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Rumors On PS3 Games

Rumors On PS3 Games

Rumors have been spreading around the Internet about PS3 Games having copyrights. This means that consumers cannot re-sell the games that they already own, ergo, they cannot buy cheaper second hand games. It’s really no surprise that rumors with this kind of nature spread around quickly. But the fact that it did spread around and that people talked about it, only tells something about the possible reaction of people, in case the issues are true. To even things out however, Sony has denied the rumors about the illegal re-selling of PS3 Games.

Aside from the fact that the retail price of the game console itself has been stirring up consumers who are anxiously waiting for its release, price issues about the PS3 Games itself are also being talked about.

Critiques are expecting that since the Japanese-released PS2 games have been selling for around $75, they are expecting that PS3 Games would come at a higher price. It would only be natural to expect that this would be the case. Sony has made a lot of efforts to raise the quality of the new product. This is of course, only their natural response to the upcoming competition from Microsoft. However, they would also have to make a lot of consideration as regard the pricing of the games. If PS2 games have been selling for about $75, consumers should expect that PS3 Games would be sold at least around $80-85. In addition to this, high-end games would definitely be a little more over that.

Another rumor surrounding the release of this new gaming console is that hard drives would not be included in some models of the PlayStation 3. This means that people would not be able to play high-end PS3 Games that feature HD quality. This has also been one of the key issues regarding the upcoming release.

High-end PS3 Games require a 60Gb hard drive to be able to function. Estimates have been predicted that the hard drive itself could easily cost around $100. With rumors that Sony would be struggling with the $400 pricing of the game console, an additional $100 dollars to the price could prove to be detrimental. Past game consoles that exceeded the $400 range did not perform as well in the market, compared to those which stayed below this mark. It seems people would not want to spend higher than $400 on the video games. The bigger question is that with the introduction of HDTV these days, would people who are familiar with the difference in viewing they would get from it, pay another $100 just to get better video quality?

Oh well! We could all be certain that rumors about PS3 Games and the console itself would continue to be around until it is actually released. I wonder why people cannot have enough patience to just wait and see how much these things would cost, and whether PS3 Games would be copyright protected. It’s also good though, that people are able to talk about something while they’re not doing anything and are still waiting for the upcoming release.

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