . .no girl of the neighbourhood said . . .' Don't cry Jumman,
we are there for you'Don't worry son, this tobacco
of Neelam Company . . .will eliminate your sorrows.Don't cry. The peace I get
eating it, you also experience it.What happened, son?What brazenness is this?
– What did I do?Why did you put
the tobacco in my mouth?It's tobacco we are publicizing. How
can I not put tobacco in your mouth?Damn such publicity!
This was not mentioned in the script.Ofcourse it was. It's the
publicity of real tobacco.Look, this is what he keeps doing.You handle him now.He is always doing something stupid.I
don't want to work for such publicity.You always mess things up.
Now do your publicity.Vijay ruined
the programme deliberately.He wants to belittle me.Why did you give the
hero's role to Vijay?Why didn't you play the role?
– I was playing the father.You enacted a father's role?
You should have called me for it.I didn't expect you to be able to act.What I am doing day in and day out
is acting. Who can act better than me?What is done is done. But if you
still help me a little, . . .we can mend the situation.Since you have been born,
I have only been helping you.Tell me, what do you want me to do?The face cream I told you
about can change our destinies.I have the whole plan
to launch it in the market.You only have to like it.What difference does my
liking or not liking make?Did Geeta like it?
– Normally, Geeta does everything I sayBut nowadays, even she is
not favoring me.The reason?Geeta and me almost
drowned a few days ago.We were about to go under when
Vijay came and saved us and I. . .Shame on you ! Why didn't you two
drown? Atleast she would be with you.A third man would not have saved you.Idiot, just think. Will a girl like
the one who saved her, or drowned her?Don't worry, I'll manage.
– When?When the girl marries someone else?You nut! You should have atleast given
a thought to whose son you are.If you had followed in my foot steps,
the mansions of Champa would be ours.But father. . .
– Shut-up! Just come with me.He's so decent even at this age.
God save him from evil eyes.Honestly Champalal, only the
fortunate ones get such children.And then, I have already
told you his plan.We can become millionaires.When this wonder cream is launched,
your fame will touch the skies.And then Mr. Champalal. . .
– Can't you call him uncle?Yes uncle, you need not worry at all.Just have faith in us
and watch what we do.Just ask Geeta to help us.It's we old men who need that cream.
Our youthful days will return.Don't take it to be a cream.
It's a magic potion.Geeta, Lalchand and Kishore have told
me about Wonder wrinkle removing creamI want to launch this
product in the market.No, you don't understand.
I like the idea.We can make quite a lot of money.You help Kishore in this.Have you made all the arrangements?
– No, I . . .He only has to begin now.Uncle, I will work hard
on this project.He is a strong man. If he decides
to do something, he does it.Okay, then go and explain it to Geeta.But how is that possible? How can we
launch such a thing in the market . . .without a chemical analysis report?We will have to think of some way.
When dad has said,we'll have to do it.Only one thing can be done.
Get the chemical analysis report . . .before launching the
face cream in the market.Very good idea !
That can be done.What is your plan?
– Just watch what I do.I will go for publicity in a big way.I will create a sensation
in every corner of India.People will talk about my cream. They
will look for me with garlands in hand.And the whole city will
brighten up with neon lights.''Watch the magic
of this colourful bottle''''The dark will become fair,
the fair will become handsome''''And the handsome, even more so''''You are the queen of nights''''You are young''''Your youth is full of verve''''It's all thanks to you''''Watch the magic
of this colourful bottle . . . ''''If a beauty applies it,
she enchants everyone''''The young hearts hold their breaths,
they sigh''''Listen O men with youthful hearts''''Apply it to the cheeks''''And women will coyly follow you''''Take, try . . . ''''my medication''''Why do you roam lost?''''Watch the magic
of this colourful bottle . . . ''''I'd say,
this is a must for beauties''''See this magic potion of mine''''Those who go to the moon
will find a scar even on it''''Take this cream there''''It will clear . . . ''''your skin''''And even the moon will
be after you''''Watch the magic
of this colourful bottle . . . ''Didn't I create a sensation?You were the only one
who didn't attend my show.You consider everything I do foolish?I think so even now.
– Who cares for you now?I am just waiting for consent.
Then my life will be spent in comfort.It may happen that you spend half your
life hoping, & the other half waiting.Thousands of people are
coming towards our building.They are coming to garland you.
You have done such a great job.I'll just be back.What is your problem?I say, move back. . . move back.Move back. . .you won't?
I'll move back myself.Tell me what's your problem.
Say something ! Where are the garlands?Brother, he gave me
the bottle of cream yesterday.Me?You are responsible for my getting
beaten for doing this in the market.Who, me?
– Yes!Wait, I'll just ask and come.
. . . . Run !Let me go.Spare me.What's happening?
What happened to you?I am innocent. . . my shirt!
Don't punch my stomach, it hurts.He really hit me.Where are the garlands?You beat me?Vijay hurry,
they are beating up Kishore.They are doing this and this.
– What?They are making faces.
– Making faces?Come!Listen. . .Quiet! . . . Quiet!Be quiet and listen to me.Whatever I will say
will be in your interest.Look, your facial muscles
twitching is temporary.You'll be okay in a few days.
– What's the proof?You are. . . ?
– I am the editor of ' Bombay News'My name is Moni Chatterjee.Look, this is the
chemical analyzer's report.This clearly shows that this
report has come later.The cream was launched in the
market before this report.Yes, we have made that mistake.What if this report stated
' permanent effect' . . .instead of ' temporary'?Our company is responsible anyway.
We have made a mistake.Saw what Vijay has done
to your reputation?Arrest could be imminent.If your beloved wants to do this,
allow us to leave.Look what I did
to save your reputation.I only broke my hand now.But even if I lose my life,
I don't care.But if Vijay defames us like this,
who will come to us?You are right. Look, if
you still don't do something. . .you will regret all your life.Vijay will ruin all that you've
taken your whole life to make.I know everything.
I'll do whatever I deem fit.You may leave.It was our duty to warn you
which we have. Do as you please now.Let's go.Uncle. . .You called me?
– Why is a lamp lit in a dark night?To spread light.But fireflies die in them.Then why don't people
defame the one who lit the lamp?Because his intention
was not to harm anyone.If someone harms himself, how is
the one who lit the lamp at fault?Why are you asking me all this?Even I had launched the cream
to make ugly people beautiful.If someone unknowingly got harmed,
how am I at fault?Take, read this.Only I know how much
your statement has hurt me.I never expected you to
make such a big mistake.Can you imagine how much our
company's reputation will suffer?I didn't go and make this statement.
A reporter questioned me . . .and I told him the truth.A lie that does not hurt anyone
and saves our honour . . .what's the harm
in speaking such a lie?A lie is a lie. And to hide one lie,
you have to say a hundred more.And then, it is always
better to accept your mistake.They are all bookish words.
Who follows them?Look at the world as the world is.Those how accept their mistake are
not forgiven here. They are punished.And this punishment makes
a human, an angel.Vijay, I don't want to argue.I want a man who will follow
my orders.Who can understand my prestige.Hereafter, you will
have to do what I want.What. . .Okay.I won't cause you any more pain now.I will leave.
– I didn't ask you to leave.I can leave everything uncle ;
but not my principles.Alright, when your
dream world shatters . . .come back.The doors of this house
will always be open for you.You are leaving?Where will you go?There must be a place
for people like us.Daddy's words offended you?I have no complaints against
your dad, but this world . . .where truth and humanity
is considered a crime.Then why are you leaving?Because your father
and my paths are different.I want to go
in search of that path . . .where I don't have to lie
to make a living.Where man is not
forced to call night day.Let them be here.Atleast they will remind me of you.Will you think of me?You think of those
who are away from you.You cannot forget those
who live in your heart.I will always hold
your image in my eyes.I will wait for that day when you
will come to return my lost smiles.Why are you feeling so sad?I am only leaving this house,
I am not leaving you.Wherever I will be,
your memories will be with me.And then, I am in this city.
I can meet you.Sir, your tea.
– Keep it.What are you doing, sir?I am looking for a job.What happened?
– You have a nice face cut.You mean I should
join some film company?Yes sir. Even I tried a lot,
but I'm not handsome.Just one chance,
and one can make millions.Forget that, where is my breakfast?
– I'll get it.Sir, if you get a chance,
do help me out too.For now, my film company is
Honesty Electric Company.Where are you going, mister?
– I've come for a job.You can go in.What? Beauty hair cutting saloon?
No, wrong number.Yes?
– I had come for the job.Sit down.I am a graduate.
– I don't care about that.You have to stand on the counter
and sell products smartly.Will you be able to do it?Sure I will. Even earlier. . .
– Stop! Short and sweet, yes or no?Yes.You have a good face.You can join work tomorrow.The door is open, come in.Keep it, I'll drink it.Are you deaf?Your hands are soft like a girl's.What brings you here early morning?
. .Where are you going?None of your business.
Leave me.I won't leave you so easily.Angry?
– As if you care.Listen. . .
– I won't listen.My eyes were craving to see you.That is why you haven't come
to see me in two months.First hear my plea, then punish me.
– It's me who is being punished.Do you know with what difficulty
I got your address?You should have asked your heart.
– You had taken it away with you.But I left mine back.
– He only told me where to find you.Or as if you would ever come.I was going to come today evening.
– You're saying this coz I'm here now.Why didn't you come in so many days?How could I? I am working.I go in the morning,
come in the evening . . .think of you at night, and go to bed.
That's how my days go. Understood?You understood very soon.Where had you gone?
I was looking for you since morning.I am seeing you smiling
after many days today.What have you found?
– What I had lost.I am going to office.
– I am not coming to office today.Not coming?Okay.''Why is my scarf flying?''''Why are my eyes shy?''''He started appeasing me,
began giving excuses''''But I continued to act annoyed''''I looked away, I tried . . . ''''but I could not say it''''Why is my scarf flying . . . ''''It brought along joys,
a mischievous attitude''''That blue gaze of his''''Make my dreams come true,
hide me in your heart . . . ''''O my love''''Why is my scarf flying . . . ''' The lines on my hand may be wrong'' But tell me, does your hand
show my being in your life?'I want table lamp shades.This is for Rs. 5. 15p,
this is Rs. 6. 20pAnd this is Rs. 7. 25p.What make is it?
– It's Indian.Very cheap and strong.India is progressing. Our products
are competing foreign brands.Nonsense! There is a lot of difference
between Indian make and foreign make.I want a foreign make.
– Sorry,no imports available these daysNonsense!
They are available in other shops.I'm sorry,
they are not available with us.There are! . . .You are a strange man.You send back a customer
without realizing.Go inside, there is lots of
this stuff in the corner shelf.Go bring it.
Go, it is there inside.We have goods from every country.
– Sir, I cannot find them.You are an idiot!Just a gesture is enough
for an intelligent man.Tell me, which country's
do you want?Here's England.
You cannot even look properly.Look, this is from England.Here. Made in England.Only Rs. 1 7. 25p.
– No, it's Rs. 7. 25pRs. 1 7. 25p.
– Rs. 7. 25pMade in India. Rs. 7. 25p.You are cheating me?
I will have you arrested.Get out of here! . . Get out!Okay. . . My salary?
– Damn your salary!I won't pay you a penny!Sorry sir, but I have worked,
I must get paid for it.You want money?
Khan, give him the money.What do you want?
– Speak properly, Mr. Khan.You are threatening me?
I'll crush you !I'm a dead man !
– Give me my money.I am giving you.1, 2, 3, 7. . .
– 4.Yes, 4, 5, 7. . .
– 6. . . . Give it to me.Master, hurry.
The world is in trouble.Good bye.Damn him! He knocked down my guard.Mr. Khan, the world is not
in trouble, humanity is.Try seeing the world
with both your eyes.I'll help you up.Keep this. . .good bye.
– Good bye.Play harder.Begin, come on. . .good.Why are you laughing
at us poor people, sir?I am not laughing at you.I am seeing how happily you
are living your life.There is no happiness
in our lives, sir.We entertain ourselves
to forget our sorrows.Or life would be very difficult.That is more than enough.See those tall buildings there?
No one is happy in them either.Why are you joking?
– Honestly.It's a mirage.
It seems like water from a distance.Go close and they
are only mounds of sands.They have everything, but yet nothing.Nice thought to please the heart.Though the world belongs to them.Whether anyone believes it or not,
but a day will come . .when this world will belong to us.
– Is it? Bless you, sir!''The state of my heart . . . ''''knows not this world''''Listen O world . . . ''''good days will return''''The world will change one day
and walk the staid path''''It shuns us today''''It will regret it's act tomorrow''''Accept it, know it, brother''''The state of my heart . . . ''''My heart bears so many scars,
yet I am calm''''I light lamps of
hope and live happily''''I suffer for the world,
but yet stay happy, brother''''The state of my heart . . . ''''I will never walk the path of lies''''I may be a mite on earth,
yet I'll shine in the sky''''Why should I
be suppressed by anyone?''''I have no fear, brother''''The state of my heart . . . ''You have many complaints
against the world?Mr. Chatterjee? Hello.
– Hello. How are you?I'm fine.
– I was impressed by you that day.I have been a journalist
since 40 years.But you are the first man
in these times . . .who has the courage
to speak the truth.But I lost my job because of that.Everyone in this world
advises to speak the truth.But no one is ready to hear it.You want to walk the path of truth?Work with me from today.
– What? !Let's shake hands to that.
. . . Come with me.Come Vijay.You will sit here from today.I had been looking for a
guy like you since many days.Now even you are
a part of this bar.And this is your jug.And this is my goblet.Millions are thirsty out there.
– I can serve them as much as I want.Manager involved in the bank heist.
Another exposure by reporter Vijay.Blood?
– That's a part of the job. Take this.So you got those goons arrested?Well done, Vijay.Mr.Vijay. . .where is Mr.Vijay?
– Careful ! Keshav, help him up.I have lost my support forever, sir.I am blind.
My eyes are blind, my fate is blind.I have heard you sympathise
with the poor.I have come to you with a plea.
– Tell me.This medicine took my child's life.But sir, no one can
die with this medicine.The doctor told me
this medicine is spurious.He has written this note.Spurious?Yes sir. I took my plea
everywhere, but no one heard me.It happened 10 days ago.
I gave the medicine at 5 pm.And lost my child forever.Gather yourself, sir.Sir, I cannot bring back your son.But I can surely
get the guilty punished.Where is uncle?
– Mr.Vijay, you?Where is uncle?
– Over there.Vijay! Welcome. You have created
quite a sensation among the people.I am happy that you have
succeeded in your mission.But there are a few people
who don't like what you write.Perhaps even you won't like
to hear what I have come to say.What is it? Tell me.See this.This is a medicine of our company.
– A patient was given these tablets.Will you be able to hear what happened
to him. His pain disappeared forever.He died.What! ! That's impossible.
I'm sure you are mistaken.No one can die with
pain killing tablets.The doctor said the medicine
was spurious.And this spurious medicine that
is manufactured in your factory . . .took away the joy of a man's life.
The one who died was a 10 year old kid.That means Lalchand is knowingly
playing with people's lives?He is not concerned with lives,
he is concerned only about money.Along with Lalchand,
even you will be accused . . .that you all together are responsible
for the death of that kid.But Vijay, I am innocent.
I know nothing about it.I believe you, uncle.But the spurious medicines
that are made in your factory . . .how dangerous they can be to
people's lives, think of that.I am bringing
this case before the public.I'd come to tell you this.Yes Mr. Champalal, tell me.Yes, I'm coming. . . . right away.As if I killed his son.Then who is
responsible for his death?Life and death is not in our hands.The poor guy was destined to die,
so he died.Wrong ! He died because of
this spurious medicine of yours.Okay, agreed.
Why are you getting angry?One who has to die,
dies with good medicine too.We'll compensate them for it.If there is any compensation for life,
go make it to his blind father.I have never paid
any money to the sighted . . .what will I pay a blind man?It is better we end the topic here.You want to play with people's lives
for a little money?With whose permission did you
manufacture and sell spurious drugs?Answer me!Champalal, I am not used to
being shouted at.Neither do I shout, nor can I
tolerate anyone shouting at me.And rest assured,
that blind man cannot do a thing.You are talking like
that because he is poor?Lalchand, one who has no one,
God is with him.There are many sympathizers
of the poor in this world still.Remember,
Vijay will take you to court.Don't forget that even you will have
to stand as accused in court with me.And even your daughter, Geeta.
– What nonsense are you talking !I'm stating the facts. Even you
will lose your prestige along with me.Even you are my partner.
– But I am not responsible for it.I had told you I can invest money
but not help you in the business.All those were verbal statements.
And the law accepts written agreementsWhere will you hide the agreement?Shut-up! I didn't know
you were such a base man.Or I'd never
let you step in my house.You want to scare me
and shut my mouth?But I still have humanity in me.I don't want to base my prestige
on the blood of a hapless man.Even if I am ruined,
my daughter is ruined . . .I will ensure you are punished.Champalal, your this
desire will never be fulfilled.This matter will not reach court.I will kill the one who does so.I have come to
ask something from you.Ask.First promise me.
– Promise what?You won't publish anything
about those drugs.Geeta, you are my life.
And this is my duty.Please don't create
a clash between the two.Atleast think of daddy.
He is very upset.I am helpless.You know he has never
interfered in Lalchand's affairs.If you publish anything,
even daddy will be in trouble.And he is innocent.
– Then who is the culprit?That blind father who lost his son?You hold no value for someone's life?I didn't say that.
Why don't you try to understand me?Why can't you hear
the pleas of the hapless . . .who have been given tears
instead of smiles?Who will wipe their tears?And if anything happens to you,
who will wipe my tears?Lalchand is after your life. He has
threatened that if you publish . . .Death comes only once in life, Geeta.
It will come when it has to.Where are you going?
– To meet Lalchand.To take his statement.I won't let you go.
– This life is worthless, Geeta.Dying for truth is life.And I like only such life.That moment is auspicious
when you were born.Mr. Chatterjee.Lalchand had called.
He has asked the price for truth.That's what I am going to give.
– You won't go alone.Even I'll come along.
– Let's go.Don't worry, dear.You are here?Vijay has gone to meet Lalchand.
– Why did you let him go there?I tried stopping him,
but he wouldn't listen.Hurry up, daddy.
What if something happens to him?You?I have come to take
Lalchand's statement.What if he kills you
before you take his statement?Heed my advice and go back.I am not afraid of death.Even you are an
idiot like your father.It was my duty to explain.
The choice is yours.Where is Lalchand?
– There is still time. Run away!I have not come here to run away,
but to get him arrested.The manager has told me everything.The spurious drugs are not made
in the factory, they are made here.So the manager told you everything?I'll deal with him later.But after seeing all this,
you won't return alive from here.My death will not
kill the truth, Lalchand.A thousand more Vijays' will be born.
– I will kill them all.I will eliminate everyone
who comes in my way.The law will eliminate you.
– Before that, I will kill you.You monster!You are the monster.
You snatched my love from me.You snatched my happiness.
And now you are beating my father?Now die!Your tomb will be made here.Son ! Kishore! Open your eyes.I killed a poor man's son.
I have been punished for my sin.I arrest you.
– Inspector, hang me.I killed innocents.
I made spurious drugs.Give me the severest of punishment.Mr. Chatterjee. . . Mr. Chatterjee.Lalchand has been arrested.The path you have taken . . .don't ever leave it.You are alone today.
More people will join you tomorrow.Come close, son.Vijay, these are flowers that spread
more fragrance after they wither away.They are lamps that blow off
after lighting several others.Their flame is eternal.
Those who carry it are immortal.Son, hereafter,
whatever you wish will be done.


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