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Ruby-Spears X & Iwamoto X | Oops! All Xs | MEGA MARCH 2021

▶The two halves of the coin. Bring the pain vs. Bring the tears. Let’s get into it!

▶Welcome to Mega March! Big thanks to Dunno for the month-long subject. This month, Twitch (from @Reploid REVO ) and I are going to discuss *EVERY* Mega Man X design that we can get our hands on!

▶Mega March is our annual, month-long Mega Man celebration. This year, the theme is discussing all the designs that Mega Man X has ever had. Some of these are pretty unknown and out there, so get ready for that! There will also be other videos this month, so let’s have fun! Special guests this month include Twitch (from Reploid REVO), FalconKPD, and our guest of honor, Ruth Marie Jarman.

▶New videos (or streams) every day in March, so check back from the 1st to the 31st!

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