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Rope Hero: Vice Town #Transformer Robot – Android Gameplay HD

Special episode
I found a robot who dance amazing.

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Rope Hero: Vice Town – Free

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• Action-packed 3D FPS with elements of RPG.
• Great selection of weaponry, vehicles and quests.
• Realistic 3D physics and visual effects.
• Tunable graphics quality, view distance and traffic density.
• In-game tutorial.

Waking up in the hood, remembering nothing and locked in a super soldier suit. Who are you? What would you do?
You will have to complete the main storyline to find out who you are.

Explore the crime city, full of gangs and aggressive fractions. Become citizen hope as a standard of pure law and justice, or come to the city as a new doom knight.
• More than 10 different quest lines.
• Fraction quests and rewards. Your gameplay will differ depending on your choice and game style.
• Enlarging money rewards with quest line progress, allowing you to unlock more advanced weaponry in the shop.

Try to avoid hassle with your superhero mobility or overthrow both heaven and hell on your enemy heads. Vary your melee and ranged combat with new abilities and weaponry.
• Advanced rope dynamics, now it’s also your deadly endless weapon.
• Super kick!
• 7 new explosive and energy guns!
Military tank, heavy loaded helicopter, supercars, limousines, sport coupes, cross bikes, Harleys and much more.
• More than 20 different vehicles with own velocity and features.

Master all the abilities and become the unstoppable flying havoc.
• Level-up upgrades for your abilities and skills.
• In-game tutorial leading you through all the new functional.

Entertaining adventures of rope hero in Vice Town. Determine the fate of the whole city with the super soldier powers.

Play the true game of war on the streets.

Find out the truth about main hero past.
ENJOY hours of FUN and entertaining gameplay.

Please Rate, Share and Comment too, really want to entertain all of you, so tell me what you want!

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