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[S2E9] Imperial Rome | Warband Mod | Rufus At The Gates

The Grand Legions of Nova Roma invade Italy! Also the elections for the Senator of Armenia start today.

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Welcome to Imperial Rome a Mount and Blade: Warband mod, based on the Roman Empire. Story driven and occasionally thoughtful gameplay with a touch of roleplaying. We follow Regulus Rutilius Rufus as we try to unite Rome once more.
Mod Features:

● Version 1.41
●15 “Historical” (Roman Empire divided into 4 sub-factions) factions.
● The Western Frontiers of Imperial Rome
● Huge, detailed campaign map.
● Leaders of the factions have armies with special troops and more powerful.
● Battle tanks, elephants, catapults, ballista, and other special units for different factions.
● Gore. Realistic dismemberment and blood.
● New Music.
● New sounds. Barbaric screams.
● New animations. The barbarians wave their arms and make them hit their shields to celebrate victories or frighten the enemy.
● Grass and trees with animations. Birds in the battlefields.
● Fire arrows can cause wooden structures (houses, forts, boats …) hurting that there are catch fire.
● New companion system. No longer recruited in taverns.
● New icons on the map.
● Ingenious slave system. You can release and capture slaves.
● You can not choose a female character (lol).
● Recruit different troops in castles, towns and villages.
● You can make special constructions when you possess a town or a castle in order to recruit special forces.
● Banking system.
● New system Tournaments (gladiators).
● New diplomatic to conquer yourself a settlement (raze, take peacefully, etc.) options.
● As head of the faction in the city or fortress player can hire teams of soldiers and commanders of the carriers.
● Balance Beam battle between the sides.
● New options to build siege weapons.
● The horses rear to the camels and elephants.
● Continuation of the battle after being wounded hero.
● New orders for the troops to coat forming shield wall and others.
● Drummers for Orientals. Trumpeters to barbarians and Romans.
● Battleship in old ships.
● Naval battles in which you can control the boat.
● Much, much more !!
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Helpful Links:

Download Link:!A9UhBYCZ!RR_5pj5FGr6Rx0ZymnVRSnzyBA9rvIrwemswo0p6tSU

Requires WSE loader and M&B: Warband version 1.153 to work correctly (Download link and info):,151194.0.html

Mount & Blade: Warband 1.153 Download Link (Do not overwrite your current warband folder/game. Create a new warband folder. You will now have 2 version of warband installed on your computer)

● Addtional Mod Info:,333982.0.html

● Tutorial on creating custom companions :

● Tutorial on customizing animals, armor and weapons :

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