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SEA DRAGON’S LAIR?! Black Clover Episode 9 Reaction!

This is quite the crazy first encounter Im so glad Noelle is here too!
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Grice and his magicians enter Saussy to search for a magic stone, and Asta kills the boars. Magna remembers his past as a troublemaker who was convinced to join the Magic Knights after the chief defeated him. Using his sword (which can nullify any magic), Asta destroys the mist barrier and enters Saussy as Grice tries to kill them. Magna protects the villagers, but realises that the chief has been killed. Grice tries to crush them with a giant ice ball, which Asta slices in half. Grice then attacks with ice spikes from all directions and, despite Asta and Magna’s best efforts, several villagers are injured. Noelle tries to attack Grice and misses him, forcing Asta and Magna to intervene. When a terrified young girl begs for help, Noelle’s protective instincts unlock a new spell in her grimoire: a giant water shield which protects the villagers from ice.

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