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SATIATOR – Sega Saturn ODE (variety stream) | Gameplay and Talk Live Stream #270

On this stream I will be playing a variety of Sega Saturn games off the SATIATOR, an optical drive emulator that slips into the Saturn’s MPEG cart slot. Normally devices like these physically replace the Saturn disc drive, but not here. The SATIATOR allows you to play disc images off a SD card. It also has a USB port for development purposes. This unit came from the first finalized, official (non-beta) batch available to Patreon backers. As of doing this stream, the device has not been made widely available yet, so it’s still on beta firmware. More features are likely to come as more of these get into the hands of buyers. For more information and updates on the product, see here:

Time codes:
0:00:00 – Testing, 1, 2.
0:05:31 – Introduction, patron thanks, rambling, etc.
0:10:40 – Satiator slideshow and demonstration/explanation
0:22:18 – Sega Rally Championship Plus
0:50:40 – Guardian Heroes
1:16:10 – Psychic Killer
1:38:05 – Willy Wombat
1:50:33 – Dodonpachi
2:09:58 – Rockman X4
2:55:20 – World Series Baseball (Home Run Derby)
3:03:56 – Bomberman Fight
3:32:13 – AMOK
5:12:22 – Thunderforce V

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