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Shelly 17 VS Finn 17 ~ Solo Kills

If you want to play with me go to my discord server or add me at:
Dante YT3333
Don’t ask me for a friend code! I have more than 4.000 subscribers and the list that zooba provides is limited to 100 friends , so I decided to play with you only on Livestreams or in Discord with a team code and I can’t add anyone to my friend list cause someone will be annoying to add some of you and let others out!! SO try to understand my position to this situation!!! Thank you for understanding!!!

#DanteYT #zoobafunnymoments #zooba

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Youtubers I like:
@TargoGaming @GeDilaw

Device: Xiaomi Poco F3
Recorder: AZ Screen Recorder
Video Editor: Filmora X by Wondershare (not free)

Music I always use:
Fade ~ Alan Walker
Erase ~ RudeLies & Clarx
Linked ~ Anna Yvette & Jim Yosef
Howling ~ Cartoon & Asena
Why Do I ~ Unknown Brain Feat. Bri Tolani
My Heart ~ Different Heaven & EH!DE
Superhero ~ Unknown Brain Feat. Chris Linton
Everything ~ Diamond Eyes
Ignoring My Heart ~ T-Mass
I’m using this site:

Video transcription:


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