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Settlers of Catan: 12 Actionable Tips To Win Way More Games

The Settlers of Catan tips and tricks you’ll learn in this video can be applied in every single game you play. These are actionable rules of thumb and strategies I use to have a 1200+ ELO on Catan Universe and to beat my friends and family consistently in a game of Catan.

If you’re looking for a channel where Catan secrets and strategies are shared and you can learn about the game, you’ve come to the right one! I upload online championship videos with insightful commentaries and in-depth analysis of ‘every game’-situations, like initial settlement placements.

Also, if you want to apply the things you’ve learned. I host an ongoing Catan Universe / / VR Catan Tournament called King of Catan, in which you can play against excellent catan players from all over the world. Sign-up is still open and you can do that in less than a minute.

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Time Table:
0:28 Tip 1 – Block the Leading Player
0:46 Tip 2 – Figure Out Who’s the Perceived Leader
1:10 Tip 3 – Influence Others
1:36 Tip 4 – Give a Higher Value to Ore and Wheat
2:06 Tip 5 – Look at Supply and Demand
2:39 Tip 6 – Hand-Tracking
3:22 Tip 7 – Make Many Trades
3:53 Tip 8 – Be The First To Reply
4:32 Tip 9 – Become Unblockable
5:23 Tip 10 – Make a 10 Point Plan
6:11 Tip 11 – Choose the Opposing Win-Condition
6:54 Tip 12 – How To Predict Your Opponents’ Placements
7:55 Bonus Tip – Use 3:1 Ports

Thank you for watching this video.

Have a good day!

Video transcription:


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