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RUNAWAY PIGS! – Ultimate Chimera HUNT w/Nova, Immortal & Kevin Ep.1

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I have no idea where this mod/game type for Gmod comes from but its both ridiculous and fun. Little piggies running from a giant chimera monster that wants to bite the shit out of us while at the same time the piggies can take the risk to push the button on its back to kill it. Chaos…pure chaos.


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At its core:
A round based gamemode based off of the Chimera Lab section of the GBA game MOTHER 3. Every round a random player is chosen to be the Ultimate Chimera, a big pink monster who wants nothing more than to kill everything in its path. The Pigmasks (soldiers in pig outfits) are there to put a stop to him. To do this, they must turn him off by pressing the big white button on his back. Getting close enough to do that however, is not an easy task.

The Ultimate Chimera can roar when surrounded by too many pigmasks, it causes them all to flee in terror giving him ample time to track a few down.

This gamemode has been completely rewritten and is now on the Fretta base! Which means a faster pace, automatic map voting and compatibility with servers who want multiple gamemodes on their server.

Video transcription:


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