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[SFM] Dead By Daylight Animation Parody Song – I’m Gonna Be Dead By Daylight

So I was streaming one time the other week and kris comes onto the game and opens up the conversation with a My Little Mermaid song in a Dead By Daylight way. Me being me took the recording, listened again and forced him to sing an extended proper version. We worked on the lyrics together though he did most of them and our other good friend played it on the piano for us, he even learned the little mermaids song overnight just for us. Thank you Damian, you’re the best
His link is here, he streams:

Download this song –

End screen song:

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Meg’s Voice – Kris Kitchen –

Steve’s voice – CowsIAM –

The models I use are from:
– Cozychicken (YOU’RE THE BEST)

– Slasherin (I don’t even know what to put here anymore)
– Mark2580 (The one who vanished)
– Omgwtfbbq (I know right? bbqs are scary)

#DeadByDaylight #Parody #Song

Video transcription:

look at this knife isn't it swell.they find survivors and put us through hellsacrificing us all to go to the entity
stop singing and get me off this thinglet's have a look inside this chest toolkit
or flashlight which one wouldbe best. bet I won't keep it too long
oh for God's sake Franklin's demise areyou kidding me?AAAAGHI've had stabbings and
killings aplenty I've had mories andcampers galore
escape cakes? ha ha ha I've got 20 butwho cares no big deal I want more
I wanna be where survivors are I want tosee, want to see them dying flailing
around on those sharp pointy thingshooks! that's the onecrawling around we
won't get too far legs are required forcrouching running hiding inside one of
those tall red things doors and lockersup where they stab! up where they
killup where they put them on hooks ona hillplay DBD earn bp's shirtless Myerswhat would I give if I could live away
from the killers what would I pay tospend a day out of harm's way what I've
got planned they understand that I'mactually on their side now I'm waving
sick of saving winning with prideI'm ready to know what the killers know
ask them my questions and get someanswers
why are you camping and why does itwhat's the word? SuuuuuckI'm out of luck
guess I'll just die Nea just left me nowI want to crywatch and you'll see I'm
gonna be dead by daylight


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